Luxor Madrid – Erotic Massage Center

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    Luxurious facilities in the city center of Madrid. We have six unique massage rooms, carefully designed for your comfort and privacy.
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    Discover our massage menu for all your senses. Vary of massages for all your preferences. Choose between male or female therapist.
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    High Class service and wide experience. Our masseuses are perfectly trained to provide you the best massage in the city.

You might have heard of massages being a relaxing experience, but what we offer at Luxor Madrid will truly relax you completely, physically and spiritually. We offer the best erotic massage in Madrid for those who want to experience sensuality and eroticism at its peak. Are you ready to be transformed?

Don’t be shy to accept the pleasure that your body desires; let the most luxurious massage center in Madrid take care of your cravings.

Erotic Massages – Strengthen Your Bond

Are you ready to reconnect with your partner like it was the very first time? Remember that spark when you touched? Let’s bring back the memory of that touch which aroused you every time you thought about it. This erotic massage Madrid is exactly what you need to reach the 9th cloud.

Understanding that every relationship is different, but the beauty of every love can be replenished. The exotic massage Madrid at Luxor Madrid offers you a chance to redefine your boundaries and broaden your horizon for what your body and heart desire. It is not just the touch that matters, but how one requires to be touched is what ignites the fire for long-lasting arousal.

We offer six different private rooms for you to experience a life-changing session. The aura of our rooms for erotic massages Madrid sets your mood; the spark is just there waiting to be lit into a burning flame of untamed desires.

Erotic Massages for Couples

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    Brahma Couples Massage
    For those couples who need and want to reignite their lost spark, here is a couple’s massage that is based on a very powerful erotic technique of massage. While usually, only one partner gets the massage, and the other acts as a spectator, but the effects are seen on both. The technique has a blend of body-to-body massage with a blend of modern Tantra. This erotic massage has a visual massage and a fantasy added to it.
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    Vishnu Couples Massage
    This is one of the highly sexually charged massages for couples who need moment-to-moment climax and higher eroticism. This erotic massage in Madrid offers two therapists for equal participation of the couple and gives them a sensual and highly arousing massage before they are left for 20 minutes of intimacy. This massage is for brave hearts who want to add spice to their relationship and want more eroticism when they get intimate with each other.
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    Luxor Couples Massage
    If you are a sexually charged couple and want to take your sexuality to a newer level, this massage is to leave you gasping for more. Our two professional therapists will give you a yoni and lingam massage as you desire and arouse your body. Not only that, your partner will play equally and have the exact same arousal with a delayed climax. When our professionals leave you alone, the fire will burn more fiercely, which will leave you two gasping.

Choose Your Bodily Cravings

Embark on a reconnecting journey with the help of our professional therapists and choose from the offered massages. Each massage holds a new universe of sensations. The oils and the aromas used in these amazing massages can arouse you as you lay down; here at Luxor, we offer massages for men and massages for women, making no exception for gay massage and lesbian massage.

The Art of Lingam and Yoni

Need to feel intense sensations? Luxor Madrid offers very erotic massages in Madrid that reach eroticism at levels like no other. The luxor massage is offered as massages for men specifically, known as Lingam Massage, and massages for women as Yoni massage. Though this massage is very popular among men, why leave the women folk out?

The massage includes head-to-toe techniques of sensation and relaxation; each fibre of your body will tremble at the touch and want more. To yearn for more is what erotic massages are for. Your preferred therapist will make sure to give you an experience you will never forget; bit by bit and touch by touch, you will experience how your body reacts to a mere touch. The massage is a blend of Tantra massage and techniques that focus on the genitalia. The touch of genitals in different sliding positions will make you feel undying desires.

Do not think of it as masturbation because the experience will eventually help you reach the climax, but it will be the climax, delaying it to an extent where your body may not help but orgasm. This erotic massage in Madrid is for everyone. Don’t be shy if it is your first time because there is always a first time, and that is how you know what you like and how much you may like it.

Tantric Massage

Tantra or Tantrism is a spiritual journey to understand one’s self and accept yourself as who you are.  As the philosophy grounds inside your mind, it becomes clear that sexuality and sensuality are not just associated with genitals, and there is no boundary to sexuality. Your entire body should synchronise as you accept your true sexuality and indulge in accepting your most desired fragments.

Luxor Madrid offers a portal to a new experience of eroticism and finding your inner self. The journey of finding one’s sexuality is a space of no judgment or taboo. There is only acceptance, and that is why there is no need to shy away or restrict your body from how it reacts or feels.  There may be a hindrance to sexuality in individuals who are not comfortable with their apparent sexuality, and this massage is for those who want to accept themselves as they are.

It is a unique and effective erotic massage in Madrid, offering a series of movements focusing on sensitive areas of the body that creates high arousal and relaxing effects. Usually, the Tantric Massage is added to almost all erotic massages at Luxor, but if you are in a hurry and need a quick relaxing session of 30 minutes, the Relax Express Massage is for you to stimulate your senses and relax your body completely. 

Each touch and the growing arousal will make you accept your reality. It is not just a mere massage but a rebirthing process for those who feel trapped in a sexuality they cannot start to express. There are no limits to eroticism when it comes to Luxor because it is all about you.