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Erotic Massage or Tantric Massage?

The terms erotic massage and Tantric massage are often confused, since Tantra is occasionally misunderstood as a kind of sex service.   However, a real Tantra can be an efficient holistic remedy for physical and psychological well-being.  Is efficient bodywork to treat all kinds of sexual and emotional disorders.   Tantra massage originated in what is now modern India, at least 5.000 years old; some people even claim it can be more.   Tantra proposes that physical…
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Madrid Hotels

In which Hotel in Madrid should you stay Find the best Hotel Madrid. As an important touristic and business center, Madrid probably has one of the best hotel infrastructures in the world, with more than 50.000 hotels, of which half belong to 4 or 5 star hotels. Also, the relation quality/price of Madrid hotels is much better than other European capitals.  …
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Erotic Massage to fight Premature Ejaculation

A boon for men with premature ejaculation problems. The desperation that causes premature ejaculation, leading many men to seek solutions that wrong, far from providing a cure, this condition worse. Some regard it as a disease, and there is the first mistake and that premature ejaculation is a condition whose solution is not to take pills, injections or surgery. We deals with many…
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Music and Tantra

At the time of creating the appropriate atmosphere to enjoy the incredible experience of Tantric massage, we must consider many factors to achieve our goal during the massage: smelling, touching, looking, imagining, dreaming, desiring and feeling. As important as achieving a tenuous atmosphere of meditation with soft handmade incense aromas, essences and oils, it is…
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