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How will sex be in 2050?

Sex, let’s talk about it. In the Book of 1984 The Second Self: Computers and the Human Spirit, sociologist and professor at Harvard University Sherry Turkle had an interview with some Anthony guy who confessed that after trying luck with different women he preferred his computer.   Thirty years later, the fantasy presented by Spike Jones…
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Tantric Sex : Four Recommended Positions

What are the best positions to begin in Tantric sex for couples?   Practicing the techniques of Tantra allows, through a series of positions, exercises and massages, to apply Tantric knowledge to the art of making love.  And to experience not only as a search of genital pleasure.  But as a way to Tantric orgasm, ecstasy and, ultimately spiritual sexuality.   This is about enjoying contact with your partner, both…
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Tantra Breathing What Is?

Tantra: Breathing as a way of disconnection, relaxation and serenity Breathing correctly can help us effectively disconnect and focus, this leads to physical and mental wellbeing. On the same hand, we can also control our mind through this.   Through concentration on our breathing, we calm the incessant flow of distractions and our mind becomes especially…
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Delicate Sex Positions

¿Did you know about this Delicate Sex Positions?   Having sex is definitely fun, and the experience with new games and positions is highly recommended to avoid routines and boredom in intimacy between couples.   You must be careful, since trying new ways of making love can have bad consequences for your health. Be careful with positions as they may…
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