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How to provide oral sex to your man

Oral sex can take your man over the moon and back. But there’s a strong possibility of blowing away the chances of rocking your man’s world with a blow-job, especially if turn into a nervous wreck and fail to operate on the same wavelength with him. The most important thing you should know about giving…
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Complete guide for a successful Cunnilingus

There are arguably many ways to achieve intimacy with your woman, but one of the most sure-fire way is through cunnilingus. There are no guarantees here though, as success depends on your ability to master her body language, including her breathe patterns, movements, and utterances. Cunnilingus is one of the best ways to demonstrate that…
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What is and where is located Male’s G spot?

Whether sexual fantasies are among the items on your manly bucket list or not, there are certain sexual propositions that can give your sex life a whole new shade of meaning. To the many men who’re oblivious to the male G-spot, there is an erotic adventure with a point of no return awaiting them. In…
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How to stimulate sexual female G spot

Knowing the touted health benefits of organisms, a lot of women have taken long-winding shots at finding their G-spot, but only to draw blanks. No more than one out of five women can clinch treasure troves of organisms by penetration alone. But this does not imply that these lucky few have something extraordinary about their…
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