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Sexual Spots in Male and Female Body

There are different sexual spots on both the men’s body and the woman's body, however, the right rundown (for any sex) remains up to hypothesis. Everything considered, while everyone is somewhat one of a kind concerning getting turned on, people generally agree about which sexual spots are for the most part pleasurable. It is important…
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Erotic Massages & Sex Toys

There is no doubt that erotic massage has been in existence for a very long time and it is also getting more popular in recent times. An average human being wants to explore, relax and connect to an unimaginable pleasure whether with another person or using massage toys to achieve the same purpose. It is…
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Sexual Fantasies

Some people tend to get edgy when the word “Sexual Fantasy” is mentioned because they think it is just bad but that should not be the case. Sexual fantasies are those images or thoughts that comes to a person which makes them get sexually aroused. It is important to understand that some fantasies may actually…
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Chakras and Sexual Energy

Chakra is a traditional concept which appeared originally in the Indian sacred writing. However, it is now being used in recent times to explain belief in health and wellness especially where science has not completely described. There are many writings of chakra and it transcends throughout religion, health as well as energy. It is important…
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