10 Ideas for a Surprising Night Sex

Have you ever had a surprising night sex with your partner?

If you have not, you need to take your pen and write these 10 ideas. Sex is very important in marriage or any relationship, it will be an advantage if the night sex with your partner is amazing. In this post, I will reveal the hot ideas on how to key your partner with the surprising night Sex. These ideas are nothing complicated, they are just simple things that you may have taken for granted but it works well and it is worth trying out.

Change The Style Of Positioning

Do you know that a good positioning also matters during sex? It could make you be tighter– Your partner feels more excited when he is able to penetrate deeper and it also makes him especially to touch other parts easily with no stress. In many cases, you can reach orgasm even in one position if you are only considering your pleasure but for your partner to enjoy the sex night with you, you need to start different position with your partner. This will make you have a surprising night sex.

Couple sex

Raise Your Legs Up

Another idea that that is worth trying out is for him to thrust in deeper as much as he can. Even with just the missionary positions, you can make it sweeter and more pleasurable by putting your legs up on his shoulders, this will make him penetrate to the extreme and you can imagine the sweet sensation that could come up in the process. In most cases, some women usually complain that this aren’t comfortable. If you are not comfortable you can choose to go for another idea. Better still, you can change your position from missionary position to kneeling position. In this position, you only need to raise your legs around his waist.

Remove The Pressure By Staying On Top

This time around, the physical pressure is left out but focusing on the psychological pressure. Do you know that when your man is on top, he only thinks of what to do for him to satisfy you? However, you can make a surprising night sex when you be on the top and be the one in control rather than him doing the moves! This will remove the psychological pressure on him and make him feel relax and good. You are now on the top, so instead of him thinking about what to do– you will be the one thinking on how to satisfy him. This will be a surprising night sex as he doesn’t expect much to happen. Hence, he feels more excited.

Squeeze Him Well

Squeezing your vaginal muscles when he is still inside is very fantastic and it makes him feels more super excited. However, you should be sure on how to control your vaginal muscles before you start with this. To make it clearer, those muscles are the ones you normally use to control the flow of urine. This should be done periodically, you may prefer squeezing your vagina muscles six times whenever you are reaching orgasm. It will be better to squeeze it when he is about to reach the climax where he will feel more excited.

woman in underwear

Squeeze The G-Spots

If the man is on the top, rubbing her breast will make her feel more excited. Also, if the lady is on the top positioning her hands will be free enough to touch. Hence, endeavor to put a slight pressure on the testicle. Though, it is not all men that like this idea. Nevertheless, you can still make use of this idea to make a surprising night sex. If he doesn’t like it, please stop and use another idea.

Make Use Of The Pillow

Whenever you noticed that your husband doesn’t enjoy the sex as it expected to be. Then, you can make it be a surprise night by placing one or more pillows under the lower back exactly spotted above your buttock. This will make him penetrate deeper and he will enjoy it. Not only that, it will be a surprise night sex as it will definitely increase your sexual pleasure and orgasm.

man hand

Whisper In His Ear

You can also make the sex amazing as you try using different senses that you know that it will be effective. Whispering erotic words in his ear such as “”you are hot, “I’m enjoying as you are doing it”. Calling his name during sex is also great, as he hears his name from you when he is already enjoying the emotional pleasure, will be more erotic and it will make the sex night to be amazing.

Display To Him Before Making Love

This idea may seem to be common but most people never know how to use this properly. You only need to display to him before the sex. Before you and your husband kick-off, wear something revealing or lacy which will show your curves and body. During this time, you don’t need to switch-off the light as for him to enjoy watching and set his body in motion.

couple surprising night

Move Out Of Bedroom To Somewhere Else

This one thing is also amazing as you change the environment where the sex will be done. It is cool to tell your partner about the idea of having a sweet night sex inside the kitchen or elsewhere! Does it sound funny right? Yes, it is! This is very romantic and surprising. This will be more erotic if you initiate the love on the bed, then whisper to him that “Let’s go to the kitchen”. Good standing positioning in the kitchen will make it a surprising sex night.

Massage Or Rub Your Partner Before It Begins

Another idea of making the sex night so amazing is by massaging or rubbing your partner before the sex. You can give him an erotic massage – Sensual massage is advisable. Rubbing the thigh of your partner will also set her in motion. However, as a lady, you can massage him before you started making love.