The art of caressing

How to caress according to Science

Learn more about the Art of Caressing in this post. It is different to feel a stranger’s touch in the arm than receiving a caress from a beloved person.

However, both gestures have something in common: rubbing the skin of two people so, what makes us react different? One with indifference, the other one makes us shake.

What happens to nerve endings of the skin has been unknown for centuries, some were used and others forgotten, the habit of touching or not depends a lot on different cultures.

However, many studies help us understand how our body works, we are told about the benefits of caressing.

Touching is so important that influences directly in our social, personal and emotional relationships.

caressing couple

It is one of the most intimate acts a human can make and carries several meanings (affection, acceptance, compassion, love, threat, and social interest) we instinctively perceive.

Not all nerve endings in our bodies are the same, but for example the receptors related to pleasure activate when caressing is slow and no excessive pressing. C-Tactile receptors respond to affective caresses.

The study by professors at Hertfordshire University in London determined 3 centimeters per second for the slow movement interpreted positively by our brain, but

Do you know the health benefits of Caressing?

  1. Reducing tension. It has the power of eliminating stress and return calm to the body.
  2. Increasing happiness. Skin contact with other people stimulates the happiness hormone
  3. Provides security. Caressing and hugging gives protection and confidence. When touching, the vagus nerve of the body is activated, which is related to a compassionate response.
  4. Increases survival rate. Research made in California highlight visual contact and a pat on the back extend the life of patients with serious diseases and illnesses.
  5. Controls blood pressure. According to the studies at the University of North Carolina, people who caress and hug constantly enjoy lower blood pressure.

Therefore, caress, touch and hug people as much as you want and enjoy all the benefits and welfare that provides you.