Chakras and Sexual Energy

Chakra is a traditional concept which appeared originally in the Indian sacred writing. However, it is now being used in recent times to explain belief in health and wellness especially where science has not completely described. There are many writings of chakra and it transcends throughout religion, health as well as energy. It is important…
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Erotic Massage Oils

Massage oil is one of the great additions to a massage therapy. The good thing about it is that it can make it more pleasurable to give massage and also more pleasurable to receive one. It enhances the relaxing nature of the massage session plus the fact that there is also some health benefits to…
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The Art of Kamasutra

A lot of people have been hearing about Kamasutra and they know that it is really an old book that has to do with sex. However, not many people understand or have the in-depth knowledge about Kamasutra. Thousands of years ago, an Indian wrote a text in what is known today as Kamasutra. Vastayayana Mallanaga…
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  Nowadays, a large number of couples end up separating, and many times it happens after a short time of living together. The reasons why this happens is due to the hormone characteristics of sexual intercourse. From an evolutionary point of view, human beings are conditioned to spread our genes so widely as possible, that…
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