Happy Ending Massage

What is a Happy Ending Massage?   There is nothing better than physical contact and caresses to enhance the passion and intimacy with your partner.   Therefore making erotic massages one of the most gratifying and exciting moments that we can share with our partner, considering both know that the final result will be hot, passionate sex.  …
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Erotic Massage or Tantric Massage?

The terms erotic massage and Tantric massage are often confused, since Tantra is occasionally misunderstood as a kind of sex service.   However, a real Tantra can be an efficient holistic remedy for physical and psychological well-being.  Is efficient bodywork to treat all kinds of sexual and emotional disorders.   Tantra massage originated in what is now modern India, at least 5.000 years old; some people even claim it can be more.   Tantra proposes that physical…
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Romantic Massage

If there is something romantic, then it is a massage between a couple or given to the couple by a therapist prepared for it.   When we talk about romantic massages, we refer to more intimate and sensual massages than the common massage.   The environment will be an important factor at the time of performing a romantic tantra massage.  Make sure that the room is a nice and peaceful…
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Perineal Massage

A retardation in male ejaculation is what is looked for by many in sexual encounters, on other occasions what is wanted is a second orgasm quicker than usual, or perhaps the female partner might want to take total control of the male partners ejaculation, giving him the maximum sexual pleasure posible through manual stimulation.   To be…
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