Nuru Massage

What is Nuru Massage? The word “Nuru” comes from Japan and is a gel that comes from a preparation using seaweed Nori name. The word “Nuru” means slippery, and that is essentially that massage name, slipping one body on another body. This way to apply massage is inspired to some extent, in some massage technique employing the geisha in…
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Sexual Health & Erotic Massages

Recover your libido and discover the numerous benefits of Erotic Massages and Sexual Health.   One of the most common disorders that occur in men is erectile dysfunction.  Which does not mean he is impotent but that may be caused by external reasons, by a somatic problem or some disease.  Although many times erectile dysfunction suffered nowadays is a psychological disorder.   This problem may…
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Oriental massages in Madrid

Speaking of oriental massages is speaking of techniques that were originated thousands of years ago and which were developed in the East with therapeutic and relaxing purposes.   Only a few of them were created and developed in the West. The techniques of oriental massages began to be used since 3.000 B.C., and these days a medical treatise called Nei…
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Naturist Massages in Madrid

In Luxor Madrid we are strong supporters of naturism or nudity as it is demonstrated to have many benefits for physical, psychological, social and sexual health. For this reason, our naturist massages are the favorite ones for our clients.   For us, showing the naked body is something natural and beautiful, a connection with ourselves.   There are numerous studies that say that all people should spend more time naked.…
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