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There are many forms of massage and one of them is the erotic massage. Erotic massage is one of the most popular types of massage especially in liberal western societies. Erotic massage is a pleasurable massage and one that offers an immense satisfaction for the receiver.

In fact, one of the major aims of erotic massage is stimulating the erogenous zones which lead to sexual arousal. This is to say that erotic massage is simply the use of massage techniques on erogenous zones of a person for the purpose of the purpose of achieving or enhancing their sexual excitation in order to achieve orgasm.

The focus of Erotic massage is on erogenous zones of both men and women. The implication is that the genitals can be touched and massage during erotic massage and this is why the whole concept and techniques of erotic massage should be clear to the receiver before they embark on this kind of massage.

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Erotic massage can be incorporated into different ways. For example, there are some people who use it as part of their sex adventure especially when it is done between couples. Some also use it as part of foreplay or broader sex therapy. No matter what it is adapted for, erotic massage is a kind of massage that is known to offer relief and sexual release to a lot of people producing some unimaginable pleasure in the process. The popularity of this kind of massage is on the rise especially in places like Madrid. For example, in Barrio Salamanca area of Madrid, you can find top class massage centers that can help you turn your fantasies into reality through erotic massage therapy.

There is a misconception and confusion about erotic massage in recent times especially as a result of this service being offered in massage parlours.

Unfortunately there are some massage parlours that hide under the banner of erotic massage to offer some sex services in form of prostitution rings. It is important to note that this is not the ides of erotic massage in the first place. Erotic massage is not a part of sex or substitute for sex, it is simply a form of sensual massage that helps in sexual release but it does not in any way involve sex. Therefore, it is important to go to the right massage centers for your erotic massage therapy where the staffs is trained to follow the rules and not where sex is offered in form of erotic massages Barrio Salamanca.

Genital Massage and other Sensitive Areas

It is important to note that in erotic massage, a person’s genital area is considered to be a part of the most sensitive areas of the body with a lot of nerve endings that makes it sensitive to touch and aroused in the process. Despite being aroused, erotic massage is not expected to end in sex but this may depend on the application. For instance, couples who want to spice up their sex life may engage in erotic massage which can lead to sex at the end. However, even for couples, it is important to stick to the concept of erotic massage which is clearly not to start having sex but to give you a kind of special sexual release. Like mentioned earlier, this is different for people who are getting an erotic massage in massage centers where they are served by well trained professional therapists.

Erotic massage will involve the giver and the receiver robs their bodies against each other in a sexual manner. Erotic-sensual massage requires the use of massage oil and this is to create a kind of sexual arousal in the body.

Erotic massages in Barrio Salamanca Madrid

Erotic Massage Benefits

There are a lot of benefits that can be derived from erotic massage and they include both health and sexual benefits.

Health Benefits

  • One challenge a lot of men normally face is the problem of ejaculation. According to studies, a lot of men suffer ejaculation problems and one less expensive way to tackle this issue is by erotic massage. It works in such a way that the heated sexual arousal allows for frequent orgasms and what this does is to try and correct the anomaly of too fast or delayed ejaculation. This problem will likely be solved in a continuous massage session over time.
  • Erotic massage can regulate the flow of blood in the body since friction rejuvenates the cells and stimulate the blood vessel in the process.
  • Erotic massage can strengthen the muscles of the body. The reason is that most sexual encounters and orgasms will likely get a person into a situation where force is applied to the genital area muscles. The implication is that the sexual muscles are stronger and as such helps men have longer sex without having to rest during those climax moments
  • Erotic massage can help people lacking in confidence in bed to get their confidence restored. With this, a lot of partners are confident enough to face each other and tray out something new.

Sexual Benefits

It is not just about health but erotic massage can throw up sizeable sexual benefits to the receiver. For instance, erotic massage can do the following:

  1. Erotic massage could create a kind of conscious connection between the giver and the receiver.
  2. Erotic massage has the ability to remove those barriers to openness and remove those illusions of separation and promote oneness.
  3. It can use sound, breath and movement to usher in full body orgasm.
  4. Erotic massage has a way of awakening the senses which then activates the healing of the whole body.
  5. Intimacy is enhanced by eye contacts as well as touch.
  6. Erotic massage allows a man to explore pleasure in numerous creative ways. The implication of this is that there is an open ended stream of pleasure to be derived from erotic massage. You are at liberty to explore and try out new ways of getting some pleasure and experiencing full orgasm.

How to Get Prepared for an Erotic Massage

The preparation for an erotic massage tends to be the most important part of the process because lack of adequate preparations and not doing things right can ruin the whole experience. For this reason effort must be put in pace to ensure that everything that is required is provided adequately for the session. In massage centers like one in Barrio Salamanca, everything required for an erotic massage is available. However, this may not be son for those trying out an erotic massage with couples from the comfort of their homes. Therefore, some preparation need to be done if you must get it right and make it worthwhile for the giver and the receiver. The following are required.

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Get a Comfortable Environment

The temperature of the room should be right. This means that you should not have a freezing room or a hot room that would make the receiver uncomfortable. Therefore, it shouldn’t be just about lying down on a cold chilly room; it should be about getting the right balance of temperature. You can use some dimming lights as well as scatter some candles all around the room. The importance of candles is that it has a way of creating the right feelings and lightening up the mood. To make the environment comfortable enough, it is advisable to add some soft cool music that would help put the receiver in the best of moods to open up and receiver unlimited pleasure.

Setup the Scene

Note that erotic massage is not the kind of ordinary or traditional massage which can be done just anywhere and anyhow rather this kind of massage must be done at the right scene. This means that before the massage begins, it is important that you set the scene properly and get prepared adequately. For instance, it is advisable to ensure that everything that is required is put at the right place prior to starting the massage. Things like towel, erotic massage oils and other important items may look too common but it has the potential to create a break in the process which can cause the receiver to switch off if they are not handy. When this happens, the whole essence of the massage is entirely lost. You must prepare and get the settings right before engaging to erotic massage.

Get the Right Massage Oil

Massage oil is very important during erotic massage. But then, it is important to note that not all oils are good for massage and not all massage oils are suitable for an erotic massage. However, there are whole lots of oil that can be used on the body but not all of them can be used as massage oil. The good thing is that there are some massage oils that are specifically designed for erotic massage so what you need to do is to get the right oil for the massage session.

It is important to note that the essence of using massage oil is so that the hands can comfortable glide and slide around the body and produces great sensation on the body without causing friction. What friction does to the body is to cause a lot of discomfort on the body which could lead to the loss of interest to the receiver in such a way that the erotic massage becomes less pleasurable. If couples are practicing this massage at home, the possibility of sex is there so the type of oil used is very important since some of them cannot be used for sexual purposes. Therefore, long lasting silicone lubricant which is safe for sex can be used as the massage oil during couple’s erotic massage.

Learn Basic Massage Technique

There are different massage techniques which can be adopted in erotic massage. This shouldn’t be an issue in a situation where massage is to be done at a massage center and this is because they have all the well trained therapists that understand all the techniques required to achieve the desired result. For couples who want to do this kind of massage in their home, it is important that you learn the basic massage techniques in such a way that transforms your hands into a magic wand.

Note that the giver would have the responsibility regularly checking on the receiver to ensure that they are comfortable and not feeling any pain in the process. Some of the massage techniques you can use include long strokes, firm strokes, pushing down among others. For couples, there are books that highlight the different techniques and you can try them out. In addition, other sources can be used to learn the basic techniques of erotic massage.

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Who Needs an Erotic Massage?

The truth is that erotic massage is just for everyone irrespective of gender or even sexual preference. There are techniques particularly tailored for men and ones made for women. Therefore, anyone who would like to experience sexual release can try out erotic sensual massage at a top notch massage center. The most important thing is to make up your mind and understand the benefits.

Massage Center in Barrio Salamanca

There are a lot of massage centers in Spain and Madrid to be precise. In fact, there are also some sex parlors hiding behind massage centers to offer sexual services. However, there is one top notch massage center in Barrio Salamanca known as Luxor Madrid. In the first place, Barrio Salamanca is a very cosy neighbourhood in the Spanish capital Madrid. It is beautiful and a very good location for fun seekers. This is why the idea of erotic massage in Barrio Salamanca makes a whole lot of sense.

Luxor Madrid offers an interesting package in erotic massage for everyone in Barrio Salamanca.

Besides, it also offers various other types of massage services. They have well trained professional therapists and a superb environment to ensure that customers enjoy every bit of their massage experience. The good about Luxor Madrid is that unlike a lot of other massage parlors, they do not offer explicit sex as erotic massage is done professionally by well trained therapists. Enjoy the best erotic massage in Barrio Salamanca in Luxor Madrid.