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Erotic massage is not a new type of massage as a lot of people think; it has been in existence for thousands of years. It is a wonderful way to relax, connect and explore unimaginable pleasure with that special person who happens to be a lover or an intimate friend. In fact, the major aim of erotic massage is simply to stimulate the erogenous zones that lead to sexual arousal. To make it clearer, note that erotic massage is simply the use of massage techniques on erogenous zones of a person for the purpose of the purpose of achieving or enhancing their sexual excitation in order to achieve organism.

Erotic massage focuses on erogenous zones in men and women. For example, for men, the focus of erotic massage is normally on the male genitals.

The concept of erotic massage can be used in so many different ways. It can be used as a component of sex, part of their foreplay, final sex act and to some people; erotic massage is part of the broader sex therapy. Whatever the case, erotic massage is gaining a whole lot of popularity especially for men in most liberal cities of the world like Madrid. This is why you find a lot of massage centers offering erotic massage services for men in Madrid as there are a lot of people receiving these kinds of massage.

Erotic massage for men in Madrid

It is important to note that erotic massage can be provided by those who offer some kind sexual services or through massage parlors. For instance, some of the massage techniques that tries to integrate the physical, spiritual and sexual aspect to create a memorable moment for the receiver. However for others the massage techniques try to achieve orgasm through sexual intercourse, oral sex or even hand job.

The concept of erotic massage is clear and not ambiguous. For example, a person’s genital area is considered to be a part of the most sensitive areas of the body with a lot of nerve endings that makes it sensitive to touch and aroused in the process. One thing that must be understood about erotic massage in men is that even though the genitals are tools for sex and are touched in the process, erotic massages are not expected to end in a sexual encounter.

While sexual encounters could become an outcome of an erotic massage but it should be clear that this is not the actual aim. This is particularly true for people who are getting an erotic massage in massage parlors where they are served by well trained professional therapists. For couples practicing and erotic massage at home, there is actually nothing wrong with it ending in sex but like stated earlier, the aim of erotic massage should not be to end in sex.

Erotic massage will involve the giver and the receiver robs their bodies against each other in a sexual manner. Erotic massage requires the use of massage oil and this is to create a kind of sexual arousal in the body.

Erotic massages for men in Madrid

Benefits of Erotic Massages for Men 

There are a lot of benefits that can be derived from erotic massage and can be classified as sexual benefits and health benefits:

Sexual Benefits of Erotic Massage

  • Erotic massage allows a man to explore pleasure in numerous creative ways. The implication of this is that there is an open ended stream of pleasure to be derived from erotic massage. You are at liberty to explore and try out new ways of getting some pleasure and experiencing full orgasm.
  • Erotic massage could create a kind of conscious connection between the giver and the receiver.
  • Erotic massage has the ability to remove those barriers to openness and remove those illusions of separation and promote oneness.
  • It can use sound, breath and movement to usher in full body orgasm.
  • Intimacy is enhanced by eye contacts as well as touch.
  • Erotic massage has a way of awakening the senses which then activates the healing of the whole body.

Health Benefits of Erotic Massage

Erotic massage is not just for sexual benefits and fortunately there are also some health benefits especially for men. For instance, it gives you a better and improved health after each massage session. Below are some other health benefits that can be derived from erotic massage.

  1. Erotic massage can take care of ejaculation problems in men. According to studies, a lot of men suffer ejaculation problems and one less expensive way to tackle this issue is by erotic massage. The idea behind this is simple. In this kind of massages, the heated sexual arousal allow for frequent orgasms and what this does is to try and correct the anomaly of too fast or delayed ejaculation. With continuous massage sessions, the problem could be resolved.
  2. Erotic massage is known to regulate the flow of blood in the body since friction rejuvenates the cells and stimulate the blood vessel in the process.
  3. Erotic massage is known to strengthen the muscles of the body. It is important to understand that sexual encounters and orgasms get a person into a situation where they have to apply force to the genital area muscles. The good thing about this is that the sexual muscles are stronger and as such helps men have longer sex without having to rest during those climax moments
  4. For people who lack confidence especially in bed, then erotic massages can help build up the confidence in such people. People can face their partners in bed with confidence after such massages.
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A Quick Guide to Preparing for Erotic Massage in Men

Erotic massage is a serious activity and must not be done haphazardly. For this reason, it is important to always get adequately prepared from the beginning in order to get the desired result. Remember, erotic massage can be done by couples themselves or at a massage center by professional therapists. No matter the place, it is done, it is important to note the few basic preparations and things that must be put in place in order to help both the giver and the receiver to get satisfactory results. The following are some quick tips and guides:

Setting the Scene

The first step is to get the right scene. Note that erotic massage is not the kind of massage that can be done from anywhere but from the right place and this means that you must create a very good scene for it. Before the activity begins, it is important that you set the scene properly and get prepared adequately. Ensure that everything that is required is put at the right place prior to starting the massage.

Forgetting things like towel, massage oils and other important items will create a break in the process which can cause the receiver to switch off. When this happens, the whole essence of the massage is defeated entirely. You must prepare and get the settings right before engaging to erotic massage.

Find a Comfortable Environment

Another important step to erotic massage preparation is finding a comfortable environment. The temperature of the room should be right. For instance, the room temperature should be well balanced by this, it means that it should not be hot or too cold but it should just be the right temperature for both the giver and the receiver. Therefore, it shouldn’t be just about lying down on a cold chilly room, it should be about getting the right balance of temperature.

Then use dimming lights and scatter some candles all around the room. It is important to note that candles have a way of creating the right feelings and lightening up the mood. Then support the environment with a very cool music. When we talk about music, we are not talking about any kind of music but very cool romantic music that sends a sensual message to your partner and put them right in the mood.

Massages for men in Madrid

Get the Right Tools

Do you have all the right tools in place? Having the right tool at hand will help you perform a great massage. It is important to note that the massage should flow and not stopped intermittently. Therefore, body and eye contact is expected to be maintained throughout the period. Therefore, you have to keep your massage oil very handy so that it does not disrupt the flow of the moment. If you plan on using some other accessories in the massage session like the feather tickler, it is important to have them close by the bed so that you can have them when needed. Remember to also keep your towel and water close by for any clean up that may be required.

Get the Right Massage Oil

The importance of massage oil to erotic massage cannot be overemphasized. However, there are whole lots of oil that can be used on the body but not all of them can be used as massage oil. There are some massage oils that are specifically designed for the purpose of massage so what you need to do is to get the right oil for the massage session. The essence of using massage oil is so that the hands can comfortable glide around the body and produce great sensation on the body without causing friction.

Friction can cause a lot of discomfort on the body and this can dampen the morale of the receiver in such a way that the massage becomes less pleasurable.

For couples who could end up having sex after an erotic massage, the type of oil used is very important since some of them cannot be used for sexual purposes. As stated earlier, the aim of erotic massage is not always having sex at the end, but you must prepare for it because sex is a possibility during erotic massage session especially in couples erotic massage. Therefore, long lasting silicone lubricant which is safe for sex can be used as the massage oil during erotic massage for men.

Basic Massage Technique

There are different massage techniques which can be adopted in erotic massage. With all preparation in place and everything set, it is now time to start the massage proper. For couples, it is important that you learn the basic massage techniques in such a way that transforms your hands into a magic wand. For men who wish to have an erotic massage in massage parlors like the ones in Madrid, there are well-trained massage therapists that understand all the different techniques required to give the best pleasurable experience.

Note that the giver would have the responsibility regularly checking on the receiver to ensure that they are comfortable and not feeling any pain in the process. Some of the massage techniques you can use include long strokes, firm strokes, pushing down among others. For couples, there are books that highlight the different techniques and you can try them out.

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Erotic Massage as Part of Therapy in Men

Fortunately mainstream medicine is beginning to take Erotic massage more serious than before are now being used in some sexual therapies. These therapies are always to increase the libido and overcome premature ejaculation.

It is also important to note that you do not actually need to be an expert in performing an erotic massage for your man. However, you may just need to learn some of the fundamental techniques and build upon it through some frequent practice.

Erotic Massage in Madrid

There are few cities all over the world that can compete with Madrid in terms of pleasure. There is just enough fun and pleasure in the city of Madrid thanks to her liberal nature. Erotic massage can be done in Madrid in most of the numerous massage centers scattered round the city.

One of such massage centres is Luxor Madrid, a top notch center located in the heart of the city. At Luxor Madrid, you can find all kinds of massage therapies on offer.

Men can also have lingam massage or any other type of massage of their choice. However, it is important to note that there is no explicit sex at this center and every massage is done professionally. Other massage centers could also offer erotic massages for men in Madrid, it is important to make a little enquiry to find them.