Body to Body Massage

Discover our Body to Body massage: a very erotic intense interactive Tantric service where your therapist will take you to another level of sensuality and pleasure.

This massage works with the whole body, hands, forearms, breast, abdomen, legs and buttocks in order to achieve the most intense sensations.

The application of diverse Tantric techniques in which our therapists are experts will carry you to live an erotic sensation of well-being and pleasure that will make you release everyday stress.

You will receive a first part of relaxing massage working deep on the muscles and seeking the benefits of a professional relaxing massage through the best techniques of the Traditional Thai massage.

Followed by it, the massage of essential oils which is the most sensitive and erogenous part, and particularly in this Body2Body massage.

At last, all the erogenous areas will be stimulated and will work on genital reflexology through Tantric techniques to achieve the most intense and high climax.

Body to body massage

Our therapists train daily improving their skills in order to offer you a professional Body2Body massage, synchronising their body with yours in a skin-to-skin Tantric dance.

In Luxor Madrid, the B2B technique is the star element of all our massages, receiving the unique manner combining the most exclusive techniques of Oriental massage.

If you wish you can enjoy the naturist version of this treatment, in which your therapist will be totally naked sliding all over your body while developing an erotic and arousing B2B massage, which will take you to complete ecstasy.

Experience a new world of sensations with this luxurious treatment, deeply knowing your body and be able to raise your sexuality to the most desired levels.

DurationPriceNature version price
60 minutes150€200€
90 minutes225€300€
120 minutes300€400€

How to give a body to body massage at home

Massages have been helping people relax and heal for a very long time. Body to body massage is a special kind of massage where the massager and the person getting the massage use their whole bodies. This type isn’t just about feeling good in the body, but also about feeling close and connected.

In a body to body massage, both people use their bodies to give the massage. This means that instead of just using hands, the person giving the massage might use their arms, legs, and even their chest to press and rub the other person’s body. This kind of massage can help you feel relaxed and also feel a strong bond with the massage giver.

Brief History and Origins

Body to body massage comes from old times in places like India and China. People back then believed touching and massaging the body were important to stay healthy and happy. Over time, these ideas spread around the world, and people made them part of their way to relax and feel better.

Body to body massages are great for several reasons. They can help your blood flow better, ease tight muscles, and help you feel less stressed. When the massage giver uses their body weight, it can help in getting rid of sore spots on your body.

This type of massage is also good for your feelings. It can make you feel safe and cared for, which helps with stress and makes you happier. Plus, when you’re close to another person like this, your body makes a special hormone that makes you feel good and close to others.

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Types of Body to Body Massages

Body to body massages, also known as B2B or full-body massages, are a form of therapy where both the client and the massage therapist use their bodies in a much more connected and intimate way during the massage process.

It’s not only a physical but also a spiritual experience, aimed at achieving mutual relaxation and energy flow restoration. Here’s a look at various types of body to body massages:

1. Nuru Massage

Nuru massage comes from Japan and is a unique kind where both the person giving the massage and the person receiving it don’t wear clothes. A special slippery gel from seaweed is used, and the masseuse slides their body over the person getting the massage. This massage is more about feeling close and connected than just working out muscle knots.

A special clear, slippery gel made from nori seaweed. It’s pretty smooth, which makes sliding motions easy.

2. Tantric Massage

Tantric massage uses slow touches and massages all over the body, focusing on making a deep emotional and spiritual connection. It’s not just about physical relief but also about awakening a kind of energy inside the body through careful and focused touches.

Various essential oils like ylang-ylang for feeling relaxed or lavender for calmness. The choice of oil depends on what feels good for the person getting the massage.

3. Swedish Body Massage

This is a popular massage for relaxing and easing muscle tightness. It uses gentle strokes, kneading, and sometimes a soft tapping. The massage starts light but can go deeper to help with stiff muscles.

Light oils like almond or coconut oil are used to make the strokes smooth without sticking to the skin. Sometimes, these oils are mixed with others that smell nice and can help you feel more relaxed.

4. Thai Body Massage

Thai massage is more like doing yoga but with help. It’s done on the floor, and you stay fully clothed. The masseuse uses their body to stretch yours, helps relieve tightness, and makes your body more flexible. It’s more about stretching and moving than rubbing muscles.

Traditional Thai massage doesn’t usually use oils because it’s more about movement than rubbing. But some modern versions might use light oils for extra relaxation.

5. Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage goes deep into your muscles and the connective tissues around bones and joints. It uses slow, strong pressures to target deep knots and tension. It can help with pain and make movement easier.

Thicker oils like jojoba or avocado oil are used because they don’t get absorbed too quickly into the skin and help the masseuse apply firm pressure without sliding off.

Each massage type has its own way of doing things and uses different oils or gels to help achieve its purpose, whether it’s relaxation, feeling connected, or fixing deep muscle tension.

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Getting Ready for a Body to Body Massage

A body to body massage is a relaxing way to connect with someone. Here’s how to make sure you’re ready for a great massage experience:

Making the Massage Space Nice and Cozy

  • Lighting: Use soft and gentle lighting. You can light some candles or use lamps that are not too bright.
  • Warmth: The room should be warm so no one feels cold. If you’re touching skin to skin, a cozy room will make it more comfortable.
  • The Feel: Play gentle music and maybe light a scented candle. This helps make the room feel calm and helps you relax.

Picking the Right Massage Oils

  • Choose oils that are kind to the skin. Natural oils like coconut or almond are great.
  • Think about what smells nice to the person being massaged, and make sure the oil feels good on the skin.
  • Warm up the oil in your hands or a little bowl to make it feel nice when you put it on the skin.

Keeping Everything Clean

  • Make sure everything is tidy and clean around the massage area.
  • Use clean sheets and towels to keep things fresh.
  • Wash your hands, and it’s nice for everyone to be clean and fresh before starting the massage.

Being Ready in Your Head

  • The person giving the massage should take a moment to relax and think about giving a nice, calming massage.
  • The person getting the massage should try to forget about other things and be ready to enjoy the massage.
  • Talk about what you both want before starting so that the massage feels good for everyone.

By taking these steps, like making sure your space is nice and warm, choosing the right oils, being clean, and getting your mind ready, you’ll set the stage for a wonderful body to body massage.

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Techniques Used in Body to Body Massage

This type of massage utilises various techniques to stimulate the senses, release tension, and encourage a state of mental and physical well-being. Here are some of the key techniques used in body to body massage:

1. Gentle Touching

The massage usually starts with gentle touches that help to relax the body. The therapist’s hands will glide softly over the skin, initiating a connection and preparing the body for deeper strokes.

2. Gliding Strokes

The therapist applies light to medium pressure and uses long, flowing strokes over the body. These movements help to warm up the muscles, improve blood circulation, and promote a sense of tranquility.

3. Kneading

This technique involves pressing and rolling the muscles with the hands and fingers. Kneading helps to work out knots and tension in the muscles, improving flexibility and reducing pain.

4. Friction

Friction involves the therapist using the palms, fingers, or thumbs to make deep, circular movements on tight spots in the muscles. It is especially helpful for addressing specific areas of discomfort and enhancing tissue flexibility.

5. Body Slides

Body slides are unique to body to body massage. The therapist uses their own body to apply pressure and perform massage strokes. This not only helps to release muscle tension but also enhances intimacy and emotional connection.

6. Breathwork

Breathing techniques are often incorporated to help relax the mind and enhance the connection between the therapist and the recipient. Both the giver and receiver focus on their breath, which helps in releasing emotional blockages and achieving a meditative state.

7. Energy Work

Energy work, such as Reiki or the use of chakras, may be integrated to balance and realign the body’s energy flow. This approach is based on the belief that emotional or physical distress can block or unbalance the body’s energy.

Special Considerations:

  • Consent and Communication: Clear communication and consent are paramount, ensuring that the recipient is comfortable with the techniques used throughout the session.
  • Professionalism: While body to body massage is intimate, it is performed in a professional setting where respect and boundaries are upheld.
  • Environment: The ambience plays a crucial role in enhancing the massage experience. Soft lighting, aromatic scents, and calming music contribute to a relaxing and therapeutic atmosphere.

A body to body massage is a complete way to take care of your body, feelings, and spirit. The therapist adjusts their methods for each person, so everyone’s massage is special and tailored just for them.

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Benefits of Body to Body Massage

Body to body massage can have lots of benefits. Let’s find out them below:

1. Makes Muscles Relax

It helps to make tight muscles loosen up. This means less pain from stiff muscles and more flexibility in your body.

2. Reduces Stress

This massage can make you feel less stressed by lowering bad stress hormones and increasing the good ones that make you happy. It’s great for feeling better if you’re down or anxious.

3. Better Blood Flow

The massage can push blood through your body in a good way, so your muscles and organs get more oxygen and nutrients. This means your body works better overall.

4. Healthier Skin

The oils used in the massage can take away dead skin and make your skin softer and healthier. Plus, the oils can give your skin good stuff like vitamins.

5. Stronger Immunity

Getting massages more often can help your body fight off sickness by making certain cells in your body stronger. This means you get sick less often.

6. Sleep Better

Massages can help you relax so much that you sleep better. This is especially good for people who have trouble sleeping well.

7. More Flexible

Massages work on muscles and the things that connect muscles and bones, making you bendier and less likely to get hurt.

8. Feels Closer in Relationships

Doing body to body massage with a partner can make you feel closer and more connected to them. It’s a way to be intimate and show care for each other.


In conclusion, body to body massages are great for making people feel relaxed and less stressed. They help blood flow better and muscles relax. These massages also help people feel closer and trust each other more. Getting these massages can make life better and happier.