Fetish Massage

Our fetish massage is one of the most demanded in Luxor Madrid.

It is a massage with great erotic intensity that is received most part of the time through the elegant feet of the therapist. Our energies are not only transmitted with hands, but through any other part of our body, in this case the feet, are able to transmit thousands of feelings loaded with sensuality and eroticism.

In Luxor Madrid we offer the fetish massage if your wish to try something different that will wrap you in the most pleasant feelings when touching the delicate feet of our therapists going through all your body in the most erotic way you could imagine.

Fetish massage is a really surprising and innovating massage, both for the pressures with feet all over the body, typical of the Thai massage – and the massage with oils performed with feet, legs and buttocks.

If you have been looking for a different massage, you can find it in Luxor Madrid in its most professional version. The training received by our therapists in these techniques requires much patience and practice, since the ability to use the fingers and soles of the feet, as well as the flexibility are not acquired in one day.

In Luxor Madrid we have a lot of time practicing and developing these exclusive techniques of massage for even being able to perform part of the genital stimulation with them.

Would you like to enjoy a luxurious fetish massage from Madrid?

DurationPriceNature version price
75 minutes300€350€
100 minutes395€450€
120 minutes490€550€
Zapatos masaje fetichista
Masaje fetichista
Masaje parejas fetichista