Fetish Massage

Our fetish massage is one of the most demanded in Luxor Madrid.

It is a massage with great erotic intensity that is received most part of the time through the elegant feet of the therapist. Our energies are not only transmitted with hands, but through any other part of our body, in this case the feet, are able to transmit thousands of feelings loaded with sensuality and eroticism.

In Luxor Madrid we offer the fetish massage if your wish to try something different that will wrap you in the most pleasant feelings when touching the delicate feet of our therapists going through all your body in the most erotic way you could imagine.

Fetish massage is a really surprising and innovating massage, both for the pressures with feet all over the body, typical of the Thai massage – and the massage with oils performed with feet, legs and buttocks.

If you have been looking for a different massage, you can find it in Luxor Madrid in its most professional version. The training received by our therapists in these techniques requires much patience and practice, since the ability to use the fingers and soles of the feet, as well as the flexibility are not acquired in one day.

In Luxor Madrid we have a lot of time practicing and developing these exclusive techniques of massage for even being able to perform part of the genital stimulation with them.

Would you like to enjoy a luxurious fetish massage from Madrid?

DurationPriceNature version price
75 minutes300€350€
100 minutes395€450€
120 minutes490€550€
Zapatos masaje fetichista
Masaje fetichista
Masaje parejas fetichista


Enjoy the best fetish massage in Madrid

Massage therapy has many types, each with its own goal, from helping people relax to healing their bodies. Some massages, though, go into special areas, focusing on what some people uniquely enjoy.

One interesting type is the fetish massage that uses the feet to do much of the massage. This kind of massage is different because it’s not just about relaxing or fixing sore muscles but about matching the massage to what the person really likes, all in a safe and agreed-upon way.

Let’s look closer at what this fetish massage is about, including what happens during it, why people like it, and the experience it offers.

What is a Fetish Massage?

This kind of fetish massage where feet do most of the work is for those who enjoy the feeling of feet on their body.

During the massage, the session is shaped around what the person likes, using different pressures and movements of the feet to give a unique touch. This massage pays attention not only to physical comfort but also to what the client finds exciting and enjoyable, based on their own interests.

The setting for this type of massage is often more private and cozy than a normal massage place. This helps make sure that the person getting the massage feels comfortable talking about their likes and setting boundaries.

The massage therapist, who knows how to use their feet in special ways for this massage, will change their technique according to what the person wants and likes, making sure the experience is enjoyable and respectful.

For those interested, a fetish massage with feet is not just about the body feeling good; it’s a way to explore personal likes and a chance to connect with their desires in a very unique way. It’s built on trust, talking openly, and respect, making it a very personal thing. Even though some people might not understand it, this type of massage is important for those looking for a special kind of experience and sensation that only this can provide.

Fetish massage

Understanding Fetish in the Context of Massage

When we talk about fetish in massage, we mean that some people get sexual excitement from certain aspects of a massage that are usually not sexual. For example, they might find the massage oils or specific ways of being touched very arousing. Unlike normal massage meant for relaxing or healing, a fetish massage intertwines with personal desires, making it a more sexually stimulating experience.

Differentiating Between Fetish, Kink, and Traditional Massage

Fetish: In the massage setting, a fetish focuses on specific items or actions, like the massage oils used or how certain body parts are touched, which become the main source of sexual pleasure.

Kink: While similar to fetish, kink has a wider range, covering general unusual sexual interests. In massage, this might include enjoying playful power roles or special feelings from certain touch techniques or even pretend plays during the session.

Traditional Massage: In contrast, traditional massage is all about health and relaxation, aiming to ease muscle pain, better blood flow, and reduce stress without involving sexual elements.

Why It Appeals to Some Individuals

Some people are drawn to fetish or kink in massage because it offers them excitement from doing something different from the norm or because it allows them to explore and express parts of their desires usually kept private. It feels safe and right for them in these settings.

The power dynamic in such massages, where one person gives the massage while the other receives, can also be emotionally pleasing. The one giving enjoys the control, and the one receiving enjoys the relaxation and the experience. This setup can help people feel more connected, care deeply about their needs, and heal emotional wounds.

Fetish massage in Madrid

Types of Fetish Massages

Fetish massages are special kinds of massages that mix different likes and kinks to make the experience exciting. These massages might include gentle touches with certain materials, acting out fantasies, or playing with sensations to create unique feelings.

Overview of Common Practices

  • Role-Playing Scenarios: This is when people pretend to be characters or in situations that they find exciting. From simple stories like being a patient and nurse to more complex ones, acting out these roles can make the massage more interesting. Check out our Fantasy Massage.
  • Use of Specific Materials: Some massages use materials like leather, latex, or silk. These materials feel different and can make the touch more thrilling. Leather and latex are very popular because of how they feel, smell, and even sound. Check out our Bondage Massage.
  • Sensory Play (Feathers, Ice, etc.): This involves using things like feathers or ice to make the touch feel different. Feathers can tickle, and ice can cool the skin, making the massage more intense and enjoyable. Check out our Massage with erotic toys.

Foot Fetish Massages

Foot fetish massages are all about the feet. They can include things like looking at and touching the feet, using oils or lotions for a smooth massage, acting out fantasies that involve the feet, or using special accessories like socks or shoes to add to the excitement.

  • Admiration and Worship: This often starts with looking at and talking about how nice the feet look. Some people really enjoy just seeing and touching feet.
  • Massaging Techniques: There are special ways to massage feet that can feel really good. This can be gentle or more firm, depending on what feels best.
  • Use of Accessories: Things like socks, stockings, or shoes can also be part of the massage, making it more fun for people who like those items.
  • Temperature and Sensory Play: Like with other fetish massages, playing with temperature using warm oils or ice can make the feet feel really good in different ways.

The Importance of Safety and Consent

Whether it’s a foot fetish massage or any other type, being safe and agreeing to what will happen is very important. Everyone should talk about what they like and don’t like, and there should be a safe word to stop if someone is not enjoying it.

This keeps everyone happy and safe. When using things like latex (which some people are allergic to) or playing with temperature, it’s important to be careful to not hurt anyone. Good hygiene is also key, especially with foot massages, to avoid any infections. Making sure everyone agrees and feels safe makes the massage better for everyone.

The Luxor Madrid Experience

Welcome to Luxor Madrid, a special place where you can relax and feel fresh again. At Luxor Madrid, we’re proud of our team of skilled therapists. They are not just good at what they do; they also love making your time with us amazing.

One special thing we offer at Luxor Madrid is our unique massage that uses special foot techniques. This method isn’t just any massage; it’s a special way to make you feel wonderful and excited. Using their feet, our therapists are able to share energy and positive feelings with you. It’s like they’re talking to you without words, helping your body and mind to relax deeply.

This special foot massage is about more than just making your muscles feel good. It’s about creating a connection between you and the therapist. With gentle and skilled movements, they use their feet to help your body heal itself, making you feel peaceful and happy.

From the moment you come in, we want you to feel like you’re in a place where you can leave your worries behind and treat yourself. At Luxor Madrid, every detail is about making your experience unforgettable. Come and see for yourself what makes the Luxor Madrid Experience so special.