Paradise Massage

Reach climax with this mix of intense body-to-body massage, exotic caresses and exciting showers!

It is a VERY INTENSE body-to-body massage, with two erotic showers, the second one with body exfoliation.

Let yourself be seduced by one of our beautiful therapists, who will start caressing your body in an erotic shower to ‘warm up’.

Next, in one of our luxurious rooms, the massage begins with soft touches of feathers and tantric caresses. This is how you will start your journey to Paradise.

Both in front and behind, imagine these feathers walking all over your body insisting on neck, nipples, perineum, testicles, penis…

Paula masseuse in Luxor Madrid

Your whole skin bristling and your senses fully stimulated waiting for the masseuse to impregnate both bodies with oil and start the most erotic “dance” of your life.

And this is where the experience of all our team of professionals leaves their ‘Luxor seal’: the best lingam techniques in the most exquisite hands in Madrid.

It will be the moment when you remember the name of this GREAT experience that you must not miss: Luxor Paradise… enjoy it, it is not easy to get to Paradise!

To complete the attention and care of your body, we offer you a second erotic shower with a top quality exfoliating gel to remove all the dead skin cells and impregnate it with a ‘sacred’ aroma.

DurationPriceNaturist version
75 minutes350€400€
100 minutes550€650€
120 minutes700€800€

If you wish, you can also elevate your Paradise massage experience to another level, combining it with our Bondage massage, where you can choose between different erotic toys to maximise pleasure!

DurationPriceNaturist version
75 minutes750€850€
100 minutes950€1050€
120 minutes1100€1200€