Erotic Therapists

Tantra erotic massage therapists in Madrid

Luxor Madrid is a great team of
very professional and expert erotic therapists in the art of seduction and tantric massage.

Our therapists have intense and permanent training where we seek that, by the techniques used, perfection is achieved in every erotic massage we offer, thus ensuring maximum quality.

Massages in Luxor Madrid are both a physical and emotional experience, so our therapists dominate the technique of erotic massage to perfection as they completely know the erogenous areas of the human body and the multiple ways to stimulate them.

Our therapists have specific physical qualities, as in addition to have well-defined, attractive and sensual bodies, they have a perfect physical shape to slide and move with agility and flexibility at the time of performing the massage.

All that added to the class, beauty and personal touch of each one of them, we will achieve complete tantric massages with a great erotic charge and superior sensual intensity, and a relaxing effect afterwards. It is something unforgettable and unique.