Sex Bucket List – New Things Couples Need to Try in Bed

When a couple reaches a certain point in their relationship, they frequently want to rekindle some of their earlier love. Let’s face it; familiarity can eventually supplant novelty, and old habits can take the place of originality.

It doesn’t have to be that way, though, which is certainly wonderful news for you! There are a tonne of things you can do to rekindle the spark in the bedroom if you feel like you’ve fallen into a rut and are wondering how to liven things up.

Have you ever made a sex bucket list? This is one task list you won’t waste time crossing off; we’re positive about it!

After all, it’s a fantastic method to inspire yourself and maintain acrimony in your romantic relationship!

Continue reading to find out how many of these things you’ve already crossed off or you must have to try!

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Advice for Committed Relationships

Being in a serious relationship with someone requires that you continually switch things up and come up with new things to do together to keep things from being monotonous or stagnant.

To maintain the passion and enthusiasm between you alive, you need to come up with fresh things to do together. If you’ve been dating for a while, this is particularly true.

Get sexual in a new location

Start slowly if you and your lover have moved past the honeymoon stage and find it difficult to be intimate with one another in a place other than your bedroom.

Try shifting things to the balcony or shower—a place that still has comforts of home, if you will—as it can be challenging to jump from nothing to full-on exhibitionist. What a change in scenery may surprise you!

Try the “LOL” Sex

The key to a fulfilling sexual life is to inject some humour into the bedroom. So consider something that might at first seem foolish, like doing a lap dance or challenging your partner to guess what song you’re humming while having oral sex.

It’s more important to have fun together than to perfect a new change or act like you’re in a pornographic film. Even if the approach you tried didn’t quite work, as long as you’re both okay with being fun and have an adventurous spirit, you’d come out even closer.

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Consider Getting a Massage Together

It’s certainly pleasurable to receive a massage from your spouse because of the aromas, the oils, as well as the different pressures used. Since you are both experiencing the relaxing sensation together in the same space, it makes for great foreplay—as long as you don’t get overly relaxed afterward.

Create a Sense of Anticipation

Building anticipation is one of the finest methods to increase the sex in a relationship. Therefore, experiment with various techniques to increase the tension throughout the week while you try to figure out how to liven everything up in the bedroom.

Although spontaneity can be enjoyable, there are instances when forethought might help you rekindle the flame.

Some folks will even send their partners sex-related Google invitations! Even though this may not be your thing, it is a great way to raise the suspense as the day progresses.

Alternatively, you can keep these things straightforward by deciding on a pleasant evening schedule in advance so that you have the rest of the day to look ahead to. As the day goes on, send your lover texts expressing how eager you are to spend the evening with them. The intensity and passion will already be palpable by the time you two are alone.

Go Toy Shopping Together

Why even use your lack of experience with sex shops or websites as a justification to engage your partner?

A playful way to learn something about your partner’s sexual preferences is to go sex toy shopping together. Having chosen a toy together also makes using it when the time comes much less intimidating.

Why people fall in love

Role Reversals

Okay, so it’s not a bold prediction, but swapping your role will keep your lover wondering. Even while you might usually favour the bottom, there are instances when you’ll find it delightful to regain control—or, at the very least, your partner might find it amusing to see you all in a completely different light.

Try Out Various Lubricants

There are several lubes available to you, including natural, silicone-based, CBD-based, as well as various others that you can name. Consider adding a variety to your repertory. Each type contributes something new, and then experiment to see the one you find most useful.


Being someone else for a brief period is fun. Ask your spouse what kind of role-playing they like, then choose a different role each night.

No, it shouldn’t be very complicated. Like, perhaps you two could see yourselves as strangers who just happened to meet at a pub or while on vacation down the coast. You should undoubtedly make that choice.

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Share your Desires

Being transparent and upfront is essential to having a hot sex life, even though it might be difficult to express your sexual preferences to a partner.

Communicating about your desires can be a terrific way of introducing new concepts, but keep in mind that just because you talk about them will not mean you have to carry out each other’s wishes. 

Try Putting on Blindfolds

Spend the money on a truly seductive blindfold or manage with a tie, extra t-shirt, rest mask, or both. It is seductive to anticipate your lover moving their arms and kisses all over your body before you know when or how they will do it.

Twister with a Sexy Twist

Starting to play Twister can be a great method to build a connection with your partner if you’re still getting to know each other.

And if you’re already dedicated to one another and just like to have some excitement, put your clothes on the side and play Twister while completely undressed to give your relationship this whole new level!

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Unexpectedly Sex, When They Least Expect It

An unexpected sext can still be sent occasionally, even if you and your partner understand every freckle and scar on one another’s bodies.

Create that sexual energy to entice your baby home, whether it’s a nicely composed photo of you wearing virtually nothing or a few scandalous phrases. Don’t overthink it; a few words will pique their interest.

Make Love without Becoming Sexual

You don’t necessarily have to be lying on the ground naked to arouse your spouse. Instead, engage in a non-sexual activity that gets you both hot as well as agitated.

Couples often become energised by engaging in competitive activities like games. Cooking and exercise are two more activities that might rev our motors.

Stay up all Night Together

Recall the early days of your relationship, when the two of you used to speak, kiss, and cuddle all through the night. Recreate those early stages of your relationship as much as you can. Play some sultry music or simply spend time talking and cuddling in bed. This will undoubtedly reignite the flame between you.

Plan to spend the entire night around each other the way you used to if you assume a little distance from your lover lately and would like feelings to return to how they were when you first began dating. This will bring pleasant memories of when you two first met.

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Feel your Own Body

Masturbate! As advised by numerous experts, once you are aware of what makes you orgasm, you could demand your spouse for it. Furthermore, asserting your desires can be seductive, according to Kiana Reeves, a somatic sex educator.

The greatest way to develop a strategy for sexual fulfilment that motivates you and makes your spouse a better lover is to do this.

Use a Vibrator

This tool can enable a lady to express her preferences to her spouse and learn more about her sexual reaction.

Go Slowly

When you’re making love, try to breathe more slowly. It may not seem like much, but it makes a big difference! It guarantees that slowing down will let couples focus more on touching and movement, resulting in a deeper connection. Tantric sex is also highly recommended by several specialists.

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Watch some Porn Together

It is frequently used during privacy, which tends to make looking at porn with your lover seem even more scandalous. According to Dr. Alyse Kelly-Jones, watching porn video increases sexual tension and rekindles curiosity. Instead of limiting yourself to screens, though, Try and read erotic literature to one another in turn and see what happens. The appropriate path has been chosen, even if you start laughing out loud before turning the page. Morris, a sex specialist, asserts that laughter is a fantastic approach to liven up situations as well.

Sleep without Clothes

Despite the health advantages, the ideal sexual encounter you can perform every nite in the bedroom is to sleep naked with your partner. What a way to make his dreams come true!

It is a sign of trust between you and your spouse that you—or both of you—take off your clothing before going to bed. On the other hand, it can also be a sexy turn-on that brings you relatively close to a passionate night.

Bring some Danger into the Action

Quickies, risk, and high-thrill sexual activities can be a great way to mix things up and spice things up your sexual encounters. In many cases, simply recalling the thrills and experiments, you’ve had in the past can turn you on, evoking an erotic memory and fostering a sense of closeness between you and your partner.

Here, the essential factor to take into account is whether you’re looking for a one-time deal or creating something more regular.

Spend Some Time getting to Know Each Other’s Bodies

Exploring your body with a partner or on your own may be quite enjoyable. Spend 20 minutes concentrating on each other while listening to relaxing music and fragrant candles, and pay attention to the physical sensations this causes.

Explore every region of your partner’s body by applying different amounts of pressure or touching them in different ways, such as using your hands, lips, lotions, silk, or feathers.

Experimenting with this new method of intimacy can be very sensuous and advantageous, and it can heighten pleasurable emotions and orgasms.

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I sincerely hope that this sex bucket list, as well as the advice included in them, has helped you come up with some specific plans and actions to take as you strive to achieve the type of sex life that both you and your partner desire.

This requires intentionality as well as effort to make it fantastic, just like every other aspect of a relationship, but it’s completely possible, so do give it a try.