Frequently asked questions

Is there any place where I can keep my belongings?
There are lockers where you could keep your belongings while having your treatment. Nevertheless it is recommended not to bring valuable objects as the center will not be responsible if lost.

Why should I choose your tantric massages in Madrid?
Luxor Madrid team is located in one of the most exclusive quarters in all Madrid. We like to share our wide experience with our clients, to offer exquisite and exclusive massages along with our excellent aromatherapy products so you will feel sensations you have never experienced before in the most private, comfortable and neat atmosphere.

What would it be like while receiving the massage?
Amon affords four rooms of different themes, where you will be able to disconnect of the outside world and let yourself being led into a sweet and sensual environment of aromatic oils, glimmer and smooth music. All this will surely make your Amon’s visit extraordinary and desiring for more.

How is privacy guaranteed?
We take good care to preserve your privacy, we make sure you will not coincide with any of the other customers. We always make previous appointments for a better organization of the center and therefore to maintain your privacy.

Which parts of the body are treated?
All parts of the body are treated equally. Depending on the massage you will receive a deeper work in feet and hands or face and head. In case there is any area of your body you would wish no to be treated, please let us know before starting the massage. Nevertheless, our therapist will explain the details of the massage at the beginning.

Is the genital area massaged?
Genital area is massaged with different intensity and tantric techniques, it all depends on the type of service you have selected.

Your massages contain sex?
Never. Our massages are strictly professionals. They do not include sex but they are very erotic still.

Are the masseuses naked?
Amon has a wide supply of massages willing to satisfy our client’s expectations. Depending on the massage, our masseuses will be dressed or half dressed, but never totally naked.

Who are tantric massages for?
Absolutely everyone, men and women, who would like to enjoy of a pleasant and relaxing experience. All of our customers must be older than 18 years old.

What is couples massages about?
We offer several types of massage for couple; two masseuses for each member; one masseuse working with both at the same time; or one masseuse who will guide you and your partner, how to massage each other. For more information please go to our website to Amon Couples section, or simply ask us.

Do I have to book in advance?
Yes, you can contact us on 0034 610 32 77 65 to make your appointment.

At what time shall I arrive to my appointment?
We propose arriving 15 minutes earlier so you will have time to change your clothes and take a shower as part of the ritual.

How much time in advance should I make the appointment?
We suggest one day in advance in weekdays and two days for the weekends.

What should I do if I cannot attend to my appointment?
We will appreciate if you inform us 24 hours before in order to change or to cancel your appointment.

How is payment made?
It is possible to pay in cash or by credit or debit card. You may ask at the reception for more information.