Hotel massage

In Luxor Madrid we want to offer you our best erotic massages in your own Hotel.

If you wish maximum discretion or simply do not have time to move to our center, we will do it for you to any hotel of Madrid capital.

One of our therapists will take her kit of erotic massage from Luxor Madrid to offer you a unique experience during 60 or 90 minutes, with complete comfort and intimacy.

Enjoy the most sensual and erotic massage in your own hotel room.

Our prices include the massage session in the chosen hotel, plus the moving of the therapist to the hotel, as long as the hotel is located in the capital. If your hotel is in the Barajas area – Airport, the cost will have a supplement of 40€

The appointments will always be made with at least one hour in advanced; and for night services from 0:00 it is recommended to book before 22:00 in order to guarantee the availability of your therapist.

In order to make a formal reservation of your hotel massage we will need you to give us your name, hotel, room number and time you wish to reserve the massage. We offer maximum comfort for your reservation, and can do it via SMS, WhatsApp, email or phone call.

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What kind of treatment can you get at your hotel?

Enjoy our variety of massages in a luxurious hotel according to your preferences:

Light Hotel Massage

It is a very sensual and relaxing receiving massage working with all the body in a comprehensive way with hand and forearms. More info: Sensual Massage .

DurationPriceNature version price
60 minutes180€n/d


Intense Hotel Massage

Interactive and mutual massage, a very erotic body to body massage. In this massage the therapist works all your body with her hands, forearms, breast, abdomen, legs and buttocks to achieve a more intense feeling. Discover the best Body to Body massage techniques. More info: Body to Body massage.

Make your massage even more intense with the naturist version of our Body to Body massage. Do not miss the chance to experience this exciting massage with your therapist completely naked. Try the most intense Body to Body massage techniques. You will get passionate!

DurationPriceNature version price
60 minutes240€300€
90 minutes350€420€
120 minutes460€540€


Luxor Hotel Massage

If something characterises Tantric massages is the incredible technique of genital stimulation called Lingam in men, and Yoni massage in women. With it you will reach a more intense, pleasant and lasting orgasm than usual.

In this massage you will experience a double stimulation: at the beginning and end of the massage in order to reach even more intense feelings. Do you dare?More info: Luxor Massage.

And if you wish to experience even more eroticism and sensuality try our naturist version!

DurationPriceNature version price
60 minutes300€350€
90 minutes420€470€
120 minutes540€590€
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Four-Hand Hotel Massage

Exciting and erotic massage by two of our beautiful therapists, doubling feelings. Dare to try our massage technique on four hands: two therapists perfectly synchronized who will give you the most exclusive massage. More info: Four-Hand Massage.  

Do not hesitate and try our naturist version, the most luxurious massage to your reach!

DurationPriceNature version price
60 minutes400€500€
90 minutes550€650€
120 minutes700€800€


Hotel Couple Massage

You and your partner will enjoy a real tantric massage in the privacy of your own hotel room. Your massage includes the best Body to Body techniques to reach the most erogenous Tantra experience possible. If you wish, you can choose one or two therapists. More info: Brahma Massage or Vishnu Massage.

DurationPrice with one therapistPrice with two therapists:
60 minutes350€450€
90 minutes450€600€
120 minutes550€800€

You can also choose our naturist version of this massage with one ore two therapists:

DurationNature version with one therapistNature version with two therapists:
60 minutes450€600€
90 minutes550€800€
120 minutes650€1000€

Luxor Madrid would like to clarify that all our massages include the stimulation of the genial area: Lingam massage and Yoni massage. We perform professional tantric massages and no explicit sex is performed or any other kind of escort service. The naturist version of the massages is exclusively reserved for female therapists, as in any case genital contact of the therapist with client is totally forbidden.

Hotel Massage in Madrid

There is no doubt that a lot of people accumulate stress on daily basis as a result of various activities happening in today’s world. For instance, most people work longer hours than required and this has the potential of causing stress, muscle tension, pain and injury that is capable of draining a person emotionally, mentally and even physically.

The problem with this is that it can have a negative impact on one’s social life and even affect a person’s work output. This is because when a person is stressed out, then the possibility of injuries and health problem arises making it difficult for them to enjoy their life to the fullest.

Hotel outcall massage in Madrid

Enjoy a good massage regularly

The importance of a regular massage to a person cannot be overemphasized. In the first instance, massage can help in reducing the stress level in a person. A simple massage therapy can also improve the overall health of a person making sure that the negative effect of stress can be eliminated or even prevented. If done on a regular basis, massage therapy is also capable of reducing pain, preventing injuries and maintaining health.

Massage is known to relate to the autonomic nervous system and that is why it affects the internal organs by the way of promoting relaxation, boasting mood as well as enhancing mental clarity. In fact, a massage therapy can be used for stimulation or relaxation and may be applied in cases of rehabilitation after an injury, surgery as well as poor health. This is because it can improve the flow of blood, boost a person’s mood by the increase of serotonin and dopamine plus the fact that it increases endorphins that is known for its pain killing abilities.

Massage can help the body relax, decrease high blood pressure to become normal as well as reduce stress and depression in a person. In some instances, massage therapy has been identified as something that can provide symptomatic relief for serious conditions like arthritis, facial pain and headache. It rejuvenates, realigns and restore the natural balance to the body and therefore life is better enjoyed and appreciated at all times.

What are the benefits of Massage Therapy?

One area of benefit from massage therapy that appeals to a whole lot of people especially in places like Madrid is the pleasure and fun angle. Massage therapy is something that is packed with lots of pleasure. There are different types of massages that makes this happen. For instance, there are sensual massages, tantric massages like lingam, yoni and prostate massage which is designed to massage the private and erotic areas to give a physical release. There is also body to body massage where the body is massaged by another body to produce a unique kind of sensation and pleasure to the body.

Other types of massage that fall into the erotic category include bondage massage, massage with erotic toys, whip massage, 4 hand massage and the Relax express massage. All these massages are erotic in nature and provide a different kind of benefits which include unlimited pleasure release and fun. The good thing is that you can experience these massages in Massage centers in Madrid.

It is important to understand that not everyone goes to a massage center for a massage therapy due to some reasons. For instance, one reason could be lack of time. There are a lot of people who are too busy and lack the time to go and find a massage center for their massage needs. This could be as result of work engagements or other circumstances beyond their control. There is also a case of privacy.

There is no doubt that most people wish to have maximum discretion and in this kind of situation, going to a massage center where they may be spotted is always not in their cards. People in this category prefer to have their privacy intact and going to a massage center does not actually appeal to them.

Girls for mobile massage in Madrid

Enjoy the best in room massage in Madrid

The solution to all these is having a hotel massage on demand. A hotel massage is a situation where a therapist comes to give you a massage in any hotel of your choice. In this case, a therapist will take their kit of erotic massage to meet the person in their hotel and give them a unique experience of erotic massage with all the comfort and intimacy it goes with.

Hotel massages are just perfect for people who consider themselves to be busy and would not have the time to go to a massage center either due to distance or lack of time.

In room massage is also perfect for those who would not like to be spotted at a massage center and wants to maintain their full range of privacy. Having a therapist come to massage you right in the comfort of your own hotel room gives and unusual pleasure and excitement and a lot of people are considering this type of massage arrangement.

In places like Madrid, the concept of hotel massage is not new. It is a service a lot of massage centers offer to their clients. No matter where the hotel you are staying is, you will find a massage therapists willing to come for a massage session. Most tourists, visitors and business people in the city of Madrid key into this arrangement to satisfy their erotic massage needs. It is important to note that there is actually no disadvantage of hotel massage. In the first instance, except the environment of the hotel room is not good enough, there is nothing to worry about.

Hotels in Madrid are just perfect to enjoy a good massage

The good thing is that Madrid is a city that boast of high class hotels and these hotels offer a good environment for erotic massages. Once the environment is perfect for a massage session, then every other thing can be handled by the therapist in charge of the massage. The therapist brings to your hotel room all the tools required for the massage and therefore all a person requires is to relax and enjoy the pleasures of an erotic massage from a well-trained massage therapist.

It is important to note that hotel mobile massage carries its own cost when compared to having a massage at a massage center. This means that the cost will also depend on the area where they therapist is expected to go for the massage session. The implication is that far areas of the city could attract a higher cost for the massage session. In fact, what actually determines the final cost of a hotel massage session is the inclusion of the massage fee in your chosen hotel and the cost of the therapist moving to the hotel.

In addition, note that the appointed for a hotel massage in Madrid is booked in advance unlike walking into a massage center and getting a massage right away. Here, appointments have to be booked ahead of time to enable the therapist plan her movement. When booking, the receiver is expected to call the massage center and supply the name of the hotel, the room number as well as the time in which the massage session is expected to take place.

Book a mobile massage in Madrid

Benefits of Mobile/Outcall Massage Services

As mentioned earlier, hotel room massages come with a lot of benefits as people get busier these days and most people try to keep their massage activities as discrete as possible. Some of the main advantages include:


With outcall and mobile massage services, there would be no need for you to travel to far to find a massage center rather the massage center comes to your comfort zone for your sake. If you are very busy at work or at home, a therapist can come right there even if it is not a hotel. Therefore, whatever limitations you have will be eliminated and you can experience the kind of erotic massages you want right in your comfort zone.

Great for People With Physical Limitation

This type of massage arrangement is the best option for those who have some physical limitations. There are people with physical limitations who may not be able to get to a massage center to have their desired massage. For example, the elderly ones or those who have some physical disabilities that limits their range of motion. Just because a person does not have what it takes to make it to a massage center for a massage session does not means they are not entitled to have and enjoy the pleasure of massage. It will be a kind of injustice to shut out some category of people just because of their condition after all some massages is known to help those suffering from illness and pains to find some relief.

Great for Client – Therapist Relationship

Getting massage for the first time is something that most people dread. Just walking into a massage center and asking to get an erotic outcall massage can be a daunting task for the shiest among people. In fact, most people feel a little bit awkward having someone touching their body with their hands. This is aggravated when in a massage center where you are unfamiliar with.

However, having a massage done in a familiar place like your hotel room or your home makes things a bit easier and this will help you feel more relaxed and open even if you are having the massage for the first time. The good thing about this type of arrangement is that it helps you communicate better with the therapist and this means that even in the future, you can have a good and better working relationship with your therapist.

Room massage in Madrid

Mobile Massage Services in Madrid

Madrid the capital of Spain is a beautiful city known for its nice weather and fun seeking population. In fact, there are some people who refer to Madrid as the European capital of enjoyment and fun. This may not be far from the truth because Madrid is a city where tourist normally visit to relax and spend quality time out of their busy schedule.

One of the things that make Madrid a city of fun is its numerous massage centers scattered all around the capital. There are many massage centers in Madrid at offer exotic erotic massage services where people can get and experience top notch pleasure and release from a massage session. Besides, these massage centers in Madrid do offer hotel massage services where a therapist can come to your hotel room or home to give you an erotic massage.

One very popular massage center that offer hotel room massage services in Madrid is Luxor Madrid. Located in an exclusive area in the Spanish capital, Luxor Madrid offers you the best erotic outcall massage service in the comfort of your hotel room. They have well trained therapists who take their kits for erotic massage and offer you unique massage experience with all the comfort and intimacy.

Outcall massages with Luxor Madrid make difference

Luxor Madrid will get to your hotel as long as it is within the capital city so you do not have to worry about comfort and privacy as everything is taken care of. However, it is important to note that like other mobile massage services, the cost could be higher but it is very affordable. Some of the different types of massages that is on offer as part of the Luxor Madrid mobile massage service include light hotel massage which is a very relaxing and sensual massage, intense hotel massage which is a very erotic body to body massage. In this kind of massage, the therapist is completely naked and this gives a very intense feeling.

Other massage options include Luxor hotel massage which is a tantric massage in hotel like lingam and yoni massage for men and women. This massage is designed to provide a pleasant and lasting orgasm for the receiver. Then there is also four-hand hotel massage and hotel couple massage. Note that these different massages all carry their price tag but the good thing is that it can be provided right inside the comfort of your hotel anywhere in Madrid.