Lingam massage

In Tantra, the sexual male organ is called “Lingam”, which is translated as “Rod of Stick”. The purpose of the Lingam massage is to honor the Lingam of the man and help him expand his ability to receive pleasure.

The view of Tantric massage about the penis is different from the Western world, as it is seen in an honorable and respectable way, as a true rod of light that channels pleasure and creative energy.

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How is a Lingam massage?

As in any massage related to Tantra, the idea of Lingam massage goes far beyond mere sexual enjoyment of the moment. The goal is to create a space of comfort and relaxation for the receiver, a space in which the pleasure perceived through his lingam is multiplied endless times.

But we must not think that the main goal of Lingam massage is to reach orgasm, because this can only be a pleasant experience but not the goal itself. The idea is to massage the Lingam, including the testicular zone and especially the sacred spot, which in men is equivalent to the famous female g-spot.

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In our Lingam massage in Madrid, Western men can find a big difference as far as sexual practice is concerned, that is to say, the function of men is active, and with the aim of reaching a goal. However, in Tantra the function of men is passive, relaxed, having contact with his most receptive and intimate side, letting himself be carried away by the massage and not trying to take control of it. In the beginning there are many men who find it difficult, but they need to learn to be receptive and open to the experience, because this way they will totally relax and take full advantage of this experience.

On a couple level, Lingam massage can greatly help strengthen the bond between them, it gives the couple a new way to enjoy, to know each other, and to heal any bad experience related to sex. We remember that the purpose is not to reach orgasm with this massage, the most important thing is the energy produced in the root chakra, which managed properly may lead the couple to a state of consciousness and fullness called “Samadhi” (a state of consciousness of meditation, contemplation through which the meditator feels he or she has reached unity with divinity).

Benefits of Lingam Massage practice

The full benefits of massage and other relaxation techniques and what positive effect they bring to the body has never been in doubt. In fact, it has been recognised and proved beyond any reasonable doubt that it is has a lot of benefits to both men and women. There are a lot of massage therapies that are in existence today and this include tantric massages which surprisingly has seen a surge in popularity in recent times especially in the western world. This type of massage is often mistaken as erotic massage.

However, while this may be true in some sense, this kind of massage is sensual but also has a deeper meaning attached to it rather than just about being for sexual arousal and satisfaction alone. In fact, the major aim of tantric massages is to give a kind of complete relaxation and awakening of senses while the arousal and satisfaction part is just an additional benefit.

The main advantage of this kind of massage is the fact that they are normally combined with some few other exercises which then deliver some powerful and utter great relaxation and enjoyment.

Lingam massage in Madrid

What is Lingam Massage

It is important to note that Lingam massage is a type of tantric massage which focuses on the male genitals. The word Lingam is simply an ancient tantric term that describes the penis. In fact, it is translated as “shaft of life” in Sanskrit. It is simply massage of the male genitals by using the combination of gips and strokes. Lingam massage by design allows a man to experience an unusual or different type of pleasure because the massage by design is not actually to make him ejaculate. In fact, what it does to a man is actually to help him in the expansion of his ability to receive pleasure and feel all the layers of different kind of sensation and enjoyment in the body.

In lingam massage, it is not out of place for a man to feel aroused and not just in the penis area but all over the body because the sensation gets round all over the body.

One challenge a lot of men face when it comes to lingam massage is the inability to let go and just focus on receiving. However, to achieve the desired result the man who is the receiver in a lingam massage must let go of all impediments and focus solely on receiving the pleasure. But this will require a lot of trust because it involves different sensations, emotions and feelings.

A man can only give up his control when he feels very safe and have total trust in the person giving the lingam massage. For this reason, lingam massage is done by professionals and not just by anyone. People who are trained to perform or give a lingam massage on a man know exactly how to make them comfortable, relaxed and how they can earn their trust. You can find this kind of therapist in a well-equipped massage centers and not just in any massage parlour.

Preparing for a Lingam Massage

Getting a successful lingam massage will start from the preparation and this is why it is important to get the preparation right. Not getting the preparation right can ruin the whole experience and make it unattractive. However, the first step will be to create a very relaxing environment. In addition, it is also important to create a safe and soothing space. This is very important because it has the potential of making or breaking the whole experience.

The importance of creating a soothing space is that it allows the men relax totally, let go of the total control he may have and allow himself to be open to receiving intense deep pleasure. To create the required space, the following are the key elements:

Setting Intention

It is important to have both the giver and receiver in a very relaxed mood and have their intention aligned totally. It is also very essential for both the receiver and the giver to fully understand that this kind of massage is not really about getting to the finish line. However, what it will do is to actually give the man the opportunity in learning how they can open up their inner channel in such a way that allows their emotions and feelings connected at deeper level which then allows external and internal expressions.

Space and Temperature

The essence of creating the right kind of space is normally to allow the receiver and the giver the opportunity to enter a space where all the worries are left behind. In this situation, it is not out of place to use some kind of soft music and lightening to add to the ambience and space. The right temperature is also important because it also create a relaxing ambience. A person that is too cold or hot will not relax and this could ruin the experience.

Mindset and Safety

The importance of having the right mindset and safety cannot be overemphasised. This is because for a lot of men, it may actually be the first time they are going to be touched in such a manner and this could look awkward to them. In fact, a lot of men get confused on how to act or even react during a lingam massage. In addition, some men may have a strong erection which comes and goes. This is so because the technique for lingam massage may appear confusing especially to the mind and body since it is normally done in a slow approach.

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What is required is that the giver be patient and understanding enough to allow him the time to adjust, comprehend and learn to let go. It is important to understand that when the space is created and everything has fallen in place, the lingam massage can be slowly initiated. In some cases, it may not be a wise decision to jump into the lingam massage immediately rather it may be best to start with a full body massage in order to open and get the tense muscles released plus getting the energy flowing.

There are other Important steps of making a lingam massage such a memorable one of the receiver and the include.

Using the Right Massage Oil

It is important to note that massage oils are part and parcel of lingam massage and getting it right is part of the preparation to a successful massage experience. There are many oils available but not all can be used as massage oil. It is important to get the right massage oil. For instance, you can use warm oil as it feels delicious on the skin. It is advised that oil to be used in a lingam massage should be plain as the plainer the oil the better the massage experience.

When it comes to the right massage oil, coconut oil is the most recommend. You can warm the oil a bit before using for the massage. To warm the oil, simply place it in a bowl of hot water. However, it is important to ensure that the oil is not hot as using hot oil could burn his skin and make the whole process irritating.

Presence and Guidance

There are people who think that the man is the only one who gets aroused in lingam massage but this is not entirely true. It is important to note that some women have been found to get aroused while giving a lingam massage. However, it is important for the woman to understand the process and just focus on the purpose of the massage which is not actually to bring him to ejaculate. In lingam practice, the woman is made to take the active role because she is the one giving the massage while the man is made to take the passive role because he is the one receiving it.

There may be some times when a man would want to take the active role but it is important that they understand that they are receiving and not giving and the woman should always emphasise this point all through the massage session.

Use Enough Oil

It is not just enough to use the right oil, it is also important to use the right oil in the right proportion. For the purpose of lingam massage, it is important to use a lot of oil and this is because your hands need to glide comfortable on the body. Using enough oil will ensure that the hand glides smoothly without having to cause friction during the process because friction makes the whole process painful.

Make Him and Yourself Fell comfortable

It is important for the man to lie on his back on top of a good and comfortable cushion. These cushions can placed under his head, bums, neck and back or any other place he indicates that make him very comfortable. Then the giver is expected to sit in between his legs or any other position that is comfortable to her.


The giver can start placing on of her hands on the chest area of the man and one hand on the penis. It is important to do this slowly while breathing and looking the eyes of each other. At this point, the giver is expected to allow the warmth of their body to flow through the receiver in such a way that the physical barrier holding apart disappears.

Start Slowly

Start with the little touches in the beginning and gradually apply little pressure. Touch around his penis without actually garbing it. There may be no fixed way in which do this because there are lot of variations a woman can adopt in all these. However, what is more important is for the giver to get creative enough to let the intuition and response form the receiver be the guide.

Do not forget that a man must not only have an erection to receiver the pleasure but each stroke from the giver is expected to produce a very different feeling and sensation. You can start with the groin, squeeze and stroke among other techniques. However, whatever the case, it is important to try each stroke differently and always ask the man what he prefers during the process.

Lingam tantra massage in Madrid

Lingam Massage and Premature Ejaculation

There are a lot of men who suffer from premature ejaculation and this has brought some negative impact to their self-esteem, relationship and general wellbeing. Premature ejaculation affects men of all ages and there are a lot of causes to it. Sometime it may be just a lack of control that triggers it. However, it is important to note that lingam massage is one of the ways in which this sexual disorder can be addressed. It is highly effective as it teaches men the necessary techniques that help them in prolonging their ejaculation, controlling it and better at sex.

Lingam massage help men to learn how to master their ejaculatory response in such a way that help them stop premature ejaculation. During a lingam massage, you could learn how the perennial muscles can be strengthened like the PC muscles in particular.

Where Lingam Massage Can be Done

It is important to note that not every spa or massage parlour has the requirement to offer lingam massage because lingam massage is a different kind of massage entirely and must be treated differently from other types of massage.

In places like Madrid, you can get lingam massage in a top notch massage centers like Luxor Madrid. Note that lingam massage is not necessarily to reach orgasm even though it can be part of the experience. However, this is not the major goal and for this reason, there is no explicit sex during lingam massage.

Lingam massage done in the right place like Luxor Madrid is capable of strengthening the bond between couples in such a way that helps them enjoy their sex lives better. Lingam massage can be what you need to experience pleasure like never before, you can just try it.