Chakras: Our Six Centers of Vital Energy

In most writings about Tantrachakras are often mentioned. But, what are chakras?

To explain it in a simple way, chakras are six energy centers located at certain parts of the body, and each one regulates a specific area of human life.

Chakras are not physical, they are aspects of our consciousness, such as auras although more dense, not as much as the physical body.

They interact with the physical body through two main routes: the Endocryn System and the Nervous System.

All your senses, all you perceptions, all the emotions and possible states of consciousness, anything you can experience can be divided in six categories. Each category can be associated to a specific chakra.

Therefore, chakras are not only represent parts of the physical body, but also particular parts of consciousness.

Activating this Vital Energy Centers through Tantric Massage Techniques can help you to know more about your sexuality and your body.

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the seven chakras

The six Vital Energy Centers

  • The Chakra base, Muldadhara, is located at the base of the spine, regulates our instincts and genetic code.
  • The pelvic Chakra, Swadhishthana, located on the genitals, controls our sexual life.
  • The navel Chakra, Manipuraka, is in the belly button and regulates our personal power.
  • The heart Chakra, Anahata, regulates love.
  • The throat Chakra, Vishuddha, regulates our communication.
  • The front Chakra, Ajna, appears between the eyebrows. It regulates our intellect and thinking process.

Learning about chakra allows us to comprehend the relationship between our consciousness and our body.

This way, it allows us to see our body as a map of our consciousness. It gives us a better understanding of ourselves and everything around us.

eye of the chakra

Unblock your Chakras with Tantra Massage

Fear, the lack of information and knowledge of our own true natural sexuality is what stops us from playing the game of sex and all it has to offer us.

Our emotional blockages, play a negative role, leaving us with superficial and limited sex, obviating the more profound and satisfactory sex, allowing us to have a wider scope.

Tantric massage’s goal is to give back to us our true nature and power as a being, the path to the end is the same as reaching the end. It is luring the spiritual light that we are and living this energy through the body, what we call spirituality through union of sexual conscience.

All of this can be achieved through the dissolution and liberation of energetic blockages that we find throughout the body caused by a variety of circumstances, such as education, religion, etc.

These blockages can also be caused by the lack of confidence in oneself, shyness, physical pain, emotional dependence, anxiety, stress…

With Tantra massage we try to transform energy that is unconsciously blocked into conscience, helping energy to flow and eliminate those blockages that prevent us to live or lives fully, being that a well applied Tantra massage is a therapy for your inner self and sexuality, an intimate encounter with yourself, where you will experiment and discover your own sexuality like never before.