Erotic Foot Massage

¿Would you like to receive a very Erotic Foot Massage?

An erotic foot massage can be a very gratifying and pleasurable experience due to the great amount of nerve endings that can be found in this part of the body.

Feet have 4 spots related to sexual stimulation and sexual organs. Erotic foot massages do not only make you feel more relaxed but at the same time are a big turn you on.

You can use your hands to give the massage but you can also use your imagination and use other parts of the body to stimulate these nerve endings….. The results are very exciting.

To do so, we should pick the right place, comfortable, cozy, free of distractions and noise.

This massage can be done with or without oil, although oil may help the movements to slide, making the massage more adequate for what we are tiring to achieve.

The massage should be done slowly, traveling across the foot from the sole to in between the toes, and little by little increase the intensity and speed of the massage.

foot massage

The best kind of massage for these ares should be done as follows

We shall use our knuckles in a circular motion to massage the heal of the foot, this area has thick skin and therefore more pressure is needed. To the inner part of the ankles we will apply less pressure in a soft rotating motion. We can use our thumb or various fingers to do so.

Erotic massages, when used as part of the sexual foreplay, are a great way to relax and reconnect physically and spiritually with your partner. They also bring new and exciting adventures to our bedroom.