Erotic Foot Massage

¿Would you like to receive a very Erotic Foot Massage?

An erotic foot massage can be a very gratifying and pleasurable experience due to the great amount of nerve endings that can be found in this part of the body.

Feet have 4 spots related to sexual stimulation and sexual organs. Erotic foot massages do not only make you feel more relaxed but at the same time are a big turn you on.

You can use your hands to give the massage. Or you can also use your imagination and use other parts of the body to stimulate these nerve endings….. The results are very exciting.

To do so, we should pick the right place, comfortable, cozy, free of distractions and noise.

This massage can be done with or without oil. Although oil may help the movements to slide, making the massage more adequate for what we are tiring to achieve.

The massage should be done slowly, traveling across the foot from the sole to in between the toes, and little by little increase the intensity and speed of the massage.

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The best kind of massage for these ares should be done as follows

We shall use our knuckles in a circular motion to massage the heal of the foot. This area has thick skin and therefore more pressure is needed. To the inner part of the ankles we will apply less pressure in a soft rotating motion. We can use our thumb or various fingers to do so.

Erotic massages, when used as part of the sexual foreplay, are a great way to relax and reconnect physically and spiritually with your partner. They also bring new and exciting adventures to our bedroom.

Understanding what erotic foot massage is

Before we talk about how erotic foot massage is performed, tips, health benefits, etc., let us begin by talking about the basics. If you are someone who is new to the whole concept of ” erotic foot massage,” then you are not alone. As popular as this erotic massage may be, there are still people who are under the shadows trying to understand what this whole thing is. In simple words, an erotic foot massage is a massage given to your feet in a manner that awakens your sexual drive.

The whole purpose of this erotic foot massage is to give you pleasure by activating the sexual centre of the body. To create a pleasurable experience, a massager would typically focus on the overall ambiance and create a sensual atmosphere where you can feel utterly relaxed and at peace. One point worth mentioning that many people do not know is that the feet have many erogenous areas that are linked to increasing a person’s sexual desire.

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Focusing on ambience

Now that you have a general understanding of what an erotic foot massage is, let us take a look at what type of ambiance is needed for this massage. If you think that normal lighting in a plain room is all there is when it comes to getting an erotic foot massage, then you are wrong.

Since this massage involves only massaging one part of your body, that is, feet, the environment needs to be carefully chosen so that it matches the overall vibe. It is worth mentioning that you can give a sensual erotic foot massage almost anywhere! But one thing you have to focus on is the lighting. You do not want to create a space where there is sharp lighting that hits the eye, as this can affect the quality of the sensual experience.

The room where the massage is going to take place needs to be soothing. How can this be achieved, you may ask? Well, the answer is quite simple. You can dim the lights so that the room feels welcoming and cozy. If you want, you could also ask the massager to add candles, preferably scented candles, as the scent could bring tranquillity and get you ready in the mood.

A typical massager who is an expert in erotic foot massage will make sure that the room is clean and has no useless items lying around. The massager will also have a clean towel and a white cotton sheet on which you will lay down. The reason why soft sheets are used is because they can be easily removed and feel good on the skin and can also be used to remove any excess oils or lotion that is used on the body.

Use of aromatherapy

As we have mentioned above, the use of scented candles is a great way to make any room where an erotic foot massage is being performed feel comfortable and inviting. A lot of people out there do not know this, but massagers, particularly erotic foot massagers, avoid spraying fresheners as the chemicals could affect the ambiance of the room. Instead, they use high-quality candles and essential oils that aim to bring calmness to the mind and body.

If you are someone who does not like scented candles, then worry not, as there is another solution. You could always opt for an oil diffuser, as it works the same way as scented candles. The goal here is to ensure that the room feels comfortable, clean and inviting. If you do not know which scented candle or oil diffuser to go for, then we would suggest trying out cinnamon, vanilla, lavender, jasmine, orange, or rose scents, as these can help with the overall erotic foot massage experience.

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Use of music

Many individuals out there who regularly get erotic foot massage done absolutely love to put on calming music as it tricks their brain and make them feel at peace. A good music playlist can also calm your body and make you focus on what you are doing. For this reason, it is important that you play the right music, whatever it may be for you. We would suggest that you avoid music that has high pitch/ frequency and music that contains bass.

Instead, you could do jazz, piano, or even nature sounds. Close your eyes and feel the experience of an erotic foot massage every given second. If you are someone who is new to all of this and thinks that music is not an option for you, then you can skip this part; however, do make sure that the setting of your massage place is away from worldly noises such as the television, outside noises, family/neighbourhood chatter. 

Tips on how to start an erotic foot massage

Now that we have discussed in detail the type of soothing environment you need and how you could achieve this, it is time for us to talk all about the tips on how to start the massage. It does not matter if you are new to this or have been doing erotic foot massage for years, as the tips we are going to talk about are for everyone. So sit back, relax, and continue reading.

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1. Warming your hands

There is no denying the fact that nothing is worse than having a chilly hand touch your exposed flesh. The reason why many people despise cold hands is because it sends shock-like waves throughout their body, making them feel uncomfortable. The goosebumps you may feel is also a result of this.

When you are getting a sensual erotic foot massage, you want your body to feel relaxed, and so is your mind. By having a cold touch, your body goes into fight or flight mode, thus alerting your brain and making you lose focus. That is why massagers who are experts at erotic foot massage start by rubbing both of their hands together briefly before beginning the massage to warm them up.

If you are performing the erotic foot massage with your partner, then you may also blow on the palms or give them a minute or two of warm towel treatment. Instead of jarring your spouse out of the peaceful environment you’ve established with the scented candles, music, and the perfect lighting, they’ll enjoy it, and it may assist them unwind in a calm and beneficial manner.

2. Use of body oil

It is absolutely necessary to use body oil or any lotion that you have lying around in your home, as this could reduce friction when you are performing a sensual massage on your partner’s feet. If you are getting a professional erotic foot massage, then this will be provided. By reducing the friction, the pressure put on your foot with your hands can increase sensation and make you feel extremely aroused.

If you are doing this on your partner, you may want to start by using a motion that is circular to massage the toes and top of the foot, just above the bone. Starting at the heels and moving towards the toes, gently press the soles of the feet with your thumbs, or you could use your palms.

With a kneading motion, massage the foot arch with your fingertips. Each toe should be gently squeezed and massaged in a circular manner. You could also stretch each toe a little as it activates the sensual centre of the body. Pay attention to the verbal and nonverbal clues that your partner is giving you. You do not want to start massaging by ignoring the reactions your partner may be giving. Try to modify the pressure and technique as necessary.

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3. Erogenous zones in the feet

After your partner is comfortable with the massage technique you are performing, and likewise if you are getting one done professionally by a massager and you reach a stage where you feel comfortable, now is the time to start activating the erogenous zones in your feet. Remember to lay on your back. Once this is done, your massager can start rubbing the centre of your foot with his/her thumb before slowly making their way towards the ankle bone. When they reach the ankle bone, they will use the thumb and pointy finger to slowly massage the ankle bone with a slight pressure.

After this is done, the massager would typically start making small circles with the thumb as they move up the ankles. This is an important part of the erotic foot massage as this is where you start to feel aroused. The pressure applied will start to increase. This will make you let out a slight moan, at which point the massager will take your foot with both hands and move towards the Achilles tendons. The massager will apply very little pressure here as the tendons and tissues at this part of your feet are sensitive. Continue doing this until your partner feels utterly relaxed, and once you are done, repeat on the other foot.

Health benefits

Many people out there do not know that one of the major benefits of having an erotic foot massage is that it helps you perform sex better with your partner. During your massage, you are activating parts of your foot that are responsible for sensual drive in your body. Thus, it helps your body release hormones and make you more active during sexual inter courses.

Not just that, but an erotic foot massage can also improve muscles in your lower leg. Thus reduce chances of injuries such as strains in your leg or ankle pain. Furthermore, a proper erotic foot massage is also linked with helping a person with stress and anxiety-related issues. When you get an erotic massage done, you feel at peace, both mentally and physically. It helps to take your mind off of things in your life and relax.

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The takeaway

So there you go! This is where we say goodbye to you. We hope you found this article helpful. We also hope that you take this information and try your first session of erotic foot massage if you have never done it before.