Erotic Massage Technique

Finger and hand techniques for erotic massage

Here we present you some Erotic Massage Technique to practice with your couple.

Actually every massage can become erotic as long as the therapist and the receiver wish so, this will depend on the appropriate and stimulating touching and friction.

The success of a good erotic massage depends mainly on the ability of hands and fingers to rhytmically press another person’s body, combining appropriate techniques to enhance excitement of the hot spots spread throughout the body. It is important that hands gently slide over the body always pressing nice and stable.

There are many techniques to apply erotic massage, we recommend the following.

erotic massage

Erotic Massage Technique

  • Kneading: Suitable for the more muscular areas, like hips and thighs. It can be applied slower and deeper or fast and superficial. It involves lifting, pressing and rolling the skin between the thumb and the fingers of one hand sliding it to the other hand.
  • Wave massage: this technique is very pleasant when applied on shoulders, palms, feet, hands and chest, because it is based on curving the fingers like a semi-open fist, keeping half of the fingers pressing the skin and making small circular movements.
  • Suction effect: It consists in giving soft gentle taps over the body alternating hands, with thumbs inside and fingers together. These movements need to be fast and light, this way stimulation is achieved and refreshes the skin.
  • Taps: Suggested for fleshy and muscular areas, it is performed with closed fists giving soft yet energetic taps on the skin, alternating the front and the back of the fist. It is important to leave this massage for the last part because it is often the most exciting of all.

With time and practice you will be an expert on Erotic Massage Technique and your partners will go crazy with you.