Happy Ending Massage

What is a Happy Ending Massage?

There is nothing better than physical contact and caresses to enhance the passion and intimacy with your partner.

Therefore making erotic massages one of the most gratifying and exciting moments that we can share with our partner, considering both know that the final result will be hot, passionate sex.

To be able to preform a good erotic massage it would be convenient to know the types of techniques used and apply them in a way that enhances sexual excitation gradually as the massage advances.

To preform an erotic massage with happy ending good hands are not the only thing needed, the correct ambience and the right accessories should be taken into consideration. At Luxor Madrid we recommend that you chose the correct lighting, soft and  tenuous, candles are great to create the perfect atmosphere.

 Happy Ending Massage

Make sure the room has a comfortable temperature, it is also important you use a good body oil that allows you to glide over your partners body. And last but not least to make this magical moment even better chose the proper music to create that sensual and erotic atmosphere that you are looking for.

At Luxor Madrid we do not only offer our clients a variety of erotic massages with happy ending, differentiated by their intensity, techniques, sensuality, etc..

But we also offer seminars for all of those couples that would like to participate and learn the proper techniques to preform a excellent erotic massage, enhancing and intensifying our partners climax.

Our Tantric and Erotic Massages are not just simple Happy Ending Massage, it’s actually a professional Lingam Massage worked out through the Male Genital Reflexology to provide a higher, dipper and longer orgasm than usual.

Would you like to have the greatest happy ending massage in Madrid? Book in advance!