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There is nothing better than physical contact and caresses to enhance the passion and intimacy with your partner.

Therefore making erotic massages one of the most gratifying and exciting moments that we can share with our partner, considering both know that the final result will be hot, passionate sex.

To be able to preform a good erotic massage it would be convenient to know the types of techniques used and apply them in a way that enhances sexual excitation gradually as the massage advances.

To perform an erotic massage with happy ending good hands are not the only thing needed. The correct ambience and the right accessories should be taken into consideration. At Luxor Madrid we recommend that you chose the correct lighting, soft and  tenuous, candles are great to create the perfect atmosphere.

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Make sure the room has a comfortable temperature. It is also important you use a good body oil that allows you to glide over your partners body. And last but not least to make this magical moment even better chose the proper music to create that sensual and erotic atmosphere that you are looking for.

At Luxor Madrid we do not only offer our clients a variety of erotic massages with happy ending, differentiated by their intensity, techniques, sensuality, etc..

But we also offer seminars for all of those couples that would like to participate and learn the proper techniques to preform a excellent erotic massage, enhancing and intensifying our partners climax.

Our Tantric and Erotic Massages are not just simple Happy Ending Massage, it’s actually a professional Lingam Massage worked out through the Male Genital Reflexology to provide a higher, dipper and longer orgasm than usual.

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Understanding what happy ending massage is

Before we dive into talking all about the benefits and types of happy ending massage, let us first take a look at what happy ending massage is. In simple words, a happy ending massage is a type of massage that starts with a full-on body massage but ends with a genital stimulation.

This type of massage is widely known around the world and has many advantages, both to the mind and body. Not only are you getting a proper massage to relax your body muscles, but you can also end up feeling satisfied due to the sexual liberation. Many individuals out there do not know that the happy ending massage has been around for centuries.

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How it all started?

This overall system started a long time ago when sex acts were not as common. The term massage with happy ending started to grow when more and more people tried it. Perhaps one of the main reasons why many people love this type of massage is because of the benefits it offers.

Although we will talk about the benefits in detail, we will give you a brief overview. The main reason why individuals all around the world love to try massage happy ending is because this happy ending massage results in stress reduction. If you are an individual who always find themselves in a stressful environment all the time, then this massage with a happy ending is just the thing for you.

When you are getting the happy ending massage, you are essentially releasing endorphins in your body, which make you relax and feel overall pleasant. When different hormones get released in your body, you start to feel aroused and extremely relaxed. Although trying the happy ending massage for the first time may seem like a tricky thing to do, if you commit to it, you will easily gain pleasure from it.

Erotic massage has a low risk for STIs

Benefits of massage with a happy ending

Now that you have an idea of how the massage with a happy ending started, let us take a look at the benefits of it all. Remember that the benefits we are going to be talking about are just some of the most common ones. In reality, there are countless benefits.

1. Better posture

There are many individuals out there who suffer from bad posture due to overwork, stress, and anxiety issues. If you are someone who can relate to this, then you could benefit from the happy end massage because it will help you have a better posture.

With the help of happy-ending massage, you can relax and loosen your muscles altogether. When you are getting the happy ending massage, you will notice how your strained muscles loosen up and your overall body enters a state of tranquility and recovery.

2. Enhanced sleep schedule

Another benefit of trying happy end massage is that it will help you have enhanced sleep. Just like bad posture. Many individuals complain about having a bad sleeping routine, which could affect their ability to work, have a good mood, and overall lead a productive lifestyle. If you think you are an individual who is not getting a proper night rest, then we would suggest you try a happy ending massage.

3. Pain relief

Another immense benefit of trying the happy ending massage is that it can also help you get rid of pain, wherever it may be in your body. If you are an individual who suffers from chronic pain from any salt, then trying the happy-ending massage is just the thing for you.

If you are confused about the happy ending massage, we would love to let you know that this massage is linked with tantric yoga and meditation, a practice that helps to bring the mind, soul, and body to a state of relaxation and tranquility. Through a happy-ending massage, you could end up reducing stress and alleviate muscle tension and soreness, leading you to have stronger mobility and flexibility.

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Getting started with the massage

Now you know some of the benefits of the happy end massage. Let us take a look at how you could get started with the massage. A massage therapist and client must be properly prepared for a happy ending session, just as for other sorts of massages out there that you know of or have tried before. The customer will follow the massage therapist into a room where you must change off of your clothing before the treatment can begin. It must be noted that you would typically be draped in a towel as you lay on a bed. Normally, the space would have been ready for the event. The right background, lighting, and fragrances would have been appropriate. If you are trying it for the first time and have no idea what to expect, you could ask the massage therapist for insight.

What is erotic massage therapy?

Massage with oil and tantric practices

After you are comfortable with the environment and the position, you could begin by telling the massage therapist to begin the happy ending massage. It must be kept in mind that you should always try to be calm and quiet as you are entering a state of relaxation, mentally and physically. After applying some sensual massage oil to your body, the masseuse or masseur will begin working on your body slowly.

Again, you can ask the massage therapist to move however you like. If you feel as though the therapist is moving too quickly or is putting too much pressure on your body, you could raise your hand or voice out the concern, letting them know. The back is frequently where the massage begins before moving on to other body areas. The massage therapist massages your neck, chest, thighs, face, and many other areas slowly and sensually so that your body starts to release hormones and make you feel relaxed.

After some time, with your permission, they will eventually move on to the erogenous zones. For males, the massage of genital stimulation is known as lingam massage, and for females, it is known as yoni massage. As you groan in ecstasy from the massage, it will get more intense.

It must be kept in mind that the leisurely, sensuous massage may run for up to 30 minutes, depending on your contract. If you think you are someone who takes a considerable amount of time to orgasm, you could ask for more time. Don’t be afraid to voice any irritation when getting a massage. The massage with a happy ending is solely and entirely for you and your comfort.

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Happy ending massage

Now that you have reached a stage in your massage where you feel sexually aroused, the next thing to do would be to start the happy end massage, which is where the massage therapist starts to stimulate your genital area for sexual pleasure. The whole procedure is completely safe, and they respect your decisions all the time. 

The massage therapist will provide you with the satisfying conclusion you want at the apex of the experience, according to your liking and request. If you are a female and trying the happy ending massage, then this may take the form of fingering or clitoral stimulation.

The overall purpose of the happy end massage is to make you leave the room feeling relaxed, content, and at ease. Many individuals have reviewed the happy end massage and said that they felt relaxed and extremely content with the experience as they were able to let out their frustration in a manner that they were in control of.

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What to expect with a happy end massage

If you are someone who has never tried a massage with a happy ending and does not know what to expect, well, we are here to tell you to worry not, as the whole experience, from start to finish, will make you feel happy, comfortable, and extremely relaxing. Here at Luxor Madrid, our main priority are our clients.

Before engaging in any activity, we always make sure that the client is fully aware and has a deep understanding of the overall procedure.

The massage is a form of tantric practice that aims to soothe the mind and bring relaxation and tranquility to the body and soul. It can be said to a great extent that the happy end massage is a type of tantric massage that aims to massage your whole body, including your genitalia, so that you can feel relaxed.

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The takeaway

So there you go! We hope that you found the information regarding happy ending massage super helpful and hope that you give it a try. We welcome you here at Luxor Madrid with an experience that you will always cherish wherever you go.