How to perform an Erotic Massage

Erotic massage is one of the most popular massage today especially in liberal western societies because it brings about a whole lot of pleasure that can best be imagined. There are some section of people who think erotic massage is a front for sex but this is not the true picture. The problem associated with erotic massage is that some massage parlors have misused the word and are using it for sex services.

However, the goal of erotic massage is not necessarily to have sex but to give pleasure to the receiver in such a way that they end up having a sweet sexual release.

Erotic massage is simply the use of some massage techniques by a giver to the receiver’s erogenous zones in order to achieve their sexual excitation and to achieve orgasm. It is important to note that massages have been used as a tool for medical relief in the early times but the erotic dimension to it is something different and serve another purpose other than the medical aspect.

Erotic massage can be adopted for both men and women. For instance, in the case of women, the pubis and the breast are the main focal areas in erotic massage while when it comes to men, the major area of focus is the genitals. While the main aim of erotic massage is not to have sex but it is important to state that erotic massage can lead to sex especially for couples. For instance, some couples use it as part of their sex life, some use as their foreplay while to some it is the final sex act or a part of sex therapy.

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Is Erotic massage Different from Normal Massage?

There are many types of massage no doubt but they are all different in their techniques, approach and what they hope to achieve. For instance, the origin of massage started as the traditional type which focused on healing and the general well-being of a person. It is no erotic. However, in recent times, this traditional form of massage have been adapted into different types of massage that focuses more on pleasure and fun rather than healing as it was initially. In fact, it is important to mention that traditional massages have been adapted to modern times to produce erotic massages.

There are a lot of massages available and this could be confusing especially for people who are new into massage. However, massages can be generally categorized into traditional, exotic and erotic. The importance of knowing these classifications is that it helps a person decide on what they want especially for those going to get a massage in a massage center. For example, not everyone will be open to an erotic massage if they know what is involved and this is why they must be aware of the techniques and what it hopes to achieve before embarking on it. In summary, the difference among these massage can be seen below.

Benefits of Erotic Massage

Every massage comes with its benefits and erotic massage is not different. Erotic massage offers a lot of benefits and it cuts across both health and sexual benefits. Whatever the case, the following are just some of them:

  • One thing that Erotic massage does is to allow people to explore pleasure in a creative and new ways. This means that there are no restrictions or limitations to the kind of pleasure you can get from erotic massage.
  • Erotic massage has the potential to create a kind of conscious connection between people. This connection is very real and go a long way to increase the pleasure of the people.
  • It has the potential of melting away those illusions of separation that one may have and instead promote oneness
  • Erotic massage is known to use sound, breath and movement to usher in full body orgasm.
  • Erotic massage helps Intimacy and this is enhanced by eye contacts as well as touch during the process
  • It is also important to note that erotic massage has a way of awakening the senses which then activates the healing of the whole body.

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Difference between Erotic, Exotic and Traditional Massage

The first of the massages as stated earlier is the traditional massage and this is what most people consider to be the normal massage. For traditional massage, the hands, finger and even feet can be used. It is regarded as one of the easiest type of massage and basically used for healing the body of pains. Over time, there have been changes to the traditional massage like incorporating what is known as the hot stone massage where hot stones are used during the massage before the normal massage.

Over time, traditional massage has been adapted to cater for more things. Erotic massage a different type of massage and it is the most sexual of all the massages. As highlighted earlier, erotic massaging involves focusing on the erogenous zones of the receiver in order to arouse them. One thing to note about the difference especially between erotic and the normal massage is the area of focus. For instance, erotic massage works on different area of the body thereby triggering sexual excitation.

Another different category of massage is the exotic massage and this is one of the least known massage among a lot of people. It is important not to confuse Exotic massage with erotic massage because although they sound alike they are very different in every aspect because it has its own focus, practices and techniques. The difference here is that erotic works on erogenous zones, but the exotic massage works on locations which are considered to be exotic. For instance, it talks about countries like china, Japan and other Asian countries that have massage practices that are based on the ancient oriental philosophy. Even though a lot of people confuse the terms, they are different and this clarifications can go a long way to make people realize the difference.

Performing Erotic Massage: A Step by Step Guide

Erotic massage is one of the best things you can give to your partner. It can spark life into your relationship as well as sex life. In fact, erotic massage is one way to build trust and intimacy between partners. If erotic massage cannot be done by your partner due to any circumstances, then massage centers can help out. Whether at a massage center or at home, the steps involved in making erotic massage worthwhile are the same as can be seen below.

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Step 1: Clean and Groom Yourself

It is important to note that erotic massage is not just like the traditional type of massage and here little things matter. Before starting an erotic massage, it is important to clean and groom yourself and this would involve clipping and cleaning your fingernails and hands, bath and look fresh. If it involves couples, it will not be a bad idea to bath together and get yourselves into the erotic mood.

Step 2: Make Ambience Comfortable and Inviting

It is important to set the mood appropriately and this can be done by making the room as comfortable as possible. Ensure that room is comfortable enough to allow the receiver to happily undress if required. Ensure that the sheets are clean, light some candles and make the room special for the purpose.

Sometimes, it is better to dim the light in the room so that the receiver gives their full concentration. To make things better, you can always add some music on the background. When playing music, ensure that it is the right music. You can ask the receiver what kind of music they like and put it on.

Step 3: Use The Right Massage Oil

Almost all kinds of massage use massage oil to be effective. Apart from allowing the hands to slide and glide effectively on the body, massage oils also help provide some kinds of nutrition to the skin and allows the skin to relax. There are many types of massage oil in the market but it is advisable to get one that is made for massage.

Step 4: Talk to the Receiver

One of the most important parts of erotic massage is in communication. The massage will not be erotic as it should be if you do not talk to the receiver and build trust and intimacy with them. Even during the massage proper, it is important to talk and listen. Ask questions to always know how they are feeling at any point in time or when you observe they are not comfortable.

Step 5: The Energy Exchange

This is one of the most important parts of the massage. Move your hands gently over the receiver’s body while closing your eyes. At this stage, you are expected to have a deep breath and also feel the receiver breathing through your hands. With your eyes closes, apply a little pressure and visualize the energy flowing through your hands into the receiver’s body. As you keep experiencing this energy flow, there is a big chance that your bodies will create that connection that will produce the sensual feeling that is required in this situation.

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Step 6: The Massage

At this point, it is expected that you start by moving your hands over the partner’s body. First start from the neck and shoulders and gradually move towards the outwards and downward part of the body. During this process, it is expected that you apply different types of pressure applied to the body of the receiver. If the receiver moans painfully, it is an indication that you may have to reduce the pressure but a happy moan will mean the right pressure is applied. From time to time, you may need to ask the receiver whether to increase or reduce the pressure. In fact, you must have to be sensitive.

Step 7: Start with the Feel Good Zones

The feel good zones are the toes, shoulders and the neck. It is the best areas to start as it helps the receiver relax immediately and open up themselves for what is to come. It is not out of place to find that some people have some inhibitions during massage. However, starting from these areas will help take away these inhibitions and help them enjoy your hands and body.

Step 8: Move to the Sensual Zones

An erotic massage is not complete without having to massage the sensual zones. In fact, this is what makes it erotic in the first place. The sensual zones include the lower back, inner thigh and pelvis. It is important to spend a lot of time massaging these zones. The feeling the receiver gets from these sensual zones if massage appropriately is very intense and sweet. To bring in additional passion, you may nibble or kiss the receiver around the sensual zones intermittently.

Step 9: Getting Sensual and Sexual

Keep massaging your partner while switching between the sensual and feel good zones occasionally. In erotic massage, the receiver is likely to get turned on at some point as you focus more on the sensual zones. The receiver will continue to enjoy themselves to a point where they can even get a sensual orgasm and this is not a problem. However, it is important to note that sex is not part of it unless when done between couples in the comfort of their rooms. If done in a massage center, erotic massage should not lead to sex

Step 10: The last Part

After massaging for a long while, it will now be time to cool it down but this should be done gradually. Slowly reduce the pressure till you stop completely. You can end the massage with a soft kiss around the receiver’s body.

Best Place to Get an Erotic Massage

While couples can perform erotic massage, massage centers provide the best place where anyone can get it. For instance, in places like Madrid, there are top notch massage centers like Luxor Madrid where there are well trained professionals and facilities designed to give a person the best massage experience. In places like Luxor Madrid, other massage options like lingam, yoni and prostate massage are available. Erotic massage is interesting and getting it done in the right place makes the experience unimaginable.