Keys for a Good Massage

In order to know if we are in the hands of a good Massage therapist who is well prepared and has the knowledge and ability to perform it…  We shall give you a series of guidelines when receiving a massage.  So we know whether we are in the hands of a professional.

Things that are important for a perfect massage

The Art of Massage is something very serious to develop the process well knowing what we are doing.  And in order to be a good therapist it is necessary, in the first place, to know the techniques of massage.

It is also essential to have knowledge of anatomy because the therapists must “see” the muscles he has under their hands.  And know the fibers, the origin and insertion of the muscles.

Key for Good Massage MadridIt is also important that the therapist has an excellent physical shape.  This will allow adopting different positions at the time of giving the massage… Which sometimes can only be done with the necessary flexibility.

And of course the therapist must have a high level of hand ability and sensibility.  He or she must have a sense of rhythm.  For this, a lot of practice is necessary to give a Good Quality Massage.

Hygiene is also essential for a massage. The therapist must have short nails and hands completely clean.  As well as the whole body, sterilizing before and after each session.

Both the therapist and the person who is to receive the massage must be away from objects and clothing that may hinder direct contact of the hands or the body of the therapist on the part of the body to be treated.

Performing a professional erotic massage

In Erotic Massage as well as in a Therapeutic Massage, physical shape of the therapist is very important.  As it is to have broad knowledge of the different areas of stimulation and sensibility of the body.  Something basic at the time of developing the massage.

Therapists must always look for the wellbeing of the other person.  Since receiving a massage is a very intimate experience and a good therapist understands that the success of a good massage is both physical and emotional.

The therapist must also be accurate on the feelings through relaxing music, aromas and oils.  And the use of the hands during the massage.

Since this massage is both a physical and emotional experience, the therapist must be a person with many skills and personal, social and sensitive abilities, in addition to having the physical techniques of the job.