Naturist Massages in Madrid

In Luxor Madrid we are strong supporters of naturism or nudity as it is demonstrated to have many benefits for physical, psychological, social and sexual health. For this reason, our naturist massages are the favorite ones for our clients.

For us, showing the naked body is something natural and beautiful, a connection with ourselves.

There are numerous studies that say that all people should spend more time naked.  Because naturism is frowned upon in our society.  A taboo because we associate it to sexuality and we have taboos about that.  When it is really our most natural state, we must love our own body.  Take care of it and enjoy being naked every time we have the opportunity.

Our naturist massage make nudity something very positive for those who enjoy it.  We help to overcome that shame to taking off our clothes and show our naked bodies without feeling bad for it.

Worrying less for covering each part of our body means more security and awareness of your body.

sex illustration

Naturist massages.. how can they help us.

Lifestyle, stress to which we are subject, responsibilities, etc., is a reality that we all suffer today.

With our naturist massages we can eliminate these problems… Relax and enjoy the magnificent feelings that body-to-body massages offer. Through nudity we stimulate a powerful sexual energy that leads to the release of tension in the body.

In this kind of massage there is a big part of therapy, as they work in all levels: mental, physical and spiritual, we work with the Kundalini energy, the spiritual and sexual energy within the human body, and when it awakens it makes you feel great relaxation, a deep vision, useful personal transformations and full achievement of the potential in all areas of life.

A powerful wave of Kundalini energy can eliminate any tension suffered.