Naturist Massages in Madrid

In Luxor Madrid we are strong supporters of naturism or nudity as it is demonstrated to have many benefits for physical, psychological, social and sexual health. For this reason, our naturist massages are the favourite ones for our clients.

For us, showing the naked body is something natural and beautiful, a connection with ourselves.

There are numerous studies that say that all people should spend more time naked. Because naturism is frowned upon in our society.  A taboo because we associate it to sexuality and we have taboos about that.  When it is really our most natural state, we must love our own body.  Take care of it and enjoy being naked every time we have the opportunity.

Our naturist massage make nudity something very positive for those who enjoy it.  We help to overcome that shame to taking off our clothes and show our naked bodies without feeling bad for it.

Worrying less for covering each part of our body means more security and awareness of your body.

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Naturist massages.. how can they help us.

Lifestyle, stress to which we are subject, responsibilities, etc., is a reality that we all suffer today

With our naturist massages we can eliminate these problems… Relax and enjoy the magnificent feelings that body-to-body massages offer. Through nudity we stimulate a powerful sexual energy that leads to the release of tension in the body.

In this kind of massage there is a big part of therapy, as they work in all levels: mental, physical and spiritual, we work with the Kundalini energy, the spiritual and sexual energy within the human body, and when it awakens it makes you feel great relaxation, a deep vision, useful personal transformations and full achievement of the potential in all areas of life.

A powerful wave of Kundalini energy can eliminate any tension suffered.

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Origin Of Naturist Massages

Naturist massage can be dated back to the 20th century Europe. When the will of living nude was at its peak, the naturist lifestyle was a new way of connecting with mother nature and each other. The philosophy of nudism was to live nude and be socially accepted for living nude, this will increase the harmony with nature and embracing oneself for how they are. 

This movement was powerful and many people started to join in, the movement proposed freedom and peace. The only natural way of living is naturism, where there is no hindrance to human contact and no barrier from reality. The naturist movement did die down and now only a sect of people live the nudist lifestyle. But it did have many things to learn from one being the naturist massage.

For many reasons, the naturist movement in the 20th century was very attractive. While it was a time for Europe to grow and seek new cultures. The naturist lifestyle began to catch many hearts, some of the reasons being:

1. Early Influences

The very early traces of nudism were traced to Germany and France which were supposedly the fashion icons and the elites of the 20th century. Beach in the 19th century a cult in Germany by Richard Ungewitter and in France by Pau Zimmerman was started. It grew into a movement and spread across Europe as a new way of living as a sign of peace. They portrayed immense love and care for each other and were extremely acceptable to each other. This was the very early influence of the naturist lifestyle.

2. Health and Social Reform

As the naturist massage holds a healing reform, it was appreciated by the nudist movement which stated that embracing the socially nude state and working about the day enhances health and social reform. Though it was tough for many people even accept the opinion of being naked throughout the day and out in public, it did become a well-liked philosophy. This movement was shamed for body revealing and violating social norms but the advocates of the nudist community projected a healing reform by the naturist lifestyle.

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3. Freikörperkultur (FKK)

The FKK is the free body culture, it caught fire first in Germany in the 19th century. People started to join the culture and actively started living nude in their daily routines. Richard believed that being naked helps the body heal as it connects to nature better. The movement started in Germany and started getting more momentum in the 20th century when it spread across all of Europe. This movement was a meaning of freedom and the breaking of political rules that were holding civilians chained. The movement was an act of freedom and a sign of freedom.

4. International Spread

As the movement started to gather all over Europe, more and more people started to become aware of it Internationally. The movement promised body acceptance, feeling comfortable in one’s own skin, and freedom. The socially frowned upon movement was now getting more attention and was promoting peace and acceptance.

5. Naturism Today

There is no doubt that the health benefits of naturism and abundant. Many people started living a naturist lifestyle partially to indulge in the benefits. People now have nudist resorts and beaches to express themselves without being judged. Naturism today has reformed into a massage and a lifestyle. It is a very erotic massage and it helps reconnect with humans and partners.

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Philosophy of Naturist Massage

There are numerous studies that say that all people should spend more time naked.  Because naturism is frowned upon in our society.  A taboo because we associate it with sexuality, and we have taboos about that.  When it is really our most natural state, we must love our own body.  Take care of it and enjoy being naked every time we have the opportunity.

As the naturist movement posed body acceptability, love, peace, and freedom. The philosophy applies here, the naturist massage aligns with the principles set by the nudist advocates, and it has been evaluated to be healthy and very helpful for maintaining the key aspects which are;

Body Acceptance

It might be frowned upon to be naked in public but at Luxor, there is no barrier that you cannot cross. We accept everybody and everyone. When you remove your clothing items and are only wearing your skin, human contact without any barriers helps in positive body image. The person starts to accept their body for what it is.

This does not mean that they stop caring for it but rather positively care for their skin and love it no matter what.  The therapist massages and touches every part of the body intimately as it boosts confidence and promotes body positivity. As a couple, it is a very slow and erotic massage that helps to reconnect and self-love is increased, which directly increases the connection as under confidence causes indifference in a relationship.

Connection with Nature

Nature is love, peace, and freedom. It is us humans that have made conflicts and ruined what nature has made important. The naturist massage promotes reconnection with nature. With a nude body, you feel the air, the vibrations deeply. The touch of the therapist is raw and there is no barrier in between. This helps feel like a human, deeper connections are made and new feelings are discovered.

The naturist message is for people who are so busy in their corporate life that they forget what human connection feels like. That’s also the case with couples, this massage helps in rediscovering connections which are natural and meant to last forever. The slow erotic massage with your partner helps rekindle the romance as you touch and rediscover parts that you used to love once.

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Equality and Non-Sexualization

One of the main principles of the nudist movement was that everyone was considered equal, there was no gender discrimination, and this movement was not to be sexualized. This was to keep harmony among the residents and not deviate from the main cause of freedom and health reform. Similarly, this ideology is applied to the naturist massage, the therapist helps reconnect human connection without sexualizing the experience.

The therapist touches and explores the body to provide intimate contact it helps the person to redefine human contact and become aware of their sexuality. With couples it is different, the nudist movement helps couples to forever be sexually attracted and the same is the case with naturist massage, with couples it provides a safe and exotic space to remove all barriers and relive the moments once cherished.

Relaxation and Well-being

Every massage is relaxing and for the well-being of the receiver. The specificity of each massage is defined, as for naturist massage it is guaranteed that the warmth and feel of this technique is highly relaxing. It smoothens out every fiber of the muscle and involves deep breathing. By the end of the session, you will feel refreshed and all new. The technique involves raw human touch to every part of the body and using aromatic essential oil and massage lotions making the touch soft and smooth.

The naturist movement and naturist massage have evolved over the years, and various organisations and communities worldwide promote these principles. When considering naturist massages, it’s crucial to seek out reputable practitioners who adhere to professional standards, and ethics, and create a safe and comfortable environment for their clients.