Perineal Massage

A retardation in male ejaculation is what is looked for by many in sexual encounters, on other occasions what is wanted is a second orgasm quicker than usual, or perhaps the female partner might want to take total control of the male partners ejaculation, giving him the maximum sexual pleasure posible through manual stimulation.

To be able to achieve this, you need to find the exact spot in the prostate, in the center of the perinea, and when found, proper massage techniques should be used to help achieve our goal.

The perineal massage, when applied to men, will maximize his pleasure thanks to his g spot, helping him reach sexual ecstasy. The male perineal massage is a traditional erotic massage, which is no longer considered a massage for a select group, reveling its virtues and benefits.

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This massage is a profound massage that consists of two modalities, the superficial mode and the profound mode. In the first phase we stimulate the perineal area, massaging the area in between the the scrotum and the anus, where the center of authentic masculine pleasure is hidden. Stimulation may be given by hands, feet, or tools…

The second phase of perineal massage, is exactly what its name indicates. This massage is given internally, that is to say, we introduce a well lubricated finger inside the rectum until we find a soft and wrinkled spot, the base of the testicles: this is the g spot.

These massages, when preformed correctly generate sensations that maximize pleasure for men. In our center, Amon Tantra our masseurs are perfectly trained and prepared to preform perineal massages, allowing you to discover a whole new world filled with relaxation and pleasure like never before.

How is a Perineal Massage in Madrid?

What is the perineum?

First of all, we have to be very clear which specific area of the male body we are talking about. The perineum or pelvic floor is the anatomical part formed by a group of soft parts that close the bottom of the minor pelvis, and the pelvic excavation.

We can say it is the area located between the back of the penis and the anus. In this area the penile shaft is found under the skin.

The perineum is like a very sensitive pad where there are more pleasant nerve endings than the rest of the genitals. Some men can have an orgasm only by enjoying caressing or a perineal massage.

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The male perineum is composed of 8 perineal muscles in three parts: superficial, middle and deep.

  • In the superficial level we can find the external sphincter muscle of the anus, thesuperficial transverse muscle of the perineum, the musculus ischiocavernosus and themusculus bulbospongiosus, which together with the muscle mentioned above are involved during erection.
  • In the middle level we can find the deep transverse muscle of the perineum, which holds the bladder and the prostate, and with its contraction contributes to erection; also the external sphincter muscle of the urethra, which closes the membrane portion of this conduct.
  • On a deep level we can find the levator ani. It is a muscle of great importance because it constricts the rectus, levator ani and partial dilatation of the anal conduct. It also participates during defecation by helping its expulsion. In anal sex, the contraction of this muscle plays a central role during penetration.

So, we can say that the perineal area tends to be one of the most satisfactory for men, since the fact of kissingcaressing and/or massaging this area may produce intense pleasurable feelings.

Do you dare to try an incredible Perineal Massage in Madrid?