Erotic massages, the art of caresse

Since we come out of our mother’s womb, people demand physical contact. Absolutely every person needs to be hugged, kissed, caressed… but it is not only a necessity for babies, it is also for the rest of the people every moment of our lives. Human beings need contact with other beings, both with the air we breathe, we need to touch and be touched, caressed and be caressed.

When we hear the word caress, we generally think about affection expressions, demonstrations of love that we give to our beloved ones and vice versa, but caresses really involve much more: they are stimuli, touching, and recognition: the fuel of human behavior. In fact, the sense of touch is the most important sense of sexuality.

Why erotic massages are so important?

Erotic massages are highly important for human beings and something we need as they provide warmth, stimulation, welfare, love… In this kind of massage all parts of the body all involved because one naked body slides over another naked body, which transmits many pleasant feelings.

With erotic massages we achieve that every person takes consciousness of their own body and enjoys being caressed. This helps us increase self-esteem, knowing the most sensitive areas of our body and discover new erogenous areas.

There is not only one way to do an erotic massage, and there is not one way to caress. There are as many ways as our imagination allows us to do it. Each person is unique and has its own key points in their body which erotize them and make them feel pleasure. The most important thing is to explore and discover them.

Therefore, go beyond your limits, open your mind and body; let yourself go and allow yourself to feel… Only this way you will discover everything that caresses, in their wide sense, will provide.