Music and Tantra

At the time of creating the appropriate atmosphere to enjoy the incredible experience of Tantric massage, we must consider many factors to achieve our goal during the massage: smelling, touching, looking, imagining, dreaming, desiring and feeling.

As important as achieving a tenuous atmosphere of meditation with soft handmade incense aromas, essences and oils, it is to choose the music which will wrap and accompany us during the Tantric massage. It has to be soft music with Oriental or Arabic feeling, relaxation music that will alert all senses that raises and lowers the intensity to the beat of the rhythm of the massage, which allows the union of the bodies while penetrating our ears, and invading us with magic as it converts Tantric massage into something spiritual almost mystical.

One of the main goals of Tantra is unblocking the energies throughout our body. Well, there are special techniques to distribute these energies, and these techniques are through music and dance, since Tantra philosophy supports that life is a continuous and sacred dance.

Tantrism, Energy and Sexuality

Tantrism asserts that absolutely everything is energy, from a rock to steam: energy in different stages. For examples, if a person is depressed, stressed or anxious, we say that the energy is low. Low because it is located in the first chakras and in great need of flowing through the body, and that is where music, clean breathing will make this low energy increase and flow, and as a consequence, the emotional and mental state will also change.

Music in Tantra will make your cells and emotion dance; it will fill your heart with welfare and enthusiasm, and desire of living. You accept and love yourself.

With Tantric dances you enter a very deep state of meditation, leaving behind the states of repression, stress and all the unnatural false beliefs created by oppressive systems of human beings. With Tantra and music you feel free and it helps you stimulate Kundalini energy.