Nuru massage

Not many people have heard about Nuru massage. Unlike all other types of massage, Nuru massage is not very popular among people but is being embraced in recent times as the knowledge of the massage keeps growing. To appreciate Nuru massage, it is important to understand entirely what Nuru massage is, how it is done and how it can benefit the receiver.

Nuru massage is also an erotic type of massage which has its origin traced to japan. In fact, the word “Nuru” comes from Japan and it means slippery. Nuru massage is a type of massage which involves a body to body contact.

In this massage, two people are normally involved probably a man and a woman with the woman rubbing gel all over her body. The amount of massage gel the woman rubs all over her body is what enables her to slide over her man’s body and this creates a romantic sensual massage in the process. It is important to note that Nuru massage has its own type of oil that are used in the process because the type of oil used be slippery enough in order to ensure that the female body can slide comfortably over the receiver’s body.

The type of oil used has some unique features that others do not have and that makes it suitable in Nuru Massages. It is important to note that Nuru massage oils are colorless and odourless. This is because the oil is applied in large quantity and it could become a problem for those allergic to smell.

Nuru massages in Madrid

Nuru Massage in Madrid

During a Nuru Massage in Madrid, both the giver and the receiver are naked and the entire body are used for sliding, gliding and stroking along the receiver’s body. Nuru Massage is actually for people who would like to broaden their sexual horizon with an experience that leaves you with more enlighten and sexually exposed and open as never seen before. When done by a well-trained therapist, Nuru massage offers you the opportunity to reach that level of eroticism like you have never seen before. Besides, it can help you unlock your any sexual inhibitions that you may have and then free your body and mind so that you experience fulfilment at a higher intensity.

Oriental Nuru Massage can be done on the bed, massage table or even an air mattress. It is important to note that Nuru massage is not just for the man. Nauru massage is suitable to both men and women. It is also suitable for any kind of sexual orientation, gays, lesbians and others. Nuru massage may have been a Japanese invention but it has spread all over the world today and for places like Madrid, Nuru massage is common among, men, women of any sexual orientations. Apart from Madrid, Nuru massage is also popular in other liberal European and American cities as well as gaining popularity in conservative strongholds of Africa and the rest of the world.

The benefits of tantric Nuru massage is never in doubt. For a lot of couples, Nuru massage has been a way to spice up their relationship that may have been dying. For instance, being covered in a massage oil and sliding or gliding against your partner not only creates an unimaginable type of sensation for your partner but also go a long way to help the giver get comfortable in their own body.

Erotic nuru massage in Madrid

What are the Benefits of Nuru?

Nuru massage goes beyond the normal physical connection but can also improve the emotional aspect of relationships since they are intimate by nature. However, in Japan where Nuru massage originated from, it is not just seen as a massage but a part of a spiritual journey.

Nuru massage is also known to improve the well-being of the receiver. According to surveys, as much as 80% of people who got Nuru massage done on them had their wellbeing improved at the end of the day. In addition, sensual Nuru massage helps to relax muscles and moisturize skin. This is so because Nuru sensual massage oils being used in the massage is one of the well-known moisturizing gels available in the market today and this rubs off on Nuru massage receivers. Nuru massage will also help in the release of Toxins of the body and this would depend on the techniques, skills and experience of the therapist handling the massage.

Nuru massage can be used to reduce mental stress on a person. This is because undergoing this kind of massage helps in alleviating stress and leaves one in a very relaxed mood. A lot of people who have undergone this kind of massage felt better after getting relieved of mental stress. However, one thing that must be understood in this case is that it is being handled by a professional and this makes a whole lot of difference in the end result.

Can Nuru Massage be Dome at Home?

Nuru massage can be done at home especially between couples. In fact, this is one of the best ways to spice up couples romantic and sex life. In reality, most couples who try out Nuru at home are not trained or experts but this shouldn’t be an issue. There are a lot of resources that talks about Nuru body-to-body massage and couples can read them up and practice this beautiful massage at home. Coconut or Almond oil can be used as massage oil when it is being done at home and because sex could be involved at the end of the day, it may be a good idea not to rely on condoms as oil is not actually compatible with latex.

Nuru massage Center in Madrid

Nuru Massage Can be Messy

It is important to understand that Nuru Tantra massage can be messy and that is why it is advisable to use good massage oil that is colorless and odourless. Note that most massage kits would likely come with a plastic sheet that around you to roll around on. However, you could even buy a cheap flannel sheet that can be used just for massage in order to safeguard your fine bed sheets. However, the most important thing is to ensure that enough oil is used in other to create enough slides and glide between the bodies.

Preparing for Nuru

Like every other type of erotic massage, it is important to prepare adequately for nuru massage in order to get the desired results. The first thing is to get the required kits and get prepared to go the slippery way. Secondly, you have to set the scene properly. This would mean lighting some candles, switching off lights, plying some soft, sensual and romantic music among others. The essence of this is to ensure that both the giver and the receiver get to relax their minds and open up themselves for the task ahead.

Your bedroom should be temporarily made to be a massage parlor as this makes the fun even better, get your bed prepared. Remember that Tantra Nuru massage is done in a slippery surface that would not absorb the oil and for this reason, it is always advisable to use plastic sheets to cover the area in which the massage will be done. Then ensure that you get the right massage oil because it is the core ingredients required for the massage.

It is always advisable to keep towels handy and the essence of this is to ensure that you can easily clean up after the massage and avoid spreading the messy footprint behind you. Remember that you can easily have the sheet cleaned after the massage by folding it up, then pooling the oil in the middle and pouring it away. Besides, it is also possible to wipe it off and use it again especially in the case of couples living together. Whatever the case, preparing for massage remains the first step to ensure that the desired result is achieved.

Massage nuru in Madrid

How to Do Nuru Massage

Once the preparations are done and you are now ready to get slippery, then everything else is easy to do. For the giver, it is important to have the receiver lay down on the plastic sheet and either face down or up whichever way they decide. Then lather a bit of the Nuru massage gel ( link ) all over your body both the front and back and do same to the receiver. It is important to rub the gel on the receivers body gently and mildly in such a way that activates their body. Use your hands to spread the gel and then start sliding your skin against theirs. As the reciver continues to get more comfortable with the process, you can mount their body in such a way that provides more body to body contacts.

Massage their body in the process as you slide and glide through it. It may feel yucky and silly initially especially for first timers but don’t worry, it would be enjoyed as times goes on. Just ensure that you and the receiver maintain eye contacts and are communicating during the process to continue bonding. Roll over at some point but do it gently. For couples doing this massage, it would be better for the receiver to try out and stay on top. Take your time and have fun with unlimited pleasure.

Six Tips for Nuru Massage

  1. Use Dedicated Sheet. For couples doing this massage at home, it is advisable not to ruin your sheet with nuru massage oil so a cheap sheet can be used as a dedicated sheet. A flannel sheet that is thick can be used to hold some extra oil.
  2. Use the Whole Body. It is important to note that the whole concept of Nuru massage revolves around sliding and gliding the whole body on the receiver’s skin. In fact, the body to body contact is what makes Nuru what it is. Ensure that you use your whole body to glide over the skin of the receiver. With the massage oil applied all over the body, the body to body gliding will produce a sensual and pleasurable feeling for the receiver and even the giver.
  3. Flip the Receiver Over. Note that the massage is done both front and back so it is expected that you feel the receiver over at some point. Glide your body as much as possible with some tease and watch out for nipples dragging all over the skin, it produces sweet sensation and they love it.
  4. Also Use Your Hands. Even though Nuru massage is about body to body gliding, it is also important to use your hands together with it. As you glide and slide over the receiver’s body, you can also touch heir sensitive parts gently using your hands. They will enjoy every bit of the pleasure and you can keep doing this while also sliding and gliding all over their body.
  5. Keep it safe. If it is going to lead to sex, it is important to remember that oil is in no way compatible with latex. So if the idea is to have a safe sex using condom, note that this would pose a problem. The best thing will be to have a shower and wipe away the oil before having sex.
  6. Learn Massage Techniques. While a Nuru massage can actually be done without having any massage techniques, you can actually take it to the next level if you learn other massage techniques. You can expand the pleasure by combing a Nuru massage with other full body massage techniques.
Erotic nuru massage in Madrid

Get a Nuru Massage in Madrid

While erotic Nuru massage can be done at home between couples, one of the best places to get a Nuru erotic massage is at a massage center. In Madrid, there are a lot of massage centers that offer this kind of massage to anyone irrespective of sexuality.

An example of this center is the Luxor Madrid located in an exquisite area of the Spain’s capital. This massage center boasts of top notch facilities, well trained therapists and offers a wide range of other massage services apart for Nuru massage. Therefore you can get all the fun and pleasure at Luxor Madrid but note that there is no explicit sex at the center as all massage are done professionally.

Madrid is a liberal city and you can find a lot of massage centers offering Nuru massage. You can search for this centers and you are on your way to receiving an unlimited pleasure you never have though of.