Oriental massages in Madrid

When it comes to massage, the Asian type of massage is one that looks confusing but packed with a lot of functions at the same time. A lot of people especially in western societies get confused when a massage therapist talk with terms like “energy points” or “Chi”. However, this shouldn’t pose any problem as long as the aim of the massage is obtained. If a massage therapist relies on some ancient techniques or insinuates that she gives a great massage because an unusual techniques guides her hands, then this shouldn’t change the fact that the massage is fantastic.

What a lot of people actually need is to get or derive the ultimate goal and satisfaction from their preferred massage therapy and may care less about the principles and techniques behind the activity. It is important to mention that while some of these Asian massage principles and techniques may be difficult to explain at times, there is no denying that a lot of people all over the world have benefited immensely from these remedies but in healing and pleasure. In fact, practitioners of some of these massages of Asian origin have spent years to learn what makes the body feel better.

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What is Oriental Massage?

The oriental massage is one of the massages that has an Asian origin. It is said to have originated from some Asian bodywork traditions and it also incorporates Japanese massage, Chinese massage as well as the more popular Thai massage techniques. These therapies were very popular in the sense that they were used in the treatment of various among people in the communities in the past. However, it has been passed down from generations to generations and it has spread to other continents of the world.

It is also important to note that this type of massage has been modified to meet up with the demands of contemporary societies especially in the liberal western world.

For example, in places like Madrid, the oriental massage has been transformed and now offer much more than the traditional type experienced in the early times. However, the main components of this kind of massage remains the intact even though there have been modifications. For example, the oriental massage even in Madrid massage centers still include massage techniques like the Dian Xue which is the acupressure points, the Amno which is the rub and press technique, the Tuina which is the push and pull as well as Thai massage. In fact, a typical oriental massage session may include a combination of these techniques as well as some erotic components especially in places like Madrid to get a highly charged and pleasurable massage session.

A Look at Some Types of Oriental Massage

There are different types of oriental massage and each depend on their unique techniques. Besides, the different oriental massage have their different benefits. The following are some types of oriental massages and they are likely the most popular ones a lot of people subscribe to

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What is Tui Na Massage?

The thing about Tui Na is that it is regarded as something much more than massage. For example, in China, Tui Na is practiced in its purest form in the department of traditional medicine. It is seen as a comprehensive healing system. Tui Na unlike some other massage techniques also include the activity for infants and babies. This means that babies can undergo some of the Tui Na massage activities. In fact, one imporyant thing to note about the Tui Na massage therapy is that unlike in the West where some conditions get treated by sports injury therapists, chiropractors, physiotherapists and some conditions treated with drug therapy, the Asians would normally use Tui Na instead.

It is important to note that if the aim of the massage is for relaxation, being pampered or some erotic pleasure, then there would be no need to choose Tui Na since it is vigorous and definitely not the purpose. This is because, the traditional Tui Na massage used in tackling the conditions listed above is more serious than most people think. In fact, it is not out of place to feel a little bit sore after undergoing some Tui Na massage therapy even though these pains may wear off after some days or after subsequent therapy.

However, one thing that must be mentioned here is that the oriental massage in Madrid may be different from the traditional practitioners in Asia. For this reason, it is not uncommon to see some elements of eroticism to make it more pleasurable so that the pains are not actually noticeable.

Tui Na as an Effective Treatment for Pains

From observation, a lot of people who try this massage more than twice tend to become addict at some point. This is simply because apart from providing an effective treatment for pains, it is also known to leave the receiver with light feeling as well as feeling of being energized. In fact, there are people who are known to use it as a form or part of their health care on a regular basis. Tui Na unlike some other types of massage tend to be easier and straightforward. For example, it is performed on a Massage couch with the receiver seated on it. For the non-erotic version, it may not be necessary to remove the clothes but shoes should be removed.

In order to get the best possible benefits from Tui Na, then it is better to put on a light clothing like clothes made up of thin cotton. For instance, there is nothing wrong in wearing a sleeve less shirt and a light shorts. It is also important to note that Tui Na as a type of oriental massage is quite different and this is why those who intend to have Tui Na for the very first time are expected to answer some very important questions that address the condition of their health. This is very important part of the process before the therapy starts. All questions bothered on the receiver’s medical history should be answered to the best of their knowledge.

What is Shiatsu Massage?

This is another type of the oriental massage which has largely departed from its Chinese roots especially in the western world. However, like other Asian styled massage techniques, most of its theory has still been retained even in the west. For instance, Shiatsu practice in Madrid still retains the core theory of the massage but has also being modified and adapted to meet up to the demands of the people in Madrid.

Shiatsu is quite different from Tui Na in the sense that they have just few techniques in comparison.

However, it is also reflects the whole body energetics and has also found usefulness in diagnosis. The implication of this is that some Thai massage stretches have been borrowed and is now fully integrated as part of the modern Shiatsu. The set-up of Shiatsu is also simple when compared to what is obtainable in Tui Na. For example, Shiatsu is done on a floor mat placed right on the floor and like Tui Na, receivers do not have to remove their clothing’s except their shoes when receiving Shiatsu massage therapy. However, it is advisable to dress lightly probably wearing just a sleeveless shirt and light shorts in order to be very comfortable in the process.

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Shiatsu Massage for a Deep Relaxation

Shiatsu is normally required to be performed in a slow motion and in near silence and this main reason for this is that it works on the application of intuitive touch. Shiatsu requires an absolute concentration or deep concentration and this is simply aimed at fine tuning the therapist sense of touch to get the correct reading of the clues that is known to guide the massage. It is important to understand that the major aim of the Shiatsu massage will always be to create that balance and harmony in the vital energies of the body in such a way that helps the body to heal itself.

Shiatsu can be good for relaxation as well and this can be gotten as part of a massage package in places like Madrid. In this case, therapists can use it to tackle emotional problems as well as tensions that arise as a result of stress. However, for those with the problem of chronic muscular-skeletal problems, Shiatsu type of massage will not be effective when compared to other massage therapies in the same category. Shiatsu massage in Madrid could be different in the sense that it may add some elements or eroticism to make it more pleasurable and refreshing. However, this has to be clarified by the massage center where the receiver hopes to get this massage.

What is Thai Massage?

This is probably the most popular in the oriental massage series. However, it is a bit different especially when compared to other oriental massage techniques. In this type of massage, the receiver is provided with an advanced yoga workout. The good thing about this type is that it actually requires no effort or even self-discipline on the part of the receiver. Like other type of massage in this category, the pace of the massage is always rhythmical and slow plus the fact that the techniques are well blended.

Thai massage especially when received for the first time may appear to penetrating to the receiver but in most cases, they tend to adjust quickly. However, a skilled therapist will have all the ability to adjust all the soft tissues to make it work right. One thing to note that Thai massage is that it exerts so much energy on the therapists when compared to other types of massage but when it is done correctly, it has the ability to offer some relaxation effect on the receiver. In some massage centers in Madrid, the Thai massage comes with some add-ons like a bit of erotic massage to give it a more pleasuring feeling.

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Where Can You Get an Oriental Massage in Madrid?

Madrid is a liberal city and the capital of Spain. It is known for its beautiful landscape, beautiful weather and a city with a large concentration of fun seekers. For this reason, there are a lot of massage centers littered all over the city offering massage services to customers. In addition to oriental massage, you can also get other types of massage like the traditional type of massage, erotic, sensual, tantric, body to body or any other kind of massage in most massage centers in Madrid.

Many massage centers are located in Madrid. For example, there is Luxor Madrid which is one of the best massage centers in the heart of Madrid. Luxor Madrid offers different kinds of massage both for singles and couples. One advantage about of Luxor Madrid is that it is located in one of the most exclusive areas in Madrid and also boasts of top class facilities which is aimed at helping people get the very best of massage.

Choose Luxor Madrid and Feel High Quality Massages in your Skin

Luxor Madrid is managed by some of the experts in the art of massage. They boast of having some of the best therapists in the business of massages. Their therapists are well trained, experienced and approach their jobs in a professional manner. They understand that art of stimulating the body and the mind with the application of different massage techniques. For instance, at Luxor Madrid, oriental massage, Tantra massage and other relaxing massages can be merged in one session to provide full range of benefits, pleasure and relaxation to customers. However, it is important to state here that Luxor Madrid does not offer explicit sex or any other escort services during massage.

All massages are approached professionally and all therapist maintain a professional relationship with the clients.

There are many other massage centers in Madrid where oriental massage and other types of massage are offered. A lot of these massage centers have their information on the web and this means that you can check what is on offer on their websites. Massages in Madrid can be expensive or cheap but this will depend on the type of massage, duration and the level of the massage center.