How will sex be in 2050?

Sex, let’s talk about it. In the Book of 1984 The Second Self: Computers and the Human Spirit, sociologist and professor at Harvard University Sherry Turkle had an interview with some Anthony guy who confessed that after trying luck with different women he preferred his computer.

Thirty years later, the fantasy presented by Spike Jones on “Her” already started to take shape in the mind of many people. And that is just the beginning, as many experts explain and whose opinions have been reproduced in the American media in recent weeks.

Facing the apocalyptic vision that some people have, like Professor David Spiegelhater from Cambridge, who felt that carelessness of youth toward sex would cause sex to disappear in 2040. All experts agree in optimism on the future.

In part because the opportunities are various and accompanied by much safer sex; in part because many of them have important economic interests about investing in their projects, and for this we know that there is nothing better than presenting them as a panacea.

How will we make love in 2050, according to these visionaries?

Demythologizing sex

After different stages in life, sex has started to be demystified. Internet has spread information and changed the concept that people had before. There is much less intimacy, in fact, ten years ago it was hard to find your partner on the internet but nowadays it is more often.

phone sex

Long-distance orgasms

Decades ago, it was phone sex; today, it is cybersex. Due to the new computers with all types of technology cybersex is practiced between two people who are far away and have sex stimulating (psychologically) one another.

Very soon, experts say, this situation sometimes frutrating can go one step further being able to arouse our partner with a simple mouse click. It sounds creepy but according to studies, it could happen in the future.

Neurobiology will allow orgasms without touching

If the possibility of making loving without direct physical contact is promising, with all that entails concerning prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, even more so is being able to stimulate the brain to achieve powerful orgasms without requiring physical stimulation.

For Berman, neurobiologic findings will help us understand how the brain works during orgasm, something that will work to improve sexual life of many people with physical disabilities.

robot sex

Sex with Robots

And at last we have the most anticipated technological advances related to sex: the chance to make love, hug, fall in love and marry a being with artificial intelligence.

In the article of Vice, the founder and CEO of Revel Body, a company of robotic sex toys reminds us that androids have the ability to do things better than humans.

In Luxor Madrid we do not share this opinion because what we can achieve through our massage techniques can hardly be accomplished by a machine, although some scientists do not believe so.

The dark side of sex in the future

Not all of them are advantages, it is clear.

Berman remembers that the major risk we face is the increase of sexual addiction, the same way happens when there is access to a potentially compulsive consumer product and losing emotional connection with your partner.

We really do not know what will happen in thirty or fifty years, but in Luxor Madrid we defend nature, what life offers, our body, our energy, our feelings, and we believe and wish this to continue forever.

No machine, regardless how sophisticated, can replace the magic of love, of the contact between two people, caressing, hugs.