Strange Places where People Love to have Sex

Whenever we are talking about the most commonly used word nowadays, sex is one precisely. The question is, why do people have sex? What is the meaning of sex? Is there any benefit attached to sex? Where can we have sex? Also, the strangest places where people love to have sex. Even if it’s so important, then everything should be in the group. The reality is that a lot of people have sex and sometimes it becomes boring having sex at the same place. This is why a lot of people try to explore the possibility of having sex in places considered to be strange for that purpose.

Many people have sex with so different reasons which they are able to explain. I will give answers to the question that I asked earlier.

What is sex?

As I know, different people give answers and definition to the meaning of sex based on their own perspective. To the matter of fact, religion belief on sex also makes people definition to sex differs. Furthermore, gender difference also plays a significant role, the way men define sex quite differs from how the feminine sees it.

The act of sex involves so different things asides the regular vaginal sex which may not involve sexual virginal intercourse. This simply implies that sexual activity may involve anything that makes people feel aroused sexually either intercourse or not intercourse. This can include kissing, touches which make you feel sexually activated, hugging, intercourse, nakedness, sex and more that are not mentioned. Moreover, the act of sex by definition can be defined as the act of intercourse together with penetration.

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Types of Sex

Sex can simply mean intercourse by merely looking at the meaning, this act of penetrating into the vagina. Hence, as we have known that sex are of different types.

Vaginal sex

It is known as the sexual intercourse in which a man inserts his penis directly inside a woman vagina. It is another most popular variety of sex because majority populace in the world falls into this category. In fact, researchers have claimed that mostly all women either to be lesbian or bisexual, It may not be directly. Nevertheless, the fact of being the same is very minimal.

Oral sex

It is regarded as the act of stimulating your partner sex organs through what you say being erotic, either licking or taking them inside. To be frown, Oral sexual act does not depend on any specific sexual enlightenment which can easily be done by partners that have sexual interest for each other.

Anal sex

It is another variety of sexual activity which is totally illegal in so many countries but yet so many individuals are still practicing it secretly in their closet, they can’t even tell friends about it. This simply refers to the act of inserting the penis in a partner anus. Furthermore, anal sex is peculiar to those men that practice gayism. Not only that, many women also are into this act.

Mutual masturbation

This kind of sexual act doesn’t involve penetrating either the vagina or ass. It is process of masturbating when your partner is your front or help him to do the masturbation. The safest way abstain from sexual activity which minimized the risk of pregnancy or infection such as STDs.

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Health Benefits of Sex

Sex has numerous health benefits. They are listed below:

Sex boosts the immune system

It is believed that those who are active sexually are less prone to sickness, which simply means they won’t fall sick regularly. Sex is has been so helpful in the aspect of boosting the body immune system. More also, you won’t be having a frequent cough with cold which causes sickness. It happens whenever you had sex, your body antibodies will be elevated and boosted for it to trigger your immune system against any infectious disease or sickness. Having it once in a week or twice is okay for the body.

Controls high blood pressure

Are you suffering from hypertension? Having sex can be a solution to that. It may not be real to you! The information you got from this article is very real. Studies have made it clear that there is a connection between frequent sex with lower blood pressure. Also, research has shown that sex especially asides masturbation can help to lower the blood pressure.

Sex helps boost your libido

The regular saying that when someone keeps doing things on a usual basis it becomes part of him. Regular sex does help in improving the libido as it boosts the sexual libido. As women are concerned, whenever they have sex the more, their vagina get more lubricated vice versa. Hence, It causes more blood flow and elasticity of the vaginal part making them to enjoy the sex in a more fancy dimension.

Sex helps woman to control their bladder

Women tend to suffer from incontinence in most cases and it is due to the irregular sexual activity. Assuming, they engage in usual sexual activities, it will be easier for them to control incontinence. It helps by strengthening the pelvic muscles as they reach orgasm.

Sex burns calories

Are you told in the hospital or by a physician that you need to burn your body calories? If yes, then sex is an option. Too much of calories is bad in the body, it is required to burn them by exercise. If you have no time for exercise, then sex can be of help. In fact, sex is believed to burn 5 calories per minutes. Which simply means that you can burn to one hundred and fifty calories in just half an hour stretch.

Sex improves cardiovascular health

The two hormones which are testosterone and oestrogen are in control when sex is regular. Whenever these two hormones are in a balanced proportion in the body system, the risk of having heart disease and osteoporosis are minimal. In a recent research which has proved that having sex twice in a week can reduce the risk of heart attack compared to a man that doesn’t have it regularly.

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The strange places where people love to have sex

Have we know that sex is beneficiary to the body? There are different places where people have sex with their partner which include: house bedroom, hotel etc., yet there are still some strange places where people love to have sex with their partner. These strange places are explained below:

Inside the canoe

The first strange place where people love to have sex is inside the canoe. Didn’t it sound weird? Having sex with your partner inside the canoe or boat is what many people enjoyed. According to some people they testify to it that it is a place where you feel comfortable with your partner while enjoying the breeze from the river or sea.

Inside the library

Have you ever seen two lovers having sex with themselves in a library? The library is known to be a place where people visit to read books. It seems to be strange when two went there to have sex with each other. Seriously, it is still where some people love to meet with their partner for sex. It is not that they don’t have a bedroom but they feel like having it not on bed.

Inside the swimming pool

Another strange place where people claim to be hotter is the pool. Leaving the bed and going straight to the swimming pool is enjoyable. It is very strange but at the same time hotter.

On the top of the train

This is so funny and strange, it was in a movie that two partners move to the top of the train to have sex with each other. However, I could not believe it until some couples speak out that it is a lovable place to meet your partner for sex. Claiming to enjoy the sex as the train was moving

Having sex against the wall

The most common strange place where people love to have sex is against a wall. Having it against a wall is what most people prefer. It happens whenever they find themselves in a place where there is no bed or any comfortable place. The wall becomes the best option, different people claim to have enjoyed sex against the wall.

Inside the car

Inside the car is another strange place where people love to have sex with their partner. In most cases, people tend have it in the car when their body fully turn on and they can’t really hold it. They find themselves parking somewhere winding up the glass with air-condition, then they enjoy themselves to the fullest. It is mostly common to men with side chicks, they claim it is the comfortable place asides using an hotel. However, inside a strange place where people can never think for such thing to be done.

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Inside a big store dressing room

In a dressing room is where some people claim they love to have sex. This is strange, going inside the dressing room with your partner. Not only that, the dressing room is meant for a big store where people can enter anytime, some people really enjoyed it because they feel it is fun for them to go into the store dressing room to have sex with their partner after buying things.

Inside the room of your in-law

In your own brother bed. It was in a Christmas festive that she and her husband went to greet her brother, her brother give them his room key while he went to buy something in the town. They agreed to have sex unfortunately her brother came back to change his shirt. The door was knocked as they were enjoying the sex. They immediately withdraw and laugh at each other as he came in and change his shirt.

Inside class room

This is common to the student. Inside the class room, is another strange place where students have sex with each other. This happened when I was in school, after closing hour two students were caught having hot sex in the class. I now wonder why do they engaged into this crazy act! Later I heard them saying it was fun as they had it together in the class.

Inside the church

Have you ever caught two people having sex inside the church or mosque? This is very strange but people claim to have done so having sex with a partner inside the church. I can’t imagine how they will feel when they are having it! This same people made it clear that it is something that they enjoyed but never think of doing such again.

Inside a public toilet

So funny, having a sex inside a public toilet can be so strange. Recently, a guy and a lady was caught having sex together in a public toilet. The guy entered into the female public toilet to meet with his partner, they spend so much time while some people are waiting to use the toilet. However, the guy came out of the toilet. And the ladies that are waiting outside was surprise, they open the door and saw the lady dressing up. Unbelievable that two lovers can have sex in such a place!

Inside the farm

Inside a farm is another strange place where people love to have sex. A farm is a piece of land where crops are being cultivated or where animals are reared. Are you surprised that some people claim this to be a place they love to have sex with their partner? I saw this in a discussion forum where some men were saying that they really enjoyed it whenever they are inside the farm with their partner.

Finally, those are the strange places where some people love to have sex with their partner. There are still other places like: at the beach, restaurant, parent sitting room, inside barn, in the car park, …