Best Tantra Retreats around the World

Are you someone who has recently gained an interest in the best tantra retreats? If so, then are you searching where you can find one of the best tantra retreats around the world? If your answer to these two questions is yes, then worry not, as you have found yourself coming to the right place. In this article, we will be taking a look at some of the best tantra retreats around the world. So, without further ado, let’s dive right into it.

Best tantra retreats around the world

14-Day Tantric Sadhana Meditation Retreat Olympus

The first tantra Retreat that we are going to talk about is the 14-day sadhana meditation. If you are someone who is on a budget but still wants to get the best experience, then this might be just the thing for you. The great thing about this retreat is that they offer a mixture of tantra and hatha yoga.

The skills required for this retreat range from intermediate to skilled, meaning you can easily participate and gain tremendous benefits. Besides the two styles mentioned earlier, you will also be able to learn about ten additional meditations, which are focused mainly on concentration, finding inner peace, etc.

By combining all of these meditation practices, you will feel a newfound motivation and strength in yourself.

Breathing and relaxing retreat

3 Day Tantric Alchemy: Journey to Transform Your Relationship

If you are amongst many individuals who suffer from a poor relationship and want to find peace and solace, then this next tantra retreat is the perfect getaway for you. One of the great things about this retreat is that it is only three days long, so it is perfect for those individuals who are busy and cannot find the time for themselves.

This tantric focuses on improving your relationship with yourself and making you reach a higher self-potential. The two main styles offered in this retreat are kundalini yoga as well as tantric yoga. It does not just stop there, folks, as this tantric practice also includes breathing exercises, communication practice, and challenging spiritual practices such as ice baths and nail board standing.

If you think you are the perfect candidate for this tantric retreat, then do not waste any more time.

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5 Day Tantra Massage course yoga and meditation retreat in Tenerife

We have come to the third-best Tantra, which is the five-day yoga and meditation retreat in Tenerife. There are countless benefits of this retreat. Now, you may be wondering why this is a good retreat?

Well, the reason why you should join is because it allows you to disconnect from materialistic things and worldly affairs and lets you enter a state of tranquility and comfort.

There are many things included in this five-day Tantra Massage, such as Daily yoga and meditation practice, four nights accommodation with an amazing ocean view, airport transfer, use of both the swimming pool and sauna, and deep learning of the tantra massage and its benefits.

While you are here, you will get to establish a strong relationship with your spiritual self through uplifting activities & exercises. Another great thing about this Tantra Retreat is that the food served in the five days is totally vegan and vegetarian friendly, an advantage for everyone.

Meditation tantra retreat

Mount Shasta; United States (Path of Tantra)

The next best tantra retreat that we have for you is called the Mount Shasta, located all the way in the United States of America. Just like the rest, this tantra practice is amongst the best as it offers countless benefits to its clients. During your time in this retreat, you will get three healthy, clean, and beneficial vegetarian foods so that you can cleanse your body and get rid of any toxins.

There will be a total of two sessions of active Meditation daily for five days. Your accommodation will be set in a place surrounded by nature so that you can disconnect yourself from worldly tensions and instead focus on yourself.

Moreover, each morning, you get to wake up and practice a Hatha yoga session so that you can begin your day with a fresh and healthy mindset. Since this is set for limited participants, you will be able to get personal attention and ask any questions related to the tantric Meditation. The starting price for this Meditation is around $1,225 for early-bird individuals.

Tantra retreat for couples

3-Day Tantra: All year round in the Philippines

If you are an individual who is looking for a tantra that is available all year round, then you have come to the right place. This next tantra retreat is for those individuals who want to escape and release themselves from tensions and troubles.

This tantra retreat is located all the way in El Nido, Philippines. Perhaps one of the great things about this type of retreat is that it is not only affordable but also highly beneficial. Now, what will be included in this three day tantra session?

Well, you will be able to learn in-depth knowledge about tantric practice, learn new breathing exercises, and get an opportunity to push yourself out of your comfort zone by performing different meditation techniques. If you have a partner, you can easily come and practice it with them. By doing so, you will be able to build a strong and healthy relationship with your significant other. Since this is available all year round, you can apply anytime, anywhere.

2 Day Romantic Honeymoon Couple Tantra Retreat in Bali, Indonesia

Are you someone who has recently got married and wants to spend a honeymoon at a romantic Tantra retreat? If your answer is yes, then you have found the best place you can enjoy your honeymoon. This two day Couple retreat is available all the way in the heart of Indonesia, Bali.

The reason why this Tantra is perfect for newlywed couples is because it offers the chance to get closer to your partner, both mentally and spiritually. By performing exercises and taking part in different activities, you and your partner get to establish a strong and healthy relationship.

The skill levels are not limited as anyone from beginner, intermediate, to advanced individuals can sign up and experience this life-changing retreat in Bali, Indonesia. Furthermore, there are three types of tantra styles offered: Hatha Yoga, Tantra Yoga, and lastly Nidra Yoga.

If you are someone who has little to no experience in this field, worry not, as you will also learn about how you could practice Meditation and other practices with your significant other. By stepping away from the hustle and bustle of the world, you will be able to focus on yourself, your partner, and the bond you two have.

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Tantra yoga retreats

4 Day Meditation & Yoga Retreat in Dharamshala, India

Coming to the seventh Tantra Retreat, we have the four days meditation and yoga retreat all the way in Dharmshala, India. Many people out there do not know that India is known for having a rich and diverse culture of Meditation and yoga.

The great thing about this retreat is that it offers more than five styles, ranging from Sivananda Yoga, General Yoga, and Kriya yoga to Ayurveda yoga, Dynamic yoga, and even Kundalini yoga. There are many things included in this four-day tantric retreat package, such as three nights of accommodation, afternoon meditation, morning and evening yoga, as well as meals that include herbal drinks to help you detoxify.

Again, this type of yoga and meditation retreat can be practiced by beginner, intermediate, and advanced individuals. If you are looking for an ideal place where you can unplug yourself from worldly distractions, become stronger mentally, rediscover yourself mentally and spiritually, as well as relax, then this four day Meditation and Yoga retreat is just the thing for you.

It is one of the more affordable options for individuals who are on a budget but still want to gain benefits and inner peace. By indulging yourself in detox therapy, learning different types of yoga, and eating a well-balanced meal daily for four days, you can reach a level of profound tranquility and inner peace. Last but not least, this retreat is also available all year round, so you can participate any time you want.

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3 Day Tantric Play Couple Retreat in Portugal

The next tantra retreat place we have for you is found all the way in Europe, Portugal in particular. This retreat is available all year round, making it a safer and better option for those individuals who are on the run and always busy. The styles of yoga practiced in this three-day Tantric play couple are as follows: Kundalini Yoga and Tantra yoga.

The food that will be served during your three-day stay in this couple’s retreat is vegan-friendly, an option that many people love. Another fascinating thing about this play couple retreat is that the accommodation is located in a place that is away from technology and the city.

You can find yourself relaxing and sleeping surrounded by the sounds of nature. This retreat offers and explores sacred sexuality, conscious relating, different yoga practices, orgasmic breathwork, and temple nights. If you are an individual who suffers from grudges, has tantrums, and cannot let go of yourself from any form of resistance and barriers, then this retreat is the perfect place for you to be.

Why, you may ask? Well, because during your three-day stay in this play couple retreat, you will be able to practice tantric, Taoist, and somatic practices, which are all linked with letting go of burdens and problems.

The takeaway

So there you go! We have reached the end of this article. We hope by now you have found the answer to your questions. These retreats that we have listed above are just a few of the many out there. If you want to relax and disconnect yourself from worldly tensions and stress, then these tantra retreats are just the thing for you.