Beyond the G spot

The G Spot and Pleasure Spots.

These spots are well known, pleasurable spots that are located in the genital area, in both men and women.

On this occasion we would like to talk about those areas that are just as exciting or more, and tend to be fore gotten, paying little or no attention to stimulating these areas when we are with our partner sexually or giving an erotic massage.

As regards to men, we need to mention areas that are essential, and you may not be aware of. These spots are full of nerve endings. These “orgasmic buttons” should be caressed gently to be able to achieve immense sexual satisfaction. They would be the following:

  • In between the bottom lip and the chin: This area is filled with sensitive receptors, achieving an extremely high level of excitation when stimulated.
  • Adam’s apple:  This is an area that is directly connected to the genitals, it can be found between the neck and the throat.
  • Underneath the ankle bone: This area is also directly associated to the genitals. Caressing or massaging this spot can accelerate oragasms.
  • Nipples:  They can be very sensitive, although many man tend to lack exploring this area.
  • Perineal: is located right behind the testicles. Gently pushing this spot cause extreme excitation.
  • Frenulum: is the skin connecting the head of the penis to the shaft. It is a spot that is highly ignored but causes an impulsive reflex, fascinating to men when stimulated.

g spot and other pleasure spots

When it comes to the female body, along with the G spot, an already well known spot, we need to point out other areas or erogenous spots:

  • Breasts: they are a fountain of infinite pleasure without limits, massage softly or more intensely to achieve stimulation and sexual excitation.
  • The “U” spot: this spot is rarely mentioned, the urethra, located near the clitoris. The intensity of the orgasm that can be reached is just as intense as when stimulating the “G” spot.
  • The “K” spot: this spot can be found on the sides of the clitoris. It is an area that is fore gotten or unknown, even by women. It is very sensitive to touch, although less than the clitoris. Sometimes after manual stimulation the clitoris can be sore, proper stimulation of the “K” spot is required, considering its proximity.

And last but not least, we should always remember to stimulate the neck, ears, behind the knees, inner thighs, and feet.

All of theses areas are highly erogenous areas, and when properly stimulated the results are extremely exciting.