Breast Massage

Massage to activate the energy of the breasts

Breast massage is highly recommended and beneficial as it will help increase the flow of chi or vital energy in your breasts and your whole glandular system. It is based on the practices of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

If you periodically perform this simple exercise – for example, once a week – you will keep active the chi in your breasts and your sexual organs, since this massage also stimulates the meridian of the kidneys, which passes through the breasts.

It is more beneficial to perform breast massage after exercise so you clean and heal negative energy accumulated. This way, energy that moves during the massage will be more transparent and may circulate without blocks. Both exercises are also a way to cultivate love for yourself and contact with your femininity.

The active pole of female sexuality is within the breasts and is integrated with the heart chakra and with the emotions of love and joy. When there are blockades by energy of negative emotions accumulated, it will be more difficult to enjoy sexuality from the feminine essence, where energy is soft, attractive, joyful and receptive.

Some women may experience feelings of guilt, fear or shame at the time of touching themselves, and although this breast massage is neither a self-eroticism exercise nor masturbation, sexual energy is naturally awakened softly and this produces pleasant sensations. These sensations are part of your vital energy, of the experience of being alive, and it is good that you feel and enjoy them.

There is another possibility: certain women may have had negative experiences in which some partner tried to touch her breasts in a rude manner or carelessly – or have suffered from sexual, emotional or physical trauma – therefore, contact with breasts can be a traumatic, painful or a negative experience.

This massage is for you to feel great, but if any emotion that affects you comes out, do not continue this massage. At that time, it will be valuable to become aware of your situation and resort to a psychotherapist to treat deeper emotions that prevents you from living your sexuality to its fullest.

self breast massage

Step-by-step for healing Breast Massage

It is recommended to perform the exercise without clothes. If you wish you can use an appropriate oil for this massage, such as almonds, olive or sesame oil. The steps are the following:

  • Sit down, or find a comfortable position for you. You can stand in front of a mirror if this helps you feel more connected with your body and breasts. Breathe deeply three times. Take the air into the abdomen and when breathing out empty your lungs completely.
  • Shake your hands a few times to release energy. Focus on your intention to generate healing energy, and then rub one palm against the other until you create a warm and pleasant sensation. Close your eyes, place your hands on your breasts and send them love energy for 3 minutes. You can visualize this energy in pink or in beautiful emerald green.
  • Trace circles four centimeters away from your nipples. Place your fingers in the center of your chest, and make circles in ascending direction and outward at least nine times. Then trace nine circles in the opposite direction. This movement will activate the meridians of the kidney, liver, pericardium and spleen.
  • Then, massage your breasts completely in circle and softly pressing the tissues, from gently caressing to more energetic contact. Also touch your nipples, as this will increase energy and will make hormone release much easier. Any feeling of sexual pleasure that arises is good, continue breathing deeply and enjoy this healing massage.
  • Finally, to slow down the energy, sit down or lie on your back with your arms and legs slightly open. Then place your hands below your belly and trace in this area nine circles counterclockwise, and then nine circles clockwise. This will help protect that precious healing energy within you hara (aka dan tien) in the center of your energetic body.

Through exercises such as breast massage and other practices, you can store energy in this center in order to maintain health and vitality.