Eroticism and Self-Help

How Eroticism can help us?

Eroticism in a relationship already established can be a good weapon to reach comprehensive sexual health, and will have an effect on our physicalmental and spiritual welfare.

Different types of foreplay can regain lost magic as time goes by between two people, maintain open to eroticism through playful teaching where knowing our sexuality and our partner is accepted through games will certainly have a positive effect on the magic between a couple.

Many people consider intercourse as the sexual moment, but sexuality starts long before, since the moment a person connects with another through a look, a smile, touching. They are eroticsexual connotations.

eroticism in the couple

Eroticism & Self-Help

Eroticism, games and fantasy are the spice of sexuality, what makes it different, keeps us away from the routine, from boredom. We must be creative and innovative.

In AMON Tantra, we know many couples seek our services to put that spark in their relationship, and they get it with great success in different ways, either having an erotic massage together, looking at their partner receiving a massage or learning to please one another with our seminars, through caresses and massages, discovering a new world most people did not know.

Unleashing fantasy and introducing new games will certainly help revitalize a relationship, and strengthen connection with your partner.

Put some ingredients such as creativity, sensibility and commitment with intimacy.

eroticism in the couple

Eroticism as a therapy for couple crisis

These days couple therapists are increasingly recommending erotic massagessensual games within the couple, getting out of this routine that is installed in their intimate life or even non-existent in some of them.

Usually couple crisis is produced by sexual problems or incompatible personalities.

Sexual problems often arise at the birth of a baby as life changes completely, and sexual life goes to another level.

Couple crisis are produced from a problem of infertility or lack of communication, stress, lack of attention from the couple, economical problems, etc.

The first step to solver couple crisis is to admit it and be able to talk about it with your partner and to freely express your feelings, and showing interest in doing everything possible to save the couple.

Sex is directly related to the quality of life of the people and to the future of the relationship, therefore when problems arise we must immediately give solutions.

Sexual therapy consists of a series of exercises always planned to be done as a couple, where both must open their mind, get rid of cultural prejudice that often cause difficulties in love relationships, and from there guidelines of behavior are given through activities that allow pleasant and healthy erotic behaviors for both, such as erotic massage for couples, because they help us to learn a lot about the sexuality of our partner, to discover new feelings, new ways of caressing and feeling, which causes great sexual stimulation for both.

Starting from there, putting into practice what you have learned and using imagination, erotic massages will be very practical to help the couple to intimately reunite.