Interesting facts about sexuality

Throughout the history, and in different countries of the world, sexuality has been and will continue being a topic that has been experienced in various and controverted ways. Taboos, misinformation, ignorance, false beliefs, customs, different religions, have been determinant factors for sexuality and its way to be lived by human beings. Reviewing the history of humanity we can find interesting data, such as:

  • In Greece, small and firm penises we admired, while big ones where considered less aesthetic.
  • The punishment for adultery in Rome was the amputation of the nose.
  • For hundreds of years the only position for sex accepted by the Catholic Church was the missionary position (man on top of the woman).
  • Until 1972, in the United Stated, homosexuality was considered a mental illness.
  • Until 1884, a woman in England could be imprisoned for denying sex to her husband.
  • In Ancient Greece, all prostitutes used specific clothing identified them with their job.
  • In Paris, after 1635, prostitutes were whipped, shaved their heads and were expelled from the city.
  • In 1996, North Americans spent more than 8 billion dollars in pornographic material.
  • In Lebanon, men can legally have sexual intercourse with animals as long as they are female. Having sexual intercourse with a male is legally punished with death.
  • In Bahrein, a doctor can legally examine female genitals, but it is forbidden to look at them directly during the examination. He can only look at them through a mirror.
  • Muslims cannot look at the genitals of a corpse. This is also applied to the employees of funeral homes. The sex organs of the deceased must be always covered by a piece of wood.
  • In Indonesia, the punishment for masturbation is decapitation.
  • In Guam, there are men whose only job is to travel around the country to have sex with virgin girls, and get paid for the privilege of having sex for the first time. The reason: by the laws of Guam it is forbidden that virgins get married.
  • In Liverpool, England, law authorizes sellers going topless, but only in tropical fish stores.
  • In Cali, Colombia, a woman can only have sexual intercourse with her husband, but the first time that happens, their mother must be in the room to witness the act.
  • In Santa Cruz, Bolivia, it is illegal for a man to have sexual intercourse with a woman and her daughter at the same time.
  • In Maryland, USA, preservatives can only be sold in machines in places where alcoholic beverages are sold.