Interesting facts about sexuality

Throughout the history, sexuality has been and will continue being a topic that has been experienced in various and controverted ways. Taboos, misinformation, ignorance, false beliefs, customs, different religions, have been determinant factors for sexuality and its way to be lived by human beings. Reviewing the history of humanity we can find interesting data, such as:

  • In Greece, small and firm penises we admired, while big ones where considered less aesthetic.
  • The punishment for adultery in Rome was the amputation of the nose.
  • For hundreds of years the only position for sex accepted by the Catholic Church was the missionary position (man on top of the woman).
  • Until 1972, in the United Stated, homosexuality was considered a mental illness.
  • Until 1884, a woman in England could be imprisoned for denying sex to her husband.
  • In Ancient Greece, all prostitutes used specific clothing identified them with their job.
  • In Paris, after 1635, prostitutes were whipped, shaved their heads and were expelled from the city.

Interesting, right?

  • In 1996, North Americans spent more than 8 billion dollars in pornographic material.
  • In Bahrein, a doctor can legally examine female genitals, but it is forbidden to look at them directly during the examination. He can only look at them through a mirror.
  • Muslims cannot look at the genitals of a corpse. This is also applied to the employees of funeral homes. The sex organs of the deceased must be always covered by a piece of wood.
  • In Guam, there are men whose only job is to travel around the country to have sex with virgin girls. They get paid for the privilege of having sex for the first time. The reason: by the laws of Guam it is forbidden that virgins get married.
  • In Santa Cruz, Bolivia, it is illegal for a man to have sexual intercourse with a woman and her daughter at the same time.
  • In Maryland, USA, preservatives can only be sold in machines in places where alcoholic beverages are sold.
Interesting facts sexuality

The fluidity of sexual orientation

If you are someone who is in their teens or early adulthood, you may be wondering and exploring your sexuality. It must be kept in mind that the sexual orientation spectrum is broad and is not limited to one thing. Many individuals around the world differ in terms of their sexuality. This has a lot to do with the fact that they have different levels of exposure to sex and openness.

In countries where sexuality of all sorts is accepted and praised, the number of individuals who identify themselves differently are more as compared to those individuals who are born into an environment where they are unable to express themselves openly. So, in a sense, it can be said that sexual orientation is not always fixed and is fluid. There are many categories and subcategories that are all brought up via the experiences of individuals all around the world.

Interesting sex facts

Sexual health benefits

Many individuals out there do not know that regular sexual intercourse can lead to more benefits than harm. If you are the type of individual who constantly thinks about sex and topics related to sexuality, then you are not alone. In reality, there are hundreds and thousands, if not millions, of individuals who explore their sexuality through different types of sex.

Exploring sexuality on your own can help reduce feelings of stress and anxiety and can also improve immune function. This is particularly common in those individuals who are in their mid-20s to 30s. So, if you are someone who is currently in the process of exploring their sexuality, then you may benefit from this sexual fact.

LGBTQ+ sexuality

Origin of the animal kingdom

Another great fact about sexuality is that homosexual behaviour has been traced back to hundreds and thousands of years ago. This can be traced back to animals who performed sexual behaviour with the same gender. Many individuals around the world believe that sex between the same gender is propaganda that is introduced by liberals, but that is not the case. The fact is that homosexuality and other types of sexuality have been performed longer than this generation of the world knows.

Asexuality is as valid as other sexuality

Many people out there do not know that Asexuality is a sexual orientation that is legal and accepted and is characterised by a lack of sexual desire for other people. If you are someone who is still struggling with your own sexual identity in your teens or early adulthood, then you may want to know this fact. It must be kept in mind that Asexual people can still have romantic and emotional relationships to some extent but are not attracted to one another sexually.

These types of individuals may not want to perform any kind of sexual activity, not even kissing. Although only about 1% of the population identifies as asexual, asexuality is a prominent component of the broad spectrum of human sexuality. For the sake of establishing an inclusive culture that welcomes all varieties of sexual orientation, understanding and support for asexuality are essential more than ever in today’s modern world.

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Importance of LGBTQ+ awareness

You may or may not know that in recent years, LGBTQ+ rights groups have achieved great strides in their fight for equal rights, respect, and societal acceptance of LGBTQ+ people and partnerships. The world of LGBTQ+ has grown tremendously, with more countries and societies accepting it under the common umbrella of the sexuality spectrum. The success of the collective effort in creating a more welcoming and inclusive society is demonstrated by developments like the legalisation of same-sex marriage in various nations.

Moreover, more countries around the world are raising awareness through different aspects. For example, showing same-sex marriages and partners in movies, TV shows, and in the music industry. Not just that, but LGBTQ+ awareness has also been discussed more and more with businesses, which resulted in them dedicating a whole month to promoting this spectrum of sexuality.

The month of pride, which is celebrated in the midst of summer, is one that is highly important for all the queer and non-queer supporting or, more commonly known as, allies. This movement highlights the need to treat all members of LGBTQ+ with the same respect and dignity as other sexuality-claimed individuals.

Sex expectations

Open and safe sex awareness

Open and thorough sex education is necessary for people’s emotional and psychological well-being. It has been found through in-depth research that individuals who are exposed to safe sex awareness are more likely to have a strong and better relationship with sex than those who have little to no exposure.

Having proper sex education and well-being is beneficial, both for the mind and soul. A healthy approach to one’s own body and relationships is encouraged by correct knowledge on sexuality. Consent, sexual health, and relationships, leads to individuals having safe sex. Additionally, it aids in lowering stigma and false information, resulting in safer practices asnd improved health outcomes.

Statistical report of sexual behaviour amongst teens

Another common fact that many individuals around the world do not know is that 7 out of 10 who are exposed to sex education in their early teens perform safe sex. The reason behind this has a lot to do with the fact that through safe sex education knowledge, individuals are able to explore their sexual desires and needs and thus perform safe sex without doubts, fear, and any insecurities in between.

Facts about sexuality

Improved mental well-being

Many individuals out there do not realise that the only way to improve mental well-being is through exploring one’s own sexuality. If you are someone who is in their teens, early adulthood life, or in your mid-30s or 50s are still confused about your sexuality and preferences, then you might want to start thinking about your mental health first. It has been found that individuals who suffer from depression, anxiety, and other mental health illnesses are less likely to have found their sexuality in their 20s.

What we mean by this is that if you are concerned about your poor mental health, then this may fog your brain and reduce the chances of your body and mind exploring the different sexual spectrum out there. If you are interested in knowing more about sexuality, then you may want to start considering improving and focusing on your mental health needs.

You may be surprised to find out that oftentimes, your mental health is affected not by external issues, but rather through deep-rooted generational trauma or childhood neglect. These feelings and exposure to such experiences may lead your body to shut down a part of itself that is responsible for curiosity and self-exploration.

Interesting facts about sexuality

Sexuality-active women and their health needs

If you are a female who is in their early twenties and is experiencing the urge to be in a sexual relationship with someone, then you should know that this is completely normal and healthy. Many people out there put down women, in particular, for their behaviour and need of wanting to have sex with their partner. This can lead to differences and create disruption between the nature of men and women.

The truth of the matter is that women and men, when they reach a certain age after puberty, they start to feel sexual. Why, you may ask? Well, this has a lot to do with secondary sex organs being developed and hormones being released. Such hormones can cause a person to feel sexual more than usual in their teens and early twenties. Moreover, it has been found that females who perform sexual activity with their partner and are left satisfied are less likely to experience symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression in the near future.

types of sexuality

Bisexuality exists and is not uncommon

Another common fact that many individuals around the world fail to realise is that just like other forms of sexuality, such as gay, asexual, pansexual, a-romantic, straight, etc., bisexuality is also a type. It is common for individuals to think that a person is confused when asked about their sexuality. If a person claims to be bisexual, people tend to think that the person is still in their phase of exploring self-identity and sexuality, when in reality, that is not true at all.

The truth is that bisexual individuals exist, and they are not gay or lesbian for choosing the same gender as them. As we have mentioned above, LGBTQ+ awareness is important as it leads to individuals realising more about their sexuality, and this can create a space for individuals of all ages, backgrounds, and nationalities to come forward and express themselves. If you are an individual who is currently closeted and still confused about your own sexuality, then you should know that there is absolutely nothing wrong with you.

Female most common sexual fantasies

Sexual fantasies

Another important fact about sexuality that many people around the world fail to recognise is that only around 6% of people fail to have sexual fantasies about their partners. At its core, sexual fantasies are wild imaginations created by humans of other individuals that they like or have sexual attraction towards.

Such fantasies are created by thinking of a certain scenario. It must be kept in mind that sexual fantasies can lead an individual to feel more sexually aroused and can help them reach climax in a more intense manner. However, this may not be for everyone, as 6% of the world’s population fails to have sexual fantasies. Now, while this may come as shocking to you, we will have you know that this does not mean, under any circumstances, that these individuals have low sexual behavior or have low orgasm chances.

The takeaway

So there you go, everyone! These were some of the most interesting and unique facts about sexuality that you may want to know. We hope that you enjoyed reading this piece of article and have gained adequate knowledge.