Male Genital Reflexology

Genital Reflexology is a technique that works reflex points in different parts of the body ( hands, feet, ears….) by stimulating different points on the foot we would also be stimulating different organs and body functions , helping to create a better functionality of the body in general.

Do the genitals also have reflex points?

Of course they do, a penis has its own corporal map, some experts believe that the reflex points in the penis are more intense and efficient than those found in the feet or hands.

Male Genital Reflexology

These spots can be stimulated but without reaching an orgasm. According to genital reflexologists, each portion of the penis corresponds to a part of the body.

  • The glan. On the top and around the tip, contain fibers or points that correspond to the pituitary gland, pineal, adrenal, thymus organ, and prostate. On each side of the rim and at the base of the gland you will find the lungs. In the middle, down the rim towards the base of the glands is where the heart is located.
  • The shaft of the penis.  If we equally divide the shaft of penis in three with imaginary lines, the first third, that starts at the foreskin gland, contains the spleen, stomach, and pancreas; the second third, includes the small intestine and liver; and the last third, reaches the base of the penis and is embedded in the pelvis. This third corresponds to the large intestine, kidneys, and bladder.
  • The testicles, the powerful testicles, are connected to all of the organs throughout the body.

This is why genital reflexology is highly recommended, due to the benefits gained in organs and glands throughout the body, paying special attention to the shaft and testicles.

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