Prolegomenon What is?

Tantric use on Sexual Energy

Did you know about Prolegomenon?

For Tantrasexual energy is really powerful and during sex we can generate great energy that we must know how to use.

Naturally, this energy reaches its peak in the moment of orgasm, but there is one problem: from that moment it decreases sharply.

This is true especially when sex is used as a relief, when there is a great need or when it is focused only to have an orgasm.

This will come sooner or later if everything is normal, a certain level of energy will be generated but will disappear immediately. Tantra considers this a waste.

Tantra recommends we should enjoy more all that sexual energy produced, and its first proposal is obvious and simple: to extend intercourse and foreplay.

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If we analyze the sexual act consists of diverse phases in which arousal and pleasure increase and then, with one final phase orgasm is reached where almost everything ends suddenly.

The first thing we look for with Tantra is to extend the phase before penetration and intercourse before an orgasm, in other words, to extend prolegomenon, and stimulate erotic games and caressing.

Since these phases are also pleasant joy and fulfillment that sex gives us will increase.

Then we try to develop consciousness during erotic excitement to direct that energy we are generating, so we need to be aware and breathe appropriately during sex.

The next step would be during intercourse itself, that is, control ejaculation as much as possible during penetration in order to suppress or delay.

Finally, we would try to use this time, this concentration and this conscious way to make love, first to extend sexual energy through the body, vitalizing and making every cell participate in this enjoyment to make it go all the way to the brain, illuminating and filling every neuron with fire.

This produces a neuronal overstimulation that tones and vitalizes the brain, filling it with energy and makes it work in a comprehensive way by merging both hemispheres: the intuitive and the rational, the intellectual with the emotional.