Prolegomenon What is?

Did you know about Prolegomenon?

For Tantrasexual energy is really powerful and during sex we can generate great energy that we must know how to use.

Naturally, this energy reaches its peak in the moment of orgasm, but there is one problem: from that moment it decreases sharply.

This is true especially when sex is used as a relief, when there is a great need or when it is focused only to have an orgasm.

This will come sooner or later if everything is normal, a certain level of energy will be generated but will disappear immediately. Tantra considers this a waste.

Tantra recommends we should enjoy more all that sexual energy produced, and its first proposal is obvious and simple: to extend intercourse and foreplay.

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If we analyse the sexual act consists of diverse phases in which arousal and pleasure increase and then, with one final phase orgasm is reached where almost everything ends suddenly.

The first thing we look for with Tantra is to extend the phase before penetration and intercourse before an orgasm, in other words, to extend prolegomenon, and stimulate erotic games and caressing.

Since these phases are also pleasant joy and fulfilment that sex gives us will increase.

Then we try to develop consciousness during erotic excitement to direct that energy we are generating, so we need to be aware and breathe appropriately during sex.

The next step would be during intercourse itself, that is, control ejaculation as much as possible during penetration in order to suppress or delay.

Finally, we would try to use this time, this concentration and this conscious way to make love, first to extend sexual energy through the body, vitalising and making every cell participate in this enjoyment to make it go all the way to the brain, illuminating and filling every neurone with fire.

This produces a neuronal overstimulation that tones and vitalises the brain, filling it with energy and makes it work in a comprehensive way by merging both hemispheres: the intuitive and the rational, the intellectual with the emotional.

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What are prolegomenon?

Sex is not a secret; everyone knows about it, and almost everyone has a hunch about how it happens. It is a desire and a need. There is no doubt that sex is a basic human need to function properly, but that does not mean having it like a cold dinner!

The basics of sex are the same: you find the person you feel like being intimate with. You take them to a cosy spot, which could be your place or their, or even a hotel! If you want to keep things fancy. It is important to have this experience with someone you know or desire. Having sex with a stranger is like they say, “beating the meat.” It fulfils the need but does not bring out its intended sweetness.

The build-up makes things happen in a rhythm as intended. Mutual feelings and synchronised actions are all in a smooth flow. The foreplay ends with penetration and the awaited orgasm. Here is what makes sex turn into making love: the extension of foreplay.

The feeling of each other’s bodies, the touch of the skin with every movement, breathing as one, and caressing your bodies together. This sexual energy is prolonged till the maximum limit is known as Prolegomenon. This is what makes sex a wondrous experience.


The Tantra of Prolegomenon

When it comes to desire, the emotions are already elevated. The want of a human touch becomes medicine. It helps with depression and increases the endorphins in our bloodstream. From the Gods of Sex, we have the “Kamasutra,” which explains sex as an art and a practice of love. It needs time and focus to perform it correctly to gain 100%.

It starts from the very beginning. The reserved energy is maintained. As the philosophy of Prolegomenon states, the introduction to a subject is important, and it is important to keep it brief. Similarly, the philosophy here is the same: the prolegomenon in sex needs to be brief, and the sexual tension and energy need to be maintained until a peak has been achieved.

This energy should spread to the entire body, and your partner should feel the same. It should feel like being one, the synchronised movements and breaths. As the sexual energy progresses, so should the feels and intensity of touch until the final penetration is achieved. Which should also progress with foreplay, and the erection is maintained until orgasm.

It takes focus and time to achieve a long-lasting erection. This art of holding on to sexual energy for a longer period is known as prolegomenon and makes sex amazing.

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Using Prolegomenon the Right Way

To know and use prolegomenon correctly, it is important to understand the phases of intercourse. As stated above, it is a slow and steady process that leads to the final phase of orgasm. But orgasm can only be achieved if the time is taken and both partners feel the same and synchronise, or else sex can never be as amazing as the thought.

Everyone imagines their sexual encounter to be an amazing experience that will blow their mind away. But the first encounter is never like that; it is always a bad experience for either one of the partners. But it shouldn’t be like that. Things can take a turn for good. Here are a few things that can be done to turn the tables and make the experience memorable.

  1. Your partner should be willing to have sex and make an effort. Both partners should be on the same page and have the same desire for each other. Sex should start spontaneously, and it should progress with synchronisation.
  2. Choose a cozy spot, dim the lights, add some scent, and play some jazz music. The environment plays a major role in maintaining the prolegomenon. It should complement the mood accordingly.
  3. What helps is the attire you wear. Make sure you wear something that is smooth, soft to the touch, and easy to take off. The removal of clothing items is a major turn-off during such encounters. Anything that breaks the skin-to-skin touch for a longer time delays the prolegomenon and lowers the sexual energy. So the best thing to wear is silk or net, which can be torn off as well, and nothing brings out the beast inside than tearing your partner’s clothes off.
  4. The sexual tension should be increased by touching each other and caressing each other. In addition to kissing on the lips, try kissing on the neck and the collarbone. You should hear each other’s breaths. Touch your partner’s body with your body and try to be playful.
  5. Don’t just stick to one spot. Keep changing positions and spots and take advantage of all the space you have. Try playing games and be naughty. This is one place where naughty helps being increase the sexual tension. Try biting your partner playfully and moving around the space to enhance that fire.
  6. Move your fingers to slowly explore your bodies and playfully caress your partner, squeeze the buttocks, and move your hand to the inner thigh. Explore however you want to.
  7. Maintain eye contact and moan to make your partner aware that what they are doing is helping you feel good. This will keep the motion maintained, and the sexual energy will be heightened and spread throughout the body. The higher the sexual tension, the wetter a woman is, and the more erect a man is. Maintaining the prolegomenon on penetration also adds to the act.
  8. Prolegomenon should not end at penetration. Rather, both partners should hold off on orgasm until the very end. It helps with having the most amazing experience as you orgasm at the very peak of your emotions, where you cannot hold back any longer.

There is no step-by-step guide for prolegomenon when having sex. It should come from within. Sex is a natural process, and as it has been instilled in every human, it is always natural to have a sex drive and to channel it however you want. The acts of sex are also natural. It is an act of reciprocation and extension of what is given to you.

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Kamasutra and Prolegomenon

Kamasutra is a book of sex that is considered an intimate guide to different sexual positions to enhance sexual tension. This century-old guide has shown humankind wonders, and there is no denying that it is still the best guide to amazing sex.

The Hindus have provided insight into sex and have made it far more enjoyable. Humans are the only species to have sex for fun other than the reason to procreate. And shouldn’t we? When we have the desire to have sex, then we enjoy it to the full extent.

According to the Kamasutra, sex should take time. It should come spontaneously and not be forced. The prolegomenon explained in the Kamasutra is the example of a turtle going slow and steady as a turtle. If you are touching your partner, do it so you feel them tingle. Your partner should feel, and so the same. If you start with a kiss, it should last longer and feel erotic.

Every moment should complement your desire, and it should feel good to both participants. To be more precise, the Kamasutra says that foreplay is most crucial to sexual intercourse and should be taken time with as a turtle takes time to reach their destination. The concept of prolegomenon is the same: take your time at the start and make the foreplay last longer by focusing on the now and maintaining the sexual energy to reach the apex of it.

So, to have the most memorable sexual encounter, it is best to listen to the Gods of sex who wrote the book on how to have sex and described different positions to make it happen with the most effect.


The aim of sex is to release tension from within, and that is why we humans have it to help us with depression. It is not just limited to penetration and orgasm, but the component of prolegomenon is crucial to having good and everlasting sex. Taking time with your foreplay adds value to sex and makes it last longer, and you have an amazing orgasm at the final phase as well.