“Pompoir” or Singapore Kiss

Did you hear before about Singapore Kiss?

If we are asked what we can do to improve our sex life, we will probably think about those tricks that have become common places, such as extending preliminaries, trying alternatives like oral sex or anal, dress up in something ridiculous or even whipping or bound with ropes or handcuffs.

However we surely do not stop practicing some ancient techniques as the Pompoir and its Arab variant, the kabazza.

Sex has to do with friction, and hence the obsession that many women and men have with penis size. It is understood that more size (thickness and lenght) will give more pleasure. Such thinking is in the basis known as Pompoir or more poetically: “ Singapore kiss ” (or in a more elusive way, the touch of flute).

Singapore Kiss: What is it about?

It is basically a sexual technique in which women uses her vagina to stimulate penis as if she were sucking. Hence the name “Pompoir” which in French would mean “sucker”.

Vagina produces an effect similar to the mouth during oral sex. Instead of riding or lunging, the couple remains still and she uses the PC muscle to stimulate male erectionwhich means more intense orgasms.

This is not an easy technique, and although some women are born with the natural ability to make these muscle movements, most of them must be trained in order to achieve it.

Singapur kiss

A long way toward pleasure

Supposedly, the tradition used was born in India more than 3.000 years ago and from there, it grew to other oriental countries like Thailand or Japan.

Having been taught to geishas, it focuses on developing this technique as well as the Indian Devadasis banned since 1988.

In fact, there is a variation known as kabazzah and which also includes the muscles of the abdomen. The obsession of some celebrities for Eastern sex practices such as Tantric sex has returned pompoir to present amatory.

The best position to practice this technique is that in which the woman is on top of the man, since she will set the pace and intensity of the sexual encounter although it can also be practiced on the side.

Moreover, it is necessary that the man stays in an absolutely passive position because movements must be subtle. It is necessary for vagina to be moist so movement is easier. And all responsability is, for once, on the feminine side who decides the pace to perform.

This technique not only allows the man to have more intense and long orgasms, but can cause a woman to experience the three possible types of orgasmsvaginaclitoris and the least common of them all, the uterus. Sometimes, the vaginal contraction can occur naturally when a woman reaches climax.