“Pompoir” or Singapore Kiss

Did you hear before about Singapore Kiss?

If we are asked what we can do to improve our sex life, we will probably think about those tricks that have become common places, such as extending preliminaries, trying alternatives like oral sex or anal, dress up in something ridiculous or even whipping or bound with ropes or handcuffs.

However we surely do not stop practicing some ancient techniques as the Pompoir and its Arab variant, the kabazza.

Sex has to do with friction, and hence the obsession that many women and men have with penis size. It is understood that more size (thickness and lenght) will give more pleasure. Such thinking is in the basis known as Pompoir or more poetically: “ Singapore kiss ” (or in a more elusive way, the touch of flute).

Singapore Kiss: What is it about?

It is basically a sexual technique in which women uses her vagina to stimulate penis as if she were sucking. Hence the name “Pompoir” which in French would mean “sucker”.

Vagina produces an effect similar to the mouth during oral sex. Instead of riding or lunging, the couple remains still and she uses the PC muscle to stimulate male erectionwhich means more intense orgasms.

This is not an easy technique, and although some women are born with the natural ability to make these muscle movements, most of them must be trained in order to achieve it.

Pompoir or Singapore Kiss

A long way toward pleasure

Supposedly, the tradition used was born in India more than 3.000 years ago and from there, it grew to other oriental countries like Thailand or Japan.

Having been taught to geishas, it focuses on developing this technique as well as the Indian Devadasis banned since 1988.

In fact, there is a variation known as kabazzah and which also includes the muscles of the abdomen. The obsession of some celebrities for Eastern sex practices such as Tantric sex has returned pompoir to present amatory.

The best position to practice this technique is that in which the woman is on top of the man, since she will set the pace and intensity of the sexual encounter although it can also be practiced on the side.

Moreover, it is necessary that the man stays in an absolutely passive position because movements must be subtle. It is necessary for vagina to be moist so movement is easier. And all responsability is, for once, on the feminine side who decides the pace to perform.

This technique not only allows the man to have more intense and long orgasms, but can cause a woman to experience the three possible types of orgasmsvaginaclitoris and the least common of them all, the uterus. Sometimes, the vaginal contraction can occur naturally when a woman reaches climax.

The Art of Kamasutra

Pompoir or Singapore Kiss

Sex has become a routine for many and a daily need for some but those who want to have a sensual nirvana yearn for the presence of Pompoir or Singapore kiss! The names have evolved and changed over the centuries and adaptation of different cultures, but the practice remains the same. It is also known as Pompoir, Shanghai grip, Singapore kiss, or plain old Milking the Lingam.

Imagine having the best sex where the intensity of muscular contractions is felt in a rhythm as a velvet soft hand gripping your penis. While sex is a mutual sensation, women feel a better stroke and frequent orgasms.

The Act of Nirvana

Nirvana is a lifestyle that includes the mutual sharing of energies. It ends in both partners receiving what they desire. Nirvana is a beautiful act of love that goes deep beyond the physical act of sex. While sex is a major part of Nirvana, so is the Yoni of a woman (Vagina) and the Lingam of a man (Penis).

Pompoir or Singapore Kiss, the act of nirvana, is to make you feel in heaven. If that is what you do not feel, then maybe you are doing it all wrong. The feeling of a man to a woman or the feeling of a woman to a man should be exciting every time, and it should feel like the very first time.

The forms of pompoir and Singapore kiss are many and have been explored by those who desire to have intimacy. It is not just any intimacy technique, but a practice known to evolve over time and become the most stimulant form of intimate sex.

The Art of Milking the Lingam

Vaginal muscles are not yet known for their full potential. The man and his penis are always glorified in sexual content. But for a fact, the pelvic and vaginal muscles can do wonders. Men have left countries for such women!

The Yoni of a woman can do wonders if trained for it. The art of milking is a special sexual technique where a woman takes charge of the man and shows him a good time. It can be explained as a very soft yet firm muscle grip that feels like a wet velvet hand that gently contracts to a precise pressure to stroke a man’s lingam. Women who have trained for such an explicit sexual act are known as kabazzah in East Asia; you can read many stories of men sharing their encounters.

While many women train for this, now couples have also started to pursue this. Women train with sex toys and Chinese balls to strengthen their pelvic and pubovaginal muscles to enhance their bedroom desires. More and more women are taking charge of their sex and men’s lives. Honestly, no one is complaining about it.

Indian Kamasutra

Pompoir, As the French Say It

If you have ever seen or practiced Kegel exercises, you might know how the pelvic and pubococcygeal muscles work. Simply put, they increase muscle tone, giving a woman better control of her cervix, vagina, and sphincters. Pompoir is a very sexy French name for sexual training exercises for strengthening pelvic and pubococcygeal muscles to enhance pulsating contractions during sex.

It is known that the French are romantic fellows, and what they find insanely desirable is indeed that amazing to lust over. While many argue over the origin of this sexual strengthening, no one knows for sure. The French pompoir when they want, and it is something to learn from. These exercises are for women who want to be more active in the bed and make their men run wild.

Pompoir requires the woman to be on top of the man, contracting at the beginning of the canal and at the very base, near the cervix. This contraction is a strong pulsating whip-like movement, increasing the blood flow of the penis, making your man go harder and harder. The movements are rhythmic, and the pulsating adds more stroking to the Lingam.

For better control during sex, it is suggested to at least practice Pompoir every day for 20-30 minutes and not more than that. It is a slow race, and one should not try to take big leaps. This strength training includes trying to short-contract pelvic muscles and then long-contract, breathe with the contractions, and slowly increase the hold time for better and stronger pulsating movements. 

The training for this technique requires a vast number of exercises such as pulling exercises, pushing exercises, lateral squeezing movements, frontal squeezing movements, and even unilateral movements.

Khajuraho Kamasutra

A Singapore Kiss

It was a very popular article about a friend explaining how his best friend left Australia, his home country, after a woman who was neither young nor pretty! But she drove him insane in bed. Legend has it that it was a Singaporean prostitute who was known for this explicit act, “Singapore kiss“. It has many names, such as Shanghai Kiss, Shanghai Grip, and even Shanghai Squeeze. While you can call it whatever you want, it is the same as Pompoir.

Shanghai Kiss is known to be a very stimulating technique to arouse men. Whether it was a prostitute or not, the practice has become wildly appreciated among Asian men.  In Arabic, a woman who can stimulate a man by using her muscles is known as a kabazzah; in French, it is known as Pompoir; and in Singapore, a woman who can stimulate sex with her vaginal muscles is known to practice a Singapore kiss.

The practice for a Singapore Kiss is like Pompoir. The pelvic muscles are toned and gain better control over. This leads to better control over the pubococcygeal muscle, which is very mildly controlled even after practice. It takes time and practice to perfect the technique; the process is slow but fruitful.

There are sex toys for better training, such as Chinese balls and small weights for the vagina to practice longer contractions. The technique requires patience and small steps of milking the penis, as it can be injurious if beginners try to push their limits. It seems to be very strenuous and something impossible to learn, but like kegel exercises, this training focuses on the pelvic floor.

The Art of Kama Sutra

The Kamasutra

It is no secret that the Kamasutra, “the book of sex,” has many poses to try and is a complete guide to having sensational sex with your partner. It is an extensive book, and it has different series as well. The Hindus have been known to take sex very seriously and sensationally. But someone in ancient history decided to record everything and even experiment with it! Amazing.

As the book dates back and the acts of love in it, Pompoir or Singapore Kiss has originated in India and has been explained in Sanskrit. The act includes the use of pelvic muscles being contracted as the woman on top takes the erected lingam inside and starts to pulsate at the base. The effect is like a whip, and the rhythm is essential to practice. While the act remains the same, different regions have different names for it, such as the French call it Pompoir, and the Asians call it Singapore Kiss.

Kamasutra in the Nature

Practice Pompoir / Singapore Kiss

To practice this technique of sex, the woman needs to be in charge of her partner. Usually, men need to take charge and feel like they have accomplished something. But during this practice, the woman makes sure the man is taken care of. As she climbs on top of the man, she starts to whip the erected penis, or lingam, with her pubococcygeal muscles, and as the penis moves inside the canal, the rhythmic pulsating movement continues to the base of the lingam and at the cervix.

The vagina is a very underrated organ and is not given much credit for it. But when the pelvic muscles are trained to contract and pulsate the lingam, it does wonders. Not every woman with this art is a kasbah, but every woman can train to do pompoir or Singapore kiss. The men here need to be silent participants. He needs to lay still and let his partner, Yoni, make things happen for him. The act requires both partners to participate equally and passionately.

These contractions during intercourse increase the stimulation for men and for women; in simple words, the G spot can be hit every time. As the act proceeds, the contraction of the pelvic muscles and the pubococcygeal muscle along are getting more toned and gaining better control, which means the next time will be even better.

As the Kamasutra explains different positions and mantras for a better sex life, the Sanskrit for Pompoir or Singapore Kiss is not that elaborate. It is understood that the women back in the day already knew how to perform this act, and therefore, the kings had kept it as well.

Practice the Art

No matter what you call Pompoir or Singapore Kiss, it will have the same training of the muscles. With your partner under you, practice contracting for 2 seconds after deep penetration. This contraction should last for 8 seconds later after practice. The men should also practice penile muscle contraction to hold the erection for a longer time.

Like a geisha, sit on top of your partner, like a cowgirl pose, and contract the pelvic floor. Adding to the motion is the Kamasutra snake motion of back and forth with tapping movements.


Pompoir is a practice not for the faint of heart but for those who want to have a thrilling sex life. In Asia, this practice is known as the Singapore Kiss. It is not just a sexual practice for better intercourse but a practice for strengthening muscles for better muscle control. A kabazzah can make sex feel more desirable and entirely new. This sexual technique has come a long way and has become something highly sophisticated.