Tantra Breathing What Is?

Tantra Breathing as a way of disconnection, relaxation and serenity

Tantra breathing correctly can help us effectively disconnect and focus, this leads to physical and mental wellbeing. On the same hand, we can also control our mind through this.

Through concentration on our breathing, we calm the incessant flow of distractions and our mind becomes especially lucid and clear …

This allows us to perceive in harmony pleasurable feelings that make us feel better, healthier and happier in our day to day life .. If we practise 10 or 15 minutes a day we can reduce stress and most important, we can master our mind.

In terms of the sexual point of view, more intensity and pleasure can be found as we and gradually bring enjoyment to a pleasant stream of energy through proper tantra breathing.

illustration tantra couple kissing

In our tantra massage…

This technique is used so the receiver can take his own time to perceive a change in sensations and disconnect.

By practicing this technique simultaneously with tantra massage, a shift toward natural depth is achieved. Vital energy intensifies, fullness and peace is awakened. The relationship that we give the tantric massage at our center is through practice.

When practicing diaphragmatic breathing, we inhale and exhale through the nose in a calm and stressless state. The work / masseuse is simultaneous rhythmic to the receiver, unblocking energy channels through the meridians and chakras and stimulating all erogenous zones in the body.

Thus freed all voltage and into a stream of perceptual clarity of vital pleasure through breathing merger – massage and energy points breakouts.   You start lying supine (face up) and cover their eyes to help relaxation and mind-body process.

This experience of pleasure is recorded in gratitude applied in our memory. So it is a benefit to learn to use the breath to flow better combining it in any activity that is desired and it will be useful to  us forever.

In this case led to sexuality, this method increases with time, treatment and learning the skills to be experience a gradual and more powerful excitation.

Enjoy the best Tantra in Madrid.

Tantra breathing in Madrid

Tantra Breathing

The concept of body-mind alignment for the sake of cultivating peace in human system dates to old traditions of India, China and Greece. In these traditions, the mind and body are inseparable entities. The body-mind connection is a fundamental principal ins many spiritual and philosophical tradition, as well as modern scientific research. You may be wondering how this all ties to Tantra and tantric practice.

The concept of Tantra also emphasises on the mind-body connection. Tantra views the body and brain as indivisible parts of a more extensive and profound framework, and procedures like yoga, contemplation, and breath work. These are utilised to develop and adjust the body-mind framework.

Tantric practices highlight the importance of developing body mindfulness and presence. Moreover, it also relates to the significance of superior information on the connection between the physical and deep components of presence.

How can Tantric practices help with mind and body connection? Let’s dig deeper into the benefits of tantric massages:

Helps you listen to your body

As we delve in our daily activities, we fall victim to deafening out the noise of our own body speaking to us. Ignoring the silent messages from our body can often lead to fatigue. With anxiety of a fast-paced life filling up our bodies, we tend to fall prey to deteriorated mental conditions. We tend to completely ignore the aspect of our physical health that can negatively impact our mental condition. Usually, we blame work or life for deterioration of health.

Yoga and other tantric practices like tantric breathing help us reconnect with our bodies and learn what they expect of us. There have been studies on how procedures like body examines, in which you are asked to focus on locales of your body that you would typically neglect, can help reconnect brain organisations, expanding your impression of that part of the body. It essentially lays out a biofeedback circle between the body and brain.

Better understanding of your own mind

You have more control over your mental state and reactions if you are more receptive of your thoughts in a safe and serene environment, allowing you to steer them in a healthy way towards a healthier path. This is where tantric practices jump in to help achieve control of your mind by techniques that help create a synchronisation of the mind and body which emphasises balance and harmony, leading to a state of pure control over yourself. Tantric massages are one of the most commonly preferred tantric practices that emphasise upon building closure to your inner self.

Not only that, the techniques it incorporates may also help develop a healthier relationship with your mind while recognizing the superiority it holds over the human system in terms of control and holistic balance. Overtime, a sense of acceptance over your own self takes up the body as you learn to deal with the emergence of negativity paired with optimism in your system. You start to learn more about the incumbent thoughts coming in and deal with them with logic and compassion.

Consequently, you are no longer reactive, and you now resort to listening to yourself and engaging with your thoughts before you develop a constructive outcome of your problems. This has been possible because you have learned to recognise your mind through tantric breathing which have helped you build a better relationship with yourself evidently.

Conscious breathing for a better life

Gain consciousness

One of the most common tantric techniques is breath work. Immensely beneficial to the system, it not only relieves stress and lowers cortisol levels in the body. We breathe all the time, nearly always subconsciously. When our breathing becomes irregular, such as when we are nervous or scared, we become more aware of it, and our breath accelerates. The amount of oxygen that permeates your body has a direct impact on your neural system.

We are better prepared to assist ourselves in high-stress situations if we learn to pay attention to our breath in calm and serene conditions. Controlling or regulating your breathing helps to reinforce and maintain the body-mind connection. Better breathing practices may result from the peace excruciated out of prolonged reliance on tantric massage practices.

Release tension

Every day is a new challenge and the human body is prone to developing stress or discomfort out of these daily irritants. Since, the mind and body are so aligned to synchronisation, developing physical stress as a result of tension in the muscles of the body is very common. What your body really needs at this point is a tantric massage which awakens peace and fullness in the body releasing stress and discomfort with practices that specifically emphasise upon common stress areas and carefully pulls out the negative energy creating havoc in your system while, subsequently, exchanges with positive energy, peace and bliss.

Mindfulness and tantra breathing

Regulate your nervous system

Because it functions in both directions, the nervous system is inextricably linked to the body-mind dichotomy. For example, thinking about a stressor could trigger a rise in heart rate; but, an increase in heart rate for other reasons (medication, exercise) can make stressors more accessible to the mind.

Tantric techniques like a smoothening tantric massage would work in both directions by soothing your mind to govern your body by establishing heart rate coherence and calming your body to manage your mind by managing the stress response, regulating blood pressure, and shifting stress hormone synthesis and secretion.

Foster better relationships

We also provide specially curated couple’s massages. Fostering significantly emphasised practices, these practices help create a sense of harmony in your relationships, not only with yourself, but with your partners as well.

The massage sessions are crafted in a way that focus on outcomes which include increased affection, stronger self-control, and the cultivation of mindfulness in intimate experiences. Participants are led through activities that develop a deeper connection with their partners, cultivating a sense of gratitude and presence without the assistance of physical touch.

The tantra massage practices emphasise on the necessity of closing one’s eyes and returning to the heart place, and it encourages participants to value non-physical expressions of connection.

Just breathe

What really is a tantra couple’s massage?

The consolidation of body-based, breath-based, and thoughtful practices which are carved out of the reliance on these erotic tantra massages causes to notice the expected advantages of such methods in opening energy lines, cultivating mental clearness, and advancing focus. Reflection is featured for its neurological advantages, adding to the rebuilding of the mind and the advancement of abilities vital for profound presence and association in close minutes.

The practices specifically focusing on couples likewise energises accomplice association, underlining that these practices can be applied regardless of sexual direction. By participating in these practices together, members can make a common encounter, encouraging correspondence, trust, and shared investigation.

Consequently, the results imply that participants may build an ongoing ability to manage their sexual energy, promote calm, and enhance their personal connections beyond the present session. The emphasis on breath control and the exploration of sexual energy on the verge of control hints at the possibility of personal growth and a more nuanced awareness of one’s own desires and responses in intimate situations.

The importance breathing

Often unseen aspects of a tantric massage

A body-to-body massage is also referred to as a “tantric massage,” owing to its comprehensive approach that incorporates spiritual and energetic elements. This type of massage involves the therapist making intimate touch with the recipient in order to provide a more intense sensory experience. The phrase “tantric massage” refers to the broader aspects of relaxation and connection.

A body-to-body massage, additionally referred to as an intimate massage or sensual bodywork, is a sensuous experience that goes beyond traditional massage techniques. This particular sort of massage is distinguished by the massage therapists close and intimate contact with the receiver. It is also called as a full-body massage since the therapist uses their entire body, including their hands, elbows, and occasionally other body parts, to massage and stimulate the recipient’s body.

It is sometimes referred to as a sensual or tantric massage, accentuating the heightened sensory experience and the emphasis on awakening the body’s vitality. Another phrase that is widely used is “nuru massage“. A sort of body-to-body massage that originated in Japan and uses certain types of gel to heighten the tactile sensations.

The massage experience is sometimes presented as a “skin-to-skin” or “close-contact” massage, emphasising the therapeutic touch’s direct and intimate character. For those looking for a subtler or euphemistic definition, it can be presented as a “integrated massage” experience, emphasising the holistic approach that includes both physical and emotional well-being.

Tantric breathing in Madrid


In conclusion, additional phrases for describing the unique and varied experience of a body-to-body massage include intimate massage, sensual bodywork, full-body massage, tantric massage, nuru massage, skin-to-skin massage, and integrated massage. The vocabulary used may be determined by the environment, the level of intimacy wanted, or the unique cultural or therapeutic meanings desired.

All in all, a tantric massage offers in excess of an actual delivery — a comprehensive excursion, entwines the body, psyche, and soul. Past the personal touch, it digs into the domains of otherworldly association and energy arousing awakening a spiritual connection. The interlacing dance between the specialist and beneficiary encourages a significant feeling of unwinding and prosperity. As people take part in this old practice, they might find elevated exotic nature as well as a more profound comprehension of their internal identities.

With its transforming power, tantric massage invites seekers to delve into the complexities of pleasure, mindfulness, and the harmonious balance of forces within.