Tantra in Spain

The word Tantra comes from Sanskrit. Its origins can be traced back thousands of years and appeared as a type of movement opposing ascetic yoga and religious Buddhism.

Tantra is a method that leads, with the aid of ritualsbreathing techniques and meditation, to a more conscious level of Being and the senses.

Various exercises designed to awaken and orient sexual life play an important role. These exercises were transmitted for centuries to selected Tantrics, and came to our culture thanks to some curious western people.

In the last 30 years, since Tantra came to Spain and the rest of Europe, it has developed a kind of western Neo-Tantra under the influence of humanistic psychotherapy.

This way, the spiritual principles of traditional Tantra join the modern body therapies, constituting Tantra in Spain, a more understandable and close way to connect the heart, sex and spirituality.


How is a Tantra Spain Massage

Tantra Spain massage is usually a sensual massage, wrapping and energizing, and consists of big movements of connection between all parts of the body and touching the 7 chakras (energy spots spread throughout the human body).

The techniques of Tantra Spain massage are often based on slight pressures.  Especially body-to-body rubbing with slow, soft and rhythmic movements. The idea of this massage is to introduce shivering in the body, a vibration that makes any thought difficult.

Tantra massage in Spain does not exclude the sexual area, since it is always softlystimulated, making us discover a new sexuality as it makes sexual energy circulate and eroticizes the person receiving the massage.

But it is not only a sexual massage, it is much more, it is to be aware of your body, relaxing mind to open a new world where every touch, every feeling and every moment counts.

Feelings take over thoughts.

Tantra Massage in Spain is a sensual and spiritual experience, something extraordinary for your body and mind.

couple practicing tantra

Types of Tantra

Tantra is a form of mystical life that includes human behavior in all areas, including sexual.

The word “tantra”, from Sanskrit origin, can be translated as “the continuous action of interweaving”.

Tantra Philosophy tells us that the individuals can return totheir creative source.  Putting into practice a series of principles that activate energy, allowing connection with the universe and life.

There are three types in Tantra practice:

  • White Tantra. It is directed to fulfilling and harmony within yourself and the others.  As a way of intertwining energetically to share knowledge and support each other during the growth of our vibration. You experience the release of many of the burdens youhave in your mind.
  • Red Tantra has a sexual component, and through it seeks to touch and know divine consciousness of the couple in other level beyond physical.  Red Tantra is what we know in the West as “Tantra”, and the people who receive it can deeply know themselves, break prejudice and limitations imposed by society, unblocking and liberating karmas.  Red Tantra is not only sexual, but through our senses we can enjoy and live every moment of our life.
  • Black Tantra is related to using energy for personal means without respecting the life of other beings. Practices have body contact of all kind, usually culminating in genital and ritual penetration sex of their energetic body centers with experts that have the gloomyintention to extract vital energy of the disciples that they use and then discard for their purpose of enjoyment and power.

Real Tantra

Real Tantra is woven with the heart and interlaced to the power of love…  To that state of vibration to which the source belongs.  To which many humans today are learning how to reconnect with.

It has healing as a purposeenergetic unblocking and well-being of the person as they have an extraordinary experience.  Without danger, such as theft of energy from undesirable hands, prevailing ego completely.