Women Orgasms

5 levels of orgasms in women

When sexual resources have been awakened and passion starts, women can achieve orgasms in one or two minutes if they wish so.

Multiple orgasms are no longer impossible for women, and they have discovered their sexual energy is unlimited.

We can identify five levels of orgasmic activity in women:

  • Preorgasmic level: women who have never experienced an orgasm as well as those who are not sure they have experienced one. Women who are at this level might have never experienced making love or maybe never masturbated. Also, there is the case of women being sexually active who have a psychological blockage due to negative association, and of course affects women who were raised with the notion that “good girls” cannot enjoy girls.
  • The second level would be “sometimes orgasmic”. It can be more frustrating than the pre-orgasmic level, since not being able to feel an orgasm and the fact of lacking control can be devastating.


  • The orgasmic level. All those women who have access to this powerful energy. They have experienced an orgasm and very well know what positions are best to achieve it.
  • The fourth level would be multiple orgasms. It can be compared to fireworks, a chain of possibilities of pleasure that go beyond the orgasmic stratosphere.
  • The fifth and last level, which sexologysts define as a long orgasm and Tantrics name the wave of hapiness. It is a level of arousal that intensifies and can last from ten to twenty minutes, something even more.

This is not a fairy tale, it is real. Every woman has the possibility but must awaken that sexuality the carry inside and please herself, not her partner.