Best massage parlours in London

After a long-winding trip or a long day at work, a perfect, drug-free ways to unwind and dissolve muscle tension is a nice massage. But the London massage parlour you choose can make or mar your massage experience. From phone directories to publications and word of mouth, there are several sources that provide info about the best massage parlours in London.

But whether you’re looking for a therapeutic London massage or a sensual massage, you may still have to carry out your search with due diligence to ensure that your choice London massage location is high quality and is run by certified professionals. We’ve helped you with some ground work, and have come with this list of the best massage parlours in London.

Best massages London

1. 7th Heaven Asian Massage London

With numerous sage oriental masseuses that can make time melt like ice in a pot of steam, the 7th Heaven Asian Massage location is one of the top massage parlours in London. The masseurs here know how to work you into a relaxed, upbeat mood. From aching back muscles to overworked joints and sleep issues, the massage you get from this spot addresses numerous health issues. The gorgeous Asian masseuses here are all well-versed in traditional massage techniques that have been developed and honed for thousands of years. These ladies only know how to do one thing: using their delicate blend of massage techniques to please you.

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2. Butterfly Erotic Massage

This is a massage parlour that abound with energy and vibes, and leaves you bubbling with tremendous energy after a supercharging sensual massage. This massage parlour seeks to serve customers with innovative massage equipment and techniques that provide clients with a silver lining in the cloud after a tiring day out. The massage techniques deployed here helps you release negative energies and then reinvigorates you with potent doses of positive energies. With skillful hands of super sexy masseuses working on every fiber of your muscle, you’ll easily lay off muscle tension and stress like a dead weight in this spot.

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3. Cloud 9 London Massage

In this massage parlour, there’s no shortage of massage techniques and adorable supple masseuses to take give you a sure-fire sensual massage. You can opt for body massage, naturist massage, nude massage happy ending massage, nuru massage, tantric massage, and more. These various types of massages are executed with a blend of Western and ancient Eastern, Western tantra massage techniques. When the well-trained angelic masseuses in this spot envelop you in soothing, scintillating body-to-body grinding massage, you’ll feel the effect in every fiber of your body, mind and soul.

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4. Tantric Paradise

Whether you’re looking for a sumptuous masseuse who’ll knock you off your socks in your hotel room or home, or a massage parlor that’ll rock your world after a hectic day at work, the Tantric paradise can deliver that and so much more. The Tantric Paradise cares about your health as well as your financial circumstances, so you can get a incredible massage time out with one of their stunning masseuses at a pocket-friendly price. You can browse through their list of masseuse profiles to make a pick, and then book for your massage with just a single call.

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5. Bespoke Sensual Massage

This spot offers discrete, decongesting sensual massage to people looking to live life to the fullest. The spot has a sparkling reputation that assures you that you’ll surely get what you want. And you won’t come short of choices either, as you can choose to go with the classic body to body massage, a prostate massage, an erotic soapy massage, or a delicate nuru massage. You can also get to select a masseuse from the list of gorgeous, tantalizing professional masseurs. These ladies are endowed with elegance, charisma and rare skillfulness.

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6. Vanilla Erotic Massage London

This massage offers a warm, seductive atmosphere that puts you in the right mood effortlessly. For years, this establishment has successfully served numerous clients who’ve gleefully recommended their services to others. You can choose from a wide range of massage types, as well as from their group of highly skilled gorgeous masseuses.

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7. Oriental Bliss

This spot vies to provide massages which induce healing. It seeks to harness the sexual energy which courses through our veins like an electric current to produce a rejuvenating massage experience. When the gifted hands of the highly skilled oriental masseuses roll over your body, you can expect to have a wholesome feel in your body, mind and spirit. The spot offers what’s been dubbed a ‘complete-body-care’ service, which combines a rich assortment of tools, including aromatic massage oils and various types of lubricants, together with diverse expertise in several massage techniques. The spot even panders to fantasies, so you can rest assured that you’ll be able to live out your massage fantasies here.

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8. Asian Lovers Massage Parlour

For an unforgettable massage experience with Asian hotties, your best bet is this spot. The team of masseuses here is made up of the finest and most qualified Japanese, Chinese and Korean masseuses. You might even think that they’re not for real when you see their photos on the website. However, you’re guaranteed to get the exact same masseuse that you opt for when you book your massage online.

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9. Peachy Massage

This massage is founded by Heidi T. More, a seasoned psychotherapist who has poured in overflowing years of experience to ensure that customers’ physical and emotional needs are catered for satisfactorily. The team of masseuses in this spot draws masseuses from all around the world, including countries like English, Italy, Spain, Australia, Brazil, etc. Discretion and privacy takes preeminence here, and the establishment does not keep a database of customers. So you can leave your inhibitions behind, and indulge in the rich, diverse, and exquisite massage experience in this spot.

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10. Velvet Massage

Focusing nearly every curvature in the body, the dexterous masseuses in this spot deliver wholesome massages that discharges negative energies and reinvigorates the body, mind and soul. The atmosphere is sedative and alluring, and the equipment and techniques used deliver maximum effects. There are plenty massage types and technique suited to different people with different needs, and this makes for a bespoke, personalized massage experience.

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