Genital massage and masturbation

Erotic massages, also known as sensual massages, are the combination of different techniques in areas of the body considered erogenous. The two spots of activity in women focus on the breasts and pubis, and in the case of men, on the male genitals.

Currently, erotic massages can be used to achieve different goals, either as foreplay, as a form of relaxation, or as part of sex therapy.

We have mistakenly associated genital massage with masturbation, or still worse, with prostitution, all burdened with guilt and shame. This happens with everything related to sex and pleasure, which has forced us to hide it and reject it.

Genital massage in Madrid

But what is a genital massage?

As its name suggests, it is simply a massage in the genital area, but the problem comes when we try to find differences between this type of massage and masturbation. Basically, the most important difference is that genital massage does not aim to reach orgasm, but rather to explore the erotic pleasure of the genitals, ie, experience something different from what you feel when you masturbate. That is why it is a perfect practice if you are curious about erotic massage, and there is no doubt that there is pleasure far beyond the clitoris and glans.

A genital massage seeks relaxation, well-being and openness to physical and emotional pleasure. However, unlike masturbation, genital massage does not seek orgasm or ejaculation, neither does it generate tension nor have the rapid and repetitive movements of masturbation. With genital massage, body and mind relax, open to new sensations and deepen self-knowledge, promoting self-esteem, emotional balance and sexual health.

Genital massage is perfect for all those who want to explore their body in a different way, increase their sensitivity and ability to feel pleasure and thereby improve their own sexuality. It is also ideal for those who suffer physical and emotional blockages related to sexual difficulties, such as erection problems, vaginismus, lack of sexual desire, anorgasmia, premature ejaculation…, and want to improve their relationship with their own body by using a natural therapy that provides a lot of welfare and breaks down barriers allowing them to enjoy a healthy sexuality and without prejudice.

Erotic massage and masturbation in Madri

Is there masturbation in erotic massages?

In erotic massages, one can also perform masturbation if desired. Masturbation has been a taboo for a long time, and can still be said to be so since it is considered a dirty practice, and nothing further from reality, since pleasure is always associated with happiness. It is very beneficial to know our own body, to know what we like and what we don’t, and also to enjoy more with our partner.

Masturbation has clearly physical advantages with which our body benefits. There is no better natural analgesic than maintaining a satisfying relationship by reaching orgasm and releasing tension from the body. In addition, giving yourself pleasure allows you to keep your genitals healthy, it has even been proven that it can have very positive effects on the immune system, helping to prevent infections.

But not only do you get physical benefits from masturbation, you also get them psychologically. Many people have trouble falling asleep because of the accumulated tension, and masturbation is a good way to get instant sleep because of the relaxation it causes in the body. Also for stress is a great therapy, because thanks to masturbation you get a great tension and emotional release.

Let’s enjoy all the possibilities that our body offers us, with a good erotic massage, either with genital massage or masturbation, both experiences are most rewarding for our body and mind.

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All about genital massage and masturbation

A complete and comprehensive approach to healing that takes into account one’s mental, emotional, and physical health is massage therapy. The claim that “all massage is sensual” draws attention to the close relationship that exists between touch and the human experience. The fundamental aspect of massage is skin-to-skin contact, which produces a sensory experience that goes beyond simple physical manipulation.

In the context of massage, the phrase “sensual” does not always convey a sexual connotation; rather, it describes a state of awareness and receptivity to the senses. Appreciating the body’s capacity to perceive and react to stimuli is a necessary component of sensuality. This sensitivity is essential to accomplishing the many objectives of massage treatment, including relaxation, pain reduction, enhanced circulation, and nerve stimulation.

Key components of genital massage

A key component of massage is relaxation, which goes beyond merely relieving tense muscles. Deep relaxation is encouraged by the massage’s repetitive strokes and light pressure, which trigger the body’s parasympathetic nervous system. This promotes mental and emotional health in addition to reducing physical tension. The capacity of the massage therapist to create an atmosphere that deeply connects the mind and body and makes the receiver more conscious of their own body is what gives massages their sensuous quality.

Another important goal of massage therapy is pain alleviation, and the sensual aspect is essential to reaching this objective. By focusing on particular muscle areas, the therapist’s expert touch can relieve tension and encourage the body’s natural healing mechanisms. A massage’s tactile nature eases pain by fostering a sensory interplay between the client’s body and the therapist.

One physiological benefit of massage that enhances general health is improved circulation. Soft tissue manipulation increases blood flow, which improves the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to cells and facilitates the elimination of waste products from metabolism. Enhanced blood flow and warmth during a massage contribute to the entire sensory experience, highlighting the connection between physical touch and general health.

A key component of massage treatment is nerve stimulation, which affects the central and peripheral neural systems. The body’s neural pathways are communicated with by the therapist’s touch, which encourages a sense of renewal and vitality. In addition to improving bodily performance, this sensory stimulation also raises awareness and presence.

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Genital massage in Madrid

Hence, no different from any other kind of massage is a genital massage. Often perceived to be misleading because of the negative connotation attached to it, it has been frowned upon for ages. But, like any other organ of the human body, the genitalia are also equally prone to the need arising from continuous stresses of the body making routine and regular functioning difficult and posing as a hindrance to achieving utter relaxation and peace.

Spiritual element in genital massages

Sexual massage can have a spiritual or even therapeutic element in some techniques. Tantra and traditional Taoism developed massage practices designed to enhance both spiritual and sexual well-being, and they connected sexual energy to life force. Psychotherapists will sometimes suggest these techniques for individuals as well as couples when dealing with potentially psychosexual problems such anorgasmia, premature ejaculation, and erectile dysfunction.

In fact, Tantric traditions that emphasise the spiritual and sensual connection between lovers include Lingam and Yoni massages. The Sanskrit words “lingam” and “yoni” refer to the male and female sacred regions, respectively.

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Types of genital massages

Lingam massages

These types of massages primarily focus upon the male erogenous zones, which are the genitals (AKA, penis and prostrate). In addition to fostering physical pleasure, the aim is to help partners develop a stronger sense of closeness, connection, and spiritual awareness. In order to promote a comprehensive experience, the practitioner stimulates and relaxes the lingam using a variety of techniques, such as massage and energy work.

Yoni massages

A Yoni massage, on the other hand, is focused on the female genitalia. In a similar vein, it strives to create a sacred and intimate atmosphere for the recipient, going beyond simple physical stimulation. Similar to Lingam massage, the massage combines a variety of modalities with an emphasis on energy work and Tantric ideas. The intention is to facilitate spiritual discovery, healing, and connection.

How do they work?

Traditional Tantric energy work, which includes breathing techniques, meditation, and other techniques to increase consciousness and presence, is usually the first step in both lingam and yoni massages. The focus is on establishing a respectful and safe atmosphere for both partners in order to promote communication and trust.

The first step towards performing any sort of massage is to start slow and in the most calming state possible. You’re urged to relax first and open yourself up to the possibilities of achieving ultimate pleasure and peace out of the practice.

Never forget to breath. Even though, tantric breathing is a whole separate topic of discussion, it only brings us to the conclusion that breathing is the ultimate form of bliss that you could possibly rely upon in order to achieve max outcomes. So, as for your lingam or yoni massage, the key is to breath with the intention of maximising intuition with the deeper feeling of meditation and mindfulness at bay.

Let’s talk about these genital massages for men!

As for the lingam massage, the goal is arousal rather than complete ejaculation. Hence, it is preferred to use an essential oil of choice followed by deep acts of massaging and caressing of the area around the erogenous zones followed by moving towards actual area of choice.

The next point to keep in mind is that the stroke sequence and the grip should be varied from increasing at points where it feels right to decreasing pressure where felt like so. It should also be kept in mind that open communication with the recipient at this point is crucial.  

Yoni massage

The yoni massage is also, somewhat, similar focusing on multiple aspects of the female erogenous zones. It goes about in similar ways the lingam massage goes in terms of the technique, the only difference is that women have more erogenous zones than men do. Particularly including the breast area which is a major element of focus during these massages.

Before beginning the sexological bodywork portion of the therapy, the practitioner will often lead the massage recipient through calming breathing exercises and a bespoke full body massage.

The client’s comfort and sense of security are the practitioner’s top priorities for the entire massage. But particularly during the portion of the session that is devoted to the client’s yoni. Because this can be an intensely emotional experience, the emphasis during the massage is usually on moving slowly and gently. Depending on the client’s individual condition and level of readiness, an orgasm may or may not occur. Some clients may need to return for several sessions before feeling pleasure or even being ready to receive more inside or stimulating touch.

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What are these massages good for?

Health benefits associated with genital massages

Paired with several health benefits like treating erection problems, vaginismus, lack of sexual desire, anorgasmia, premature ejaculation and overall sex therapy. Genital massages in general are a commonly accepted way of achieving sexual openness, discovering one’s sexuality and achieving ultimate spiritual renewal.

Other benefits

Less people are aware of the fact that female arousal is more complicated than that. In fact, female arousal is so intricate. If a woman doesn’t consistently engage in the kinds of sexual interactions that her body responds to most favourably, her libido may finally shut down. That is to say, if having sex has started to feel like a chore, like something you have to do to appease your partner, or if it has become something you hate, fear, or detest.

After the nausea subsides, it’s quite possible that memories, stories, or emotions stored in your neurological system and muscle memory are preventing you from recognising and requesting what truly makes you feel good.

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So, isn’t it high time we look after ourselves and our needs?

The negative connotation of genital massages and masturbation

These massages, may it be for men or for women, are often categorised under the realms of sex work, prostitution or merely masturbation. Hence, creating a stigma around open discussions relating to the need and the subsequent benefits it holds to the overall livelihood of men and women. It is high time we look at the stats which scream how we find that heterosexual women orgasm only around 60% of the time, according to research. The underlying trauma experienced by women starting from early years of shame and the horrendous beliefs around the female body must stop now. It’s 2023 guys!

Same is for men, with many conditions regarding men’s sexual health connotation regarding recognition to be unmanly or woman-like is beyond the day and age at this point. So, why not live a better life for yourself?

Often paired with the belief that masturbation is a practice of similar conduct. We must gather that it has long been associated with social stigma, frequently being referred to as a “dirty” habit. This notion, meanwhile, is wildly inaccurate because happiness and pleasure are inextricably intertwined.

Masturbation has several advantages rather than being harmful. It’s a great way to discover one’s own tastes, learn more about one’s body, and—most importantly—have more fun with a partner. Relationships are healthier when both parties are aware of our needs and limits. Masturbation, when it embraces the good features of self-exploration, fosters an open and informed perspective on a natural and personal aspect of human sexuality, challenges outmoded stigmas, and improves general well-being.