Nuru Massage

The word “Nuru” comes from Japan and is a gel that comes from a preparation using seaweed Nori name. The word “Nuru” means slippery, and that is essentially that massage name, slipping one body on another body.

This way to apply massage is inspired to some extent, in some massage technique employing the geisha in Japan. This massage can not be described, you have to experience it because it is not a combination of techniques, it is creativity, fantasy, sensuality, eroticism, pleasure …. It is a thrilling experience that can be very enriching to life and sexuality for the person receiving the massage.

This is an exciting full body massage where two of a gel or oil slide against each other, where friction becomes pure pleasure as an intense and wet caress, a total discharge of stress and sexual tension.

The Nuru massage, the masseur should use their hands, feet, legs, arms, elbows, buttocks, breasts, inner thighs, knees, stroking both as pressing, rubbing, pressing, pinning and wrapping the receiver of massage feelings of tension and eroticism plagued the limit.

This is a massage that uses the whole body to relax the pinch and exploring sexuality, highly recommended by sexologists and therapists to strengthen relationships with family, since it helps rediscover sexuality of both, plus get a intimate reconnection of said pairs.

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The power of physical contact

Physical contact is vital for humans, its power is so big that due to its absence we can die when we are babies, and over time is what allows us to establish satisfactory interpersonal relationships.

Physical contact facilitates acquiring confidence in all senses, that is to say, we can surrender totally, emotionally and physically.

In Luxor Madrid we know the importance of body touching, physical contact and the great benefits that gives us, so our nuru and nature massages are the greatest expressions of contact between people, their fusion and the gratifying feelings that they get.

In our case, we do not see nuru massage as combination of massages techniques, but as something creative, sensual and erotic; it is a dance between two bodies that end upmerging into one, because it has a high erotic content; also our Nature Massage, where the person who is going to receive the massage and the therapist are completely naked and with one of our magnificent aphrodisiac oils, applying the most exquisite Tantric and erotic techniques the whole body is massaged with the therapist using different parts of the body, experiencing unknown and intense levels of pleasure.

Both for nuru massage and nature massage great consciousness is taken about what the human body offers, of the powerful sexual energy flowing through it, from the satisfactory feelings that gives us and will take us to full liberation of tension in the body, and great physical and emotional well-being.

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An overview of the history of Nuru massage

Let’s take a look at the history of Nuru massage before moving on to the modern era. The history of nuru massage can be traced back to the Japanese Edo period (1603–1868). Back then, its main uses were for healing as well as relaxation. Thanks to its extraordinary fusion of body-to-body contact as well as exotic Nuru gel, Nuru massage has transformed over centuries from a medicinal technique into a sensual and private art form.

A Nuru Massage: What Is It?

A Nuru massage is a close-knit, seductive body-to-body massage with roots in Japanese tradition. The word “Nuru” means “slippery” in Japanese, which wonderfully captures the essence of this message. The application of Nuru gel, a unique substance derived from seaweed and recognized for its slick and gel-like texture, is essential to the Nuru massage experience. This gel serves as a lubricant, allowing the practitioner as well as the recipient to glide over one another smoothly and sensually.

The “Nakai” or “Nakasu,” as the practitioner is historically known, uses their full body to carry out a variety of strokes, slides, as well as moves. The goal is to instill a profound sense of closeness, relaxation, as well as connection on an emotional and physical level.

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Practice and technique in the art of Nuru Massage

If you are wondering what is a Nuru massage, then you must first know that it is a form of art that requires talent and experience. To start off, the Nuru gel is warmed to a pleasant temperature before beginning a Nuru massage sex to ensure that it complements rather than detracts from the experience.

Both the recipient as well as the practitioner are normally naked to optimize skin-to-skin contact. The success of a Nuru massage is greatly influenced by the environment. A calming atmosphere is frequently facilitated by dim lighting, quiet, comforting music, as well as fragrant candles.

In a Nuru massage, the practitioner carefully glides, slides, as well as caresses the recipient’s body using a variety of methods and motions. These rhythmic, deliberate movements encourage sensuality as well as desire in addition to relaxation. The practitioner, as well as the recipient, must communicate clearly and openly. It makes sure that everyone is at ease and that every time, personal boundaries are respected.

In addition to the physical effects, Nuru massage promotes the development of a strong emotional bond between the participants. This emotional connection is fostered via verbal dialogue, eye contact, as well as soft touches.

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A Sensual Experience: Nuru Massage

Even though nuru massage is pleasurable, it’s crucial to recognize its possible advantages in this situation. Here are some important factors to think about:

Increasing intimacy

It is an effective tool for couples looking to strengthen their connection as well as intimacy. It encourages lovers to sensually and lovingly explore each other’s bodies, fostering a strong emotional as well as physical connection.

Stress reduction

Deep relaxation can be attained by receiving a Nuru massage, which uses gentle, gliding motions. This can ease tension mentally as well as physically, as well as lessen stress.

Communication and mutual respect

Nuru massage demands a high level of open communication and trust. Couples have the chance to deepen their emotional connections, promoting more transparency and confidence in their relationships.

Sensational exploration

Individuals and couples can both explore a variety of sensations and joys through Nuru massage, which enables them to find fresh means of relating to one another and enjoying themselves.

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Advantages of a nuru massage

Numerous possible physical and psychological advantages of nuru massage include;

1. Stress Reduction and enhanced intimacy

Muscles can be relaxed, and stress and anxiety can be decreased by the smooth, gliding movements of a Nuru massage. One’s general well-being can be significantly impacted by one’s overall sensation of relaxation. For couples, it can improve the intimacy between them physically and emotionally. It is a special and useful tool for couples looking to strengthen their bond or rekindle their passion.

2. Pain reduction and emotional connection

After receiving a Nuru massage, several people say their muscular aches and pains have subsided. Tension and discomfort may be reduced with the aid of mild massage and relaxation. Nuru massage develops a stronger emotional bond between participants and encourages open communication and trust. This increased intimacy may have good effects on relationships that go beyond the massage session.

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Techniques and variations in the art of Nuru Massage

The intimate and wide range of Nuru massage techniques includes:

Faint touch

In addition to the distinctive gliding motions, practitioners frequently use feather-light touches to tease the senses and heighten awareness.

Temperature play

During certain sessions, temperature play is introduced by altering the Nuru gel’s warmth or by adding ice to elicit various feelings.

Synchronised movement

Depending on the variant, two or more practitioners could coordinate their movements to produce a more intense as well as immersive experience.

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The benefits of Nuru for skin

The fact that this massage is good for your skin is one of its best features. It is a great technique to make your skin look and feel better. This is so that your skin can be exfoliated and moisturized thanks to the warm water and the gentle rubbing motion of the massage.

For healthy skin, exfoliation is necessary. But for the majority of people, using a loofah as well as a scrub brush in the shower is the best option. Since your partner can access areas of your skin that you are unable to, it provides a more thorough exfoliation of the skin. Additionally, anyone with skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema, or acne should consider getting this massage.

It is also a fantastic approach to encourage relaxation and lessen worry and mental tension. Additionally, it can enhance the quality of your sleep, your circulation, as well as your digestion.


Nuru massage is a sophisticated and multifaceted form of art that promotes intimacy, relaxation, as well as stress reduction.

Finding a reputable Nuru massage near me and putting communication, permission, and safety first are essential for a satisfying and secure experience, regardless of whether you want to explore this technique as a pair or solo.

A profound connection and relaxation are the goals of the art of Nuru massage, which makes it a genuinely unique and gratifying experience for those who wish to discover it.