Erotic massage techniques

The benefits of massage cannot be overemphasized. Massage is a great way to improve the blood circulation in a person, relieve tension as well as move energy all around the body. For lovers, massage can also be used to arouse your lover or used to exhibit some satisfying intimacy among couples. Massage can be done by a professional massage therapist in a top class massage center but it can also be done in house between couples as long as they have the knowledge and skills to carry it out. It is important to understand that the most important ingredients for a massage is the ability for the giver to please the receiver.

There are different types of massage and tantric erotic massage is one of them. It is one that is highly linked with some kind of sensual touch. As the name suggests, a tantric erotic massage is one that normally focuses on the receiver getting some sexual pleasure through some tantric practices. Since tantric practices are used in this kind of massage, it them means that this massage is likely to achieve much more than just sexual pleasure.

Erotic & Tantric Massage Techniques

Tantric erotic massage is simply using sensuous touch on the body most especially in the most underestimated sexual organ in the body. One of these is the skin which has the potential to enhance erotic stimulation. This type of massage can use a wide variety of massage techniques and can be done in studios, massage centers, sex sauna and even from the comfort of your home especially when it involves couples. Tantric erotic massage is not a difficult activity for couples especially with vast array of materials available for it. For instance, couples can get the required knowledge through video teachings and build up their experience gradually as they practice tantra erotic massage in their own bedrooms.

There is a misunderstanding about this kind of massage and this is as a result of some few massage parlours that have bastardized the act of erotic massage. In fact, a lot of these parlours have changed the meaning of tantric erotic massage to mean sex.

Tantra massage techniques

What Tantric Erotic Massage Covers

There are people who now believe that tantric erotic massage is about having sex but this is not the case. However, it is important to state clearly that erotic massage does not involve sex at all. In top class massage centers; there are well trained therapists that handle this kind of massage professionally without having to incorporate sex. The only thing about tantric erotic massage that makes it different from other forms of massage is that it involves a lot of sensuality and that is where it derived its name.

Tantric massages are done with the receiver and giver fully in nude situation and plus the fact that there is a total stimulation of all the erotic zones in the receiver’s body. At the end of a tantra erotic massage, the receiver is known to receiver as much orgasm as possible and this is one of the major aims. However, note that this orgasm is received with a penetrative sex. The essence of the nudity in this kind of massage is simply to transfer some sensuality from the giver to the receiver.

What is involved in Tantra Erotic Massage

Tantra erotic massage involves every part of the body. This means that all parts of the body are subjected to touch and this includes the genitals and the erotic and intimate zones. In fact, the vagina which is known as yoni in tantric terms is massaged as well as the penis which is known as lingam. However, it is important to understand that erotic tantra massage does not actually start by jumping to the lingam or yoni area instead it starts by getting touched in the toes, neck, shoulder and other parts of the body as the receiver lies on their belly. This means that the yoni and lingam are avoided at the initial time and this is simply to afford the receiver time to relax and open up themselves while shunning any inhibition they may be carrying.

When the receiver must have relaxed properly, the lingam and yoni can be focused on to bring out unlimited pleasure. However, note that both the yoni and lingam massage must be done softly and gradually and the therapists must always be wary of the kind of pressure being put on them. For couples doing tantra erotic massage, it is important that they understand that the focus should not be sex. Having sex will remove the shine from the ritual and make the whole exercise useless rather it is expected that couples follow through on the rituals and allow it to get completed on its own. If it leads to sex at the end for couples, then it is not a problem but the most important thing in tantra erotic massage is to complete the ritual and not truncate it with sex.

Erotic massage techniques

Benefits of Tantra Erotic Massage

The benefits of this kind of massage are immense. In fact the sensual touch associated with this kind of massage tends to offer some mental relaxation, physical relaxation and even emotionally balance. It helps to smoothen out tension and knots from the muscle plus the fact that it stimulates blood circulation. According to some massage experts, erotic massage is known to contribute to longevity by reducing blood pressure. Besides, tantra erotic massage is known to offer some special benefits to men. For instance, it is known to promote good prostate health in men and also bring about sexual healing in the process.

For people who are having problems in their intimacy especially due to some inhibitions that they carry, tantra erotic massage removes these inhibitions that holds intimacy hostage and bring the person back to enjoying intimacy the way they are expected to be. Tantra erotic massage gives rise to emotional healing and also eliminates stress as well as conditions that are caused by stress like depression and even high blood pressure.

Techniques for Tantra Erotic Massage

This kind of massage has its own techniques which must be followed in order to achieve the desired result. However, in the first place even before the massage starts certain things are required to be put in place. For instance, the mood must be set to align with a romantic environment where dimming lights, burning candles, sweet romantic and relaxing music and every other thing to make it worthwhile is available. Note that the main essence of this thing is to make it comfortable for the receiver since they are going to be naked during the session.

Another important thing to put in place before it begins is oil. Note that massage oils are integral part of massage and without it, there would certainly be no erotic massage. The reason for using massage oil during this kind of massage is to allow the hands to glide and slide comfortably on the receiver’s body during the session. There are many massage oils available in the market today. There are also creams, lotions and other essential oils that could be used in this instance. However, in order to make it work, it is advisable to use the right oil designed for massage. The following are some techniques for tantra erotic massage.

Sensual massage techniques

Begin with the Back Side

Having obtained massage oil, put some of it on your hands, rub your hands together and begin the first stage of massage. Here, you can place your hands on the receiver’s back side and glide all around the lower back up to the neck. You can always continue up to the shoulder, massage round it and back down. If the quantity of oil is small, you can add more oil so that it becomes very easy for the hands to glide around the back side.

The Hand Slide

At this point, there should be oil in the receiver’s back and you can now start sliding your hands parallel to each other sliding them down each side of the spine. In addition, you can start massaging all through to down of the buttocks. Then let your hands move to the neck, the shoulders, the arm and the finger tips. This procedure should be repeated often and gauge the mood of the receiver to see if it is well received. If you are not sure, you can ask the receiver if it is too strong or soft. One thing that must always be kept at the back of the givers mind is that they are there to give the receiver as much pleasure as possible and tis should guide them.


At this stage, you can place the hands on the hip of the receiver and gradually pull it up towards the spine. Then move your hands through the waist and then have it pulled up towards the spine. Your hands should then be taken to the breast or chest and also pulled up towards the spine. Lastly, you can also put the hands under the armpit and then pull it up towards the spine and both sides should be done.


In kneading, what you need to do is to squeeze the receiver’s buttocks and back between your fingers and thumb as it flows with one hand and then with other hand. You hand should be slide to another area and you are to repeat this exercise until the receiver is well kneaded from the neck to buttocks. The buttocks can be squeezed with a little more pressure since it has a lot of flesh but the good thing is that it can be very pleasurable and exciting for the receiver.

Exotic massage techniques

Feather Stroke

For at least five minutes, you are expected to caress the receiver’s arms, shoulders, neck, buttocks and back in a light feather stroke using your fingertips. This should be done before going on to the thighs. For a giver who has finger nails, this may be valuable. For instance, you can scratch the receiver gently using your fingernails. This can be done in circular motions, side to side or even in long fluid motion. For people with long hair, they can use it to caress receiver’s body but this can be done if they do not mind wetting their hair with oil. This can produce an unforgettable sensation and pleasure to the receiver.

Foot Caress

At this point, the possibility of adding more massage oil is high but do not forget to put it on the hands first before rubbing it on the receiver’s body. In foot caress technique, you can slowly do the hand slide technique on the calf and thigh and then follow it with a kneading stroke then feather stroke. Note that the feet are an erogenous zone so it is important that enough attention is paid to it. Put oil on one foot; spread it to the heel, ankle and toes, the slide over the receiver’s foot using the hands back and forth. You can repeat this about four more times.

Turn the Receiver Over

At this point, you can turn the receiver over and focus on the chest, stomach and breast. With your hands full of massage oil, slide into the center of the receiver’s stomach somewhere close to the nipples and back to the belly button. However, be very careful when around the female breast and handle with care. You can repeat this for about five times and see how the receiver reacts to it.

Tantra Erotic Massage in Massage Centers

Massage centers are a good pace to have tantra erotic massage because they boast of professional therapists who do not cross the boundaries of this ritual. For instance, massage centers in Madrid like Luxor Madrid boasts of top notch facilities and well trained therapists who will give tantra massage in a professional way and for this reason, no explicit sex is offered at this massage center. For people who are single o who want to try out something different, massage centers offers a great options to explore and experience unlimited pleasure.