Tantric Exercises for Men: Enhance your Sexual Health

Tantric exercises for men are an ancient practice that has been used for thousands of years to improve physical, mental, and sexual health. These exercises, if practiced correctly, can help improve libido, increase stamina, strengthen erectile function, and provide more intense orgasms.

While many people think of tantra as a complex set of sexual practices, it is actually a combination of physical exercises, breathing techniques, and spiritual rituals. In this article, we’ll explain the basics of tantric exercises for men and provide some tips on how to practice them.

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Benefits of tantra exercises for men

What is Tantra?

Tantra is an ancient spiritual practice that originated in India around 500 BCE. It is based on the belief that there is a divine energy within each person that can be harnessed to bring about physical and mental well-being.

The practice of tantra involves a variety of techniques designed to help the practitioner reach higher levels of spiritual awareness and experience greater states of pleasure. These include meditation, yoga postures, and breathwork.

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Benefits of Tantric Exercises for Men

There are many benefits associated with tantric exercises for men. These include improved stamina, increased libido, enhanced sexual pleasure, increased blood flow to the genitals (which can lead to stronger erections), improved prostate health, and enhanced overall well-being. Additionally, these practices can help strengthen relationships as they involve partners working together in order to achieve mutual pleasure.

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Getting Started With Tantric Exercises

If you’re interested in trying out tantric exercises for yourself, here are some tips on how to get started:

Educate Yourself

It is important to have a basic understanding of what tantra is before diving into any kind of exercise or activity related to it. Take some time to read up on the subject or even attend a workshop, if available, in your area so that you have a better understanding of what it entails before taking any action steps.

Find Support

It may be helpful to find an experienced guide or teacher who can provide support and guidance throughout your journey into tantra so that you don’t get overwhelmed or make mistakes along the way that could be damaging physically or emotionally.

Establish a Regular Practice

As with any form of exercise or spiritual practice, consistency is key when it comes to reaping the benefits of tantra. Try to establish a regular practice, such as weekly sessions or even daily meditations, so that you can start seeing results over time instead of expecting them all at once.

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Types of Tantric Exercises

Tantric exercises for men can range from simple stretching, and breathing techniques to more complex practices involving massage or partner yoga poses. While there are many different types of tantric practices available, some common ones include the following:

1.  Breathing Exercises

Breath work is an essential component of any tantric practice. Different breathing techniques can be used to cultivate a greater connection between the mind and body while increasing energy flow throughout the body.

2.  Meditation

Meditation is a powerful tool for achieving mental clarity and inner peace. It can also be used as a way to connect with one’s own inner wisdom or develop greater awareness of one’s emotions and desires.

3.  Physical Exercises

Physical exercises such as yoga or pilates are great ways to increase flexibility while improving circulation throughout the body. They can also be used as a way to strengthen pelvic floor muscles, which can lead to better sexual performance and pleasure.

4.  Partner Work

Partner work is when two people engage in activities such as massage or yoga poses together in order to cultivate connection and trust between them. This type of practice can be especially beneficial for couples looking to improve communication or add some spice to their relationship.

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Best Practices for Doing Tantric Exercises

Now that we know what tantric exercises are and how to get started with them let’s take a look at some best practices for doing them correctly:

Take It Slow

Start off slowly with gentler techniques such as breathing exercises and meditations before moving on to more intense activities like massage and energy work so that you don’t become overwhelmed or injured in the process. 

Go With The Flow

As tempting as it may be to rush through certain activities in order to “get results” faster, it is important not to force anything when practicing tantra—take your time with each technique and go with whatever feels most comfortable for you at each step along the way (this applies both physically and mentally). 

Be Open-Minded

Keep an open mind when exploring new things during your practice—you never know what might turn out to be beneficial or even enjoyable! Just make sure that whatever activities you do feel comfortable for both you and your partner (if applicable).

Have Fun

Most importantly, make sure that you have fun! Enjoy exploring different aspects of sexuality through tantra without feeling pressure from yourself or anyone else—it should be an enjoyable experience, after all! 

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Tantric Breathing Techniques

The first step in performing tantric exercises is learning the basics of breathing techniques. Tantric breathing involves consciously controlling the inhalation and exhalation of air in order to relax the body and mind. This type of breathing increases circulation throughout the body, which can lead to improved sexual performance and satisfaction. The basic steps are as follows:

Find a comfortable position

This could be sitting or lying down with your legs uncrossed and your feet flat on the floor or bed.

Close your eyes

Allow yourself to relax as much as possible before beginning your breathing exercise.

Breathe deeply

Inhale slowly through your nose until your abdomen expands and exhale slowly through your mouth until it contracts back to its resting position.

Concentrate on your breath

Focus all your attention on the feeling of air entering and exiting your lungs with each breath. Try to slow down your breathing as much as possible without becoming uncomfortable or strained.

Enjoy the sensations

Feel how each inhalation energizes you while each exhalation brings a wave of relaxation over your entire body.

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Tantra breathing exercises for men

Kegel Exercises for Men

Kegel exercises are another type of tantric exercise specifically designed to improve sexual health in men. These pelvic floor exercises involve contracting and releasing muscles in the pubic area in order to strengthen them over time.

Doing so increases blood flow to the penis, which can help improve erectile function while also providing more intense orgasms due to improved sensitivity in the area. To do Kegel exercises correctly:

Identify the correct muscles

To start off with Kegel exercises, you must first identify which muscles you need to target by stopping urination mid-stream or squeezing around your anus when going number two (just make sure you don’t squeeze too hard).

Perform contractions

Once you have identified the right muscles, start performing Kegels by contracting them for 10 seconds at a time, then relaxing them for 10 seconds before repeating this process multiple times per session (aiming for at least 10 repetitions). As you get more comfortable with this exercise, you can increase both contraction duration and the number of repetitions per session (but don’t push yourself too hard).

Take breaks

Make sure to take regular breaks from Kegels or switch between different types of exercise, such as yoga poses or breathing techniques, so that you don’t strain yourself too much in one session or become bored with one type of exercise only (easing off helps ensure that these exercises remain enjoyable). 

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Benefits of tantra exercises for men

Yoga Poses for Sexual Health

Yoga is another form of exercise used in tantra that helps improve sexual health in men by improving flexibility and strengthening muscles in the pubic area (among other benefits).

Additionally, yoga poses involve deep concentration, which further enhances their effectiveness when done properly (and with proper supervision). The following poses are among some of the best recommended specifically for male sexual health:

Cat/Cow Pose

Start on all fours with knees hip-width apart, then arch your back like a cat before rounding it like a cow while inhaling and exhaling, respectively (and vice versa).

This pose helps open up tight hips while increasing flexibility throughout the body which can lead to improved blood flow during sex, resulting in better erections as well as enhanced sensations during orgasm.

Cobra Pose

Lie flat on your stomach, then arch back slowly, lifting up through your chest while keeping your pelvis firmly rooted into the ground until arms are fully extended parallel with the floor before gradually releasing back into starting position.

This pose helps stretch out your lower back while strengthening chest region resulting in better control over pelvic floor muscles which leads directly into stronger erections.

Bridge Pose

Lie flat on your back with knees bent, then lift up your hips off the ground towards the ceiling while keeping feet firmly planted into the floor.

This pose strengthens the core region, which provides extra support during sex leading directly to improved endurance as well as increased pleasure during orgasm.

Downward Dog Pose

Start standing up tall, then bend forward, placing hands firmly into the ground before straightening out legs until the body forms an inverted ‘V’ shape.

This pose helps stretch out the upper body while building strength throughout the entire frame leading directly into improved control over pelvic region allowing the user more control over their arousal levels leading directly into prolonged pleasure during sex.

Warrior Pose

Stand up tall, then step forward with your right leg placing your foot flat onto the ground at a 90-degree angle, then raise your arms above the head while keeping eyes focused straight ahead.

This pose helps build strength throughout the entire frame while also giving the user extra confidence during sex which leads directly into better overall performance.

Half Moon Pose

Start standing up tall, then reach up towards the ceiling bringing left hand onto hip before leaning torso slowly sideways until left arm is fully extended parallel with the floor before gradually releasing back into starting position.

This pose helps strengthen core muscles which provide extra support during sex leading directly into improved endurance and control during intercourse.

Child’s Pose

Begin sitting upright on heels, then lean forward slowly, placing forehead onto mat between hands before taking deep breaths focusing attention towards belly button region.

This pose helps relax the body from head-to-toe allowing the user more control over their arousal levels resulting in better overall performance during sex as well as more intense orgasms afterward.

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Tantric exercises for men offer a range of benefits, including improved libido, enhanced sexual pleasure, increased stamina, stronger erections, better prostate health, deeper relaxation states, and greater intimacy between partners due to working together towards achieving mutual pleasure, among other benefits associated with spiritual awareness such as increased creativity and intuition development, etc.

While many people think these practices are complex, they are actually quite simple once learned correctly through proper guidance/instruction, etc. With these tips, we hope you now feel more confident about incorporating some basic tantric practices into your daily routine!