The Art of Kamasutra

A lot of people have been hearing about Kamasutra and they know that it is really an old book that has to do with sex. However, not many people understand or have the in-depth knowledge about Kamasutra.

Thousands of years ago, an Indian wrote a text in what is known today as Kamasutra. Vastayayana Mallanaga an Indian scholar probably did not know how what he wrote at that time will impact the world today. In fact, in today’s world, Kama Sutra is another word for sex as a number of outlets have used the word to signify the crazy way of doing it (Sex).

It is somehow strange that a text wrote some thousands of years ago is still carrying such an impact when it comes to erotic imaginations. However, it is even stranger realizing that Kamasutra is just not about sex. The reality today is that there are a lot of hot and heavy sex manual that bear the name Kamasutra but the difference is that the original Kamasutra offers philosophical text on how to have a rewarding life as well as fruitful relationship up to the point that it becomes a sex manual. This is actually so because the original Kamasutra does not in any way shy away from the fact that sex including different sex positions is a part and parcel of a normal and healthy life.

Things have changed in recent times as the non sex part of the original Kamasutra idea has been downplayed while they sex part has been expanded and even totally reinvented. There are a lot of things in the original Kamasutra and yes there are also a lot of sex positions. The whole Kamasutra package is encompassing in such a way that can uplift your sex life and ensure there is sexual fulfillment.

What Exactly is Kama Sutra?

Kamasutra seem to mean different things to different people. In fact, some people consider it to be an encyclopedia of interesting sex positions while some see value in it even with the sexual aspect of it. Whatever the case, Kamasutra focuses on sex positions and also lover related philosophy on how sexual desires can be sustained. It was known to be written in India around 400BC. It contains over 100 sexual positions plus illustrations in graphical form on how to effective use these positions. This makes it one of the most awesomely compiled and comprehensive sexual guide available to man in the history of mankind.

The Art of Kama Sutra
There is no doubt that everyone would like to have mind blowing sexual pleasure including females. For this reason, Kamasutra also has a focus on female sexual pleasure and this includes tips for women in maintaining their relationships with several lovers. It also goes a long way to offer helpful tips and techniques for men for keeping a woman very satisfied. Therefore, both ways, the woman’s sexual desire is adequately taken care of in Kamasutra and this is why it is known in some quarters as a feminist sex bible.

Benefit of Karma Sutra

Kamasutra has been around for a very long time and for it to be relevant till today means there are a whole lot of benefits that can be derived from it. This is to say that there are clear benefits of Kamasutra on one’s sex life. For instance, Kamasutra is known to improve the physical pleasure you can experience during sex. However, this is not really the only thing it does during sex, it can also help you emotionally in the way you respond to the sexual act, keeping you healthy at all times. This is one of the reasons a lot of people place so much value on Kamasutra even 2000 years after it was introduced to the world

It Spices Up Your Relationship

A Relationship is a very delicate thing and requires proper nurturing to make it stand the test of time. The reality is that most people tend to easily get tired and worn out in a relationship and this is a concern for long term relationship. This is because there is s always a possibility that sex life of people in a long term relationship can become unsexy, repetitive and stale at some point.

However, it is expected that people who are into Kamasutra will avoid these pitfall in their relationship. This is actually because Kamasutra teaches on sexual diversity since it offers a wide range of intriguing sexual positions that can suit anybody nobody the size and shape.

For example, there are a lot of unusual positions considered to be highly athletic that can be found in Kamasutra but then not everyone would like these kind of positions. For this reason, there are also some positions that offer more relaxation as well as low energy for people who are comfortable in relaxed love making session.

Khajuraho Kamasutra
One important thing to understand about the art of Kamasutra is that it is not a motionless type of intercourse. Kamasutra is known to encourage couple to always have a nurturing and deep relationship in all the aspect of love making. Great sex is very valuable and it is also made possible by great conversation plus great emotional connection otherwise there would be a feeling of rejection after sex between couples. The best type of relationship is one where the couples are able to enjoy the company of each other when they are putting on their clothes as well as enjoying each other when their clothes are off. Without this, it is almost impossible to receive the full benefits of Kamasutra philosophies.

A Way of Becoming Sexually Experienced

The reality these days is that most people are interested in Kamasutra because of its teaching on sex and this is actually not a bad thing. The truth is that sex has a way of invigorating the body even in more ways that you may never have expected. Sex can do quite a lot of things to the body system. For instance, there is a possibility that it strengthens the immune system, can be counted as a form of exercise and does well in lowering of the blood pressure among other benefits.

There is no doubt that sex is one thing that can make a person feel good about themselves. For this reason, Kamasutra considers sex as part of good and happy living. There are many sexual positions offered by Kamasutra and it is possible for one to notice some of these benefits in attempting them especially the more challenging positions after all there seem to be no exercise that is packed with more fun than sex.

With Kamasutra, people tend to become aware of what they can do sexually and become more sexual experienced in the process. With the steps and guides Kamasutra offers, there is no doubt that people practice Kamasutra end up becoming masters of sex in such a way that satisfies their partners and keep their relationship healthy and lively.

Therefore, Kamasutra will go a long way to benefit couples especially when they are not experienced at first. This will help couples enjoy their relationships through having mind blowing sexual encounters as well as emotional connection Kamasutra actually teaches.

Is Sex an Important Part of Life?

It is hard to find anyone who would say that sex is not an important part of their life. In fact, if they are entirely hones, a lot of them will definitely admit that it is one thing they like to do or probably their favorite activity. It is important to note that Kamasutra is a philosophy that is known to encourage people to come out of their shell and be proud of their sexuality and express it in a way that they would love to do. In fact, this would count as one of the most important benefits of Kamasutra. People who embrace the teaching of Kamasutra tend to become more in touch with their own emotions as well as being thoughtful and this gets you a lot more awesome sex.

Kamasutra in the Nature
Like mentioned earlier, it is important to understand that Kamasutra is not just about sex as a lot of people mistakenly believe, there is much more to it. In summary, it is simply a guide book which touches a lot of aspects of individual and social life such as family life, love as well as pleasure oriented activities. The guide is offered or organized into about 7 parts which borders on aspects of providing better sex life plus solving sexual problems.

Parts of Kamasutra

  • Part 1: This is the part that deals with the goals and priorities of life, acquiring knowledge as well as the suggestion of the kind of people who help out in the love enterprise
  • Part 2: This is where caressing, kissing, stimulation of desire, position of copulation and other important thing are discussed. It also deals on virile behavior in women, amorous markings with nails, better coition and the conclusion of the art of making love. It goes further to describe the 64 types of sexual act.
  • Part 3: This part talks about marriage, how to make a girl feel relaxed plus union by marriage
  • Part 4: Deals more on the wife, the conducts and every other thing related to the wife. If there are more than one wife, it deals with the conduct of the chief wife as well as other wives.
  • Part 5: This is the part that deals more on the behavior of men and women, how they know each other, how women behaves, the king’s pleasure and how sentiments are evaluated.
  • Part 6: This is the part that deals more on making a choice for lovers, renewing friendships and making up with former lover, finding a steady lover as well as earning money.
  • Part 7: This part deals with physical attractions, the improvement and other things related to physical attraction. It also deals on stirring up those damaged sexual power.

Some Popular Kamasutra Sex Positions For Your Ultimate Pleasure

The Plough Kamasutra Sex Position

This is known as a version of wheelbarrow position. It is important to note that the wheelbarrow version is one of the most exhausting sex positions in the Kamasutra line up but this position (plough) is one that offer fun without pain. The good thing about this position particularly for women is that their leg muscles get tensed in such a way that tightens up their vagina, with this, they tend to get a sensation of squeezing him tight from within. In fact, an orgasm achieved in this position gives a lot more intense sensation because the muscles contract even tighter.

Indian Kamasutra

The Rider Kamasutra Sex Position

This position is about women on top and the flexibility it offers is the key to its success. Since the woman is in control, she can position herself in any angle she deems fit. Not all women have their clitoris on the same place but with this position every woman has the chance to position it to any angle for their personal pleasure.

The Amazon Kamasutra Position

This is a position where the man lies on his back in such a way that have his knees pulling up to his chest so that he is curled up in a ball. The woman is expected to squat over him while rocking forward and backwards. The beauty of this position is that it makes a woman feel incredibly powerful and produces sensation that is mind blowing.

The Frog Kamasutra Position

This position looks like a doggy position but it is simple. Here your arms are put down flat and your front part of the body is now rested on the bed allowing the bum to be positioned in the air. The advantage of this position is that both you and your partner have a free hand to stimulate yourself. His hands also gives that extra stimulation that is required to give you the extra orgasm. Do not worry, it is not a difficult position as there would be energy to stay in the position for a long time due to how it is configured.