Understanding what Tantra massage is

There are a lot of people who are confused about what tantra massage is really is. This confusion among most people is very understandable. There are a lot of false operators out there who are capitalizing on this confusion to sell the wrong program and sometimes sell erotic massage hiding under this banner. Tantra is very marketable and adding “massage” to it, you have something a lot of people will like.

The first important to everyone has to understand is the difference between tantra massage and erotic massage. The erotic massage is designed in such a way that gets the client aroused sexually by the manipulation of the sexual organs. This is why the attraction to the service is always on the high side but this not tantra massage.

Tantra massage unlike its erotic counterpart targets your overall wellbeing and health. In tantra massage, sexual wellbeing is seen as part of your overall health and this is incorporated into it. One thing that needs more emphasizing when it comes to tantra massage is that it does not focus on sexual gratification. Tantra massage uses sensual touch in an ancient ritual connecting two people at all levels. What it does is to allow the receiver to free their mind of those mundane process that occupy it and to enter into a spiritual plane.

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Learning massage and other activities

It is important to note that tantra massage is just one of the aspect for learning tantra. Activities like mediation, tantra yoga and even sexual technique make up the broad tantra but this article is going to talk about tantra massage. When tantra massage is performed by an experienced and trained person on the activity, it comes with a physical benefit. For example, the body can easily absorb as well as process oxygen in a more efficient way and this leads to the improvement in blood circulation. In addition, the body can then get rid of those muscular tensions which are the symptoms and cause of stress.

Continuing tantra massages the right way will lead to opening of the many portals in the system that were previously shut down of which the sexual intimacy portal is just one of them.

Ritual based tantra massage administered by a loved one to another will definitely bring them closer in many ways. For example, when the receiver is not in the performance mode, it is important that they relax and receive pleasure and if this is being done in a consistent manner, it has the capability of healing many rifts of the spirit or the psyche that tend to impede intimacy and love.

What is the Easiest Way to learn Tantra Massage?

Learning tantra, rituals, practices and rites is a very good thing because it has a lot of benefits. You can start by reading as much information as possible both on and offline. There are a lot of websites that deals extensively on the subject of tantra with valuable information in most aspect of this ancient art. As you gain deeper knowledge of the fundamentals, you begin to learn tantra massage in the process.

Another easy way to learn tantra would be to experience tantra massage yourself. It is important to note that this kind of massage is not in any way restricted to any gender or class of people. It is offered to man, woman and couples that are interested. There are a whole lot of massage centers that offer session performed by tantric professionals that are well experienced. It is also expected that you understand what to expect from a tantra massage session since there is a world of difference especially when compared to other traditional types of massage.

Note that more attention will be given to erogenous zones and areas that are completely ignored in traditional massage.

When you experience tantra massage, you begin to learn practically how it is done, the moves and also put yourself in the shoes of the one performing the activity. It will be good to master the Yoni and Lingam massage because it can be unsettling at first. However, it is an excellent way to learn tantra and how to please your partner at the same time.

couple having a tantric massage

Learning Tantra through books and videos

Another good step you can take to learn tantra massage is by purchasing good books on the subject. There are a lot of these books that are packed with photos and illustration that helps you master the various strokes as well as teach you breathing techniques and the rituals involved. However, the best massage books do well to cover all aspects or practices of the activity. (Some books we recommend you: book 1, book 2, book 3, book 4, book 5). It goes a long way to highlight the principles behind the techniques involved in relaxation to how proper preparation is achieved.

You can also utilize the option of renting or buying a DVD on tantra massage. This DVDs are designed to offer practical learning watch and practice the techniques involved in the massage. It is a great way to improve your skills as you can always go back and master the techniques that you are yet to master by practicing them repeatedly.

Then there is also an option of enrolling in classes. In fact, in an ideal sense, this should be the beats and most effective way to learn tantra massage. It is also an excellent and quickest way when compared to other ways. These classes can be provided to groups, individuals or couples depending on the area you reside and how this kind of massage is accepted. Most big cities have centers where you can find these classes because big cities tend to be more liberal. In rural areas or smaller cities, finding centers that run these classes could be difficult but not impossible. Once a class is found, you can learn with confidence because they always have experienced instructors who are there to help you understand your sexuality and help you explore them plus how to give and receive tantra massage.

Basic Guidelines for Tantra Massage

It is important to note that tantra massage is just one of the aspects of learning and practicing tantra. Tantra massage is different from other types of massage in the sense that both the receiver and the giver must have some kind of emotional bond that is existing before the activity starts. The implication of this is that commercial tantra massages are not ideal because they may not really serve the purpose. This is because by the standards of tantra, it is almost impossible for a man or woman to get the full benefits of tantra if he or she receives tantra from a total stranger.

In all tantra activities, there is an element of intimacy and trust that must be present to ensure that the full benefits of tantra is achieved. This includes tantra rituals, tantra exercises and all tantra techniques.

To enjoy tantra and get the benefits, it is important to understand that the environment plays a great role in making it work. For this reason, tantra massage should take place in a place set for complete relaxation and very conducive because it is very possible that intimate contacts may follow. The environment that would host a tantra massage session is one that is devoid of any kind of disturbances and one that your complete privacy and freedom is guaranteed. Therefore, before the activity begins all contacts to and from the outside world is expected to be ceased at least for the period that it lasts.

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Getting ready for the massage proper

The next thing is to make sure that the surface that would host the massage is in good condition. For maximum comfort, it is expected that the surface be equipped with a very comfortable mattress or one that has a well laundered sheet. Note that rolled up towels to support the knees and neck are also very important in this activity.

For the massage proper, please note that only high quality oil is required. The importance of oil in massage cannot be overemphasized. Goo quality massage oil makes the massage smooth and enjoyable. There are a lot of top quality massage oils that can be very suitable for tantra massage and you can source them from any good store around you.

Use the right massage oils

Experienced professionals are known to use natural oils and the reason for this is that it is good for lubricating the skin and make the process easier and effective plus the added advantage that it has some excellent beneficial effect on the body. Almond oil is one of the favorite since it has good softening and soothing agent plus the fact that it is very rich in vitamin E. Do not forget that vitamin E is very essential for curing skin disorders and restoring the skins natural glow. Grape seed oil is also very good for this purpose. It is a great moisturizer and restores proper skin cell structure.

For aged people or those with a dry skin, Apricot oil is the perfect oil for this purpose and this is because it has a unique revitalizing property. Other oils that can be used include wheat germ oil, jojoba oil and Avocado oil.

With the atmosphere properly set and the massage oils sorted out, you can further make things better by enhancing the entire atmosphere with incense, soft music and candle light. There are some music that are known to go hand in hand with this kind of massage. While we may not recommend or restrict you to one music, it is important to go with those kind of music that you are always comfortable with. Do not play music that reminds you of negative things or past problem as it is a killer of the moment which you do not need. It is important to always play sweet and relaxation music that flows with your desires because they tend to bring faster results.

Beginning with Tantra massage

With everything properly set, it is time to begin tantra massage. To start, you will have to begin the ritual with the recipient lying on their stomach. You can then start with a gentle foot massage before shifting focus to the shoulders and neck area. It is important to note that the reason for starting up the ministration in these areas is to achieve an early relaxation target.

For example, the areas listed above are known to have a vital pressure points and with a gentle and careful massage technique applied to them, the possibility of an early release of relaxation throughout the body will be achieved at a faster pace. Then the giver can proceed further to the upper middle and lower back and this should continue until all the tension has been uprooted out of the muscle there. At this point, you can then turn over the recipient in a gentle manner so that you can begin working on the front immediately.

couple having a tantra massage

What not to forget about…

One thing that must not be lost in this process is the aim of tantra massage in the first place. It is important to always remember that tantra massage is not just about relaxation like some other traditional forms of massage but it is also about building up those tantra energy in the body of the receiver. This tantra energy is expected to be liberated and flow over the body. It is not out of place for a tantra massage to be followed with a sexual activity.

However, this should not be the first target else the aim will be defeated. To get it right and ensure that the sexual activity after a tantra massage flows properly, it is always advisable to devote at least an hour of massage before any such activity. This is because if you get your partner get a proper relaxation as a result of the tantra massage, then you are setting up a spectacular lovemaking session.

Finally, tantra massaging is a good experience one should get at some point. Once it is done the right way, it is one of the best massages you can ever get. There is actually no reason to deny yourself or your partner the mind blowing spiritual experience.

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